Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Welcome Fall and Friends!

Today, is a big one... first day of pre school and Kenley's 9 month appointment.  I'll follow up on both those later this week.  Now it's back tracking.

Friday was our 5th Anniversary.  While the Husband did take off on Friday, he spent the morning taking an exam for a professional license.  He came home during naps and after we all headed to the playground.  We got the kids to bed on time and picked up way too much sushi and ate it all anyway.  We also opened our last anniversary bottle from our guest book wine bottle collection. And no anniversary celebration would be complete without a night catching up on Game of Thrones.  As they say, Go Big or Go Home.

We went home.

Hopefully, we'll get out for a date night later this month.

Saturday we had our new babysitter come over bright and early to get acquainted with Ashlynn (more like the other way around) while we tackled cleaning out the garage.  Quite literally.  The garage was never organized when we moved in and when we had our wood floors put in last March, as in 2013, saw dust covered everything.  I think there was an initial attempt to clean, but everything was pretty filthy and so many things were impossible to reach or no where to be found.  Ashlynn had a blast playing and we got everything cleaned up, organized, or ready to donate/sell. After naps, we baked zucchini bread, and just hung out and died over our allergies.  My Husband gets them this time of year like clockwork, but I can't ever remember having them.  Somehow I didn't escape the wrath this year, we are both down and out and spending the morning outside definitely didn't help us.

Sunday, I got some solo time at the grocery store and then we sent the Husband on his way to his fantasy draft in NJ.  We did some crafts, watched a movie, and just the usual rainy day activities as we had some severe thunderstorms come through our area.

And yesterday we headed to the mall in the morning and resisted the urge to shop all the Labor Day sales.  I had to return a pair of shorts, but ended up exchanging them for these jeggings since all denim was $30.  I read Chloe's review earlier that morning and thought they sounded perfect, especially since investing in new quality denim isn't going to fit in our budget anytime soon with pre-school and hopeful bedroom update project in the works.  We came home had lunch, more naps, and then killed time in the afternoon with a family trip to target.  hashtagreallife

Overall, not big exciting weekend, but that's okay since we had a big exciting vacation just a week ago.  I'm glad we are back in the groove and now get to switch things up with starting the pre-school schedule.  My mom is also coming to visit this week for her birthday, so we are excited to throw a party.

Off to go get the munchkin from school!


  1. HORRAY preschool!! And cheers to FIVE years!

  2. This whole post is my cup o tea. I love me a laid back weekend with not much but moseying around the house getting small things done.

  3. Sounds like a pretty awesome anniversary to me! I always forget that you can get take-out sushi. We always opt for pizza or burritos. Oh and the dust, ugh. We had new tile put in in the bathroom and entry way and the dust is still lingering. I've dusted but it comes back. Not good. Looking forward to hearing about A's first day :)

  4. Happy anniversary!!!!! And yay to preschool!!

  5. Haha love it! When I finished writing it I was like wow, we are boring lol

  6. The sushi was awesome! Just found out that a place by us is amazing... of course little hole in the wall so we never would have guessed. Sashimi literally melted in our mouth.

  7. Oh man. My garage is a mess!! That's a big project I am not looking forward to!

  8. oh my sweetness...she is SO cute!

  9. Call me boring but I think that sounds like a wonderful anniversary and weekend! I'm all about the simple things these days as it seems like we have way too little downtime.


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