Monday, September 15, 2014

[Shop Feature] It's Bow Season

Fall is a time for all things pumpkin, football, ever changing decor for multiple holidays and girlie bows to go along with them all.  One thing I've learned going into my third Fall season with daughters is this is the time I always find myself stocking up on all things festive.  

Festive holiday pajamas, outfits based on their ability to color coordinate with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, or later Valentine's, and of course any and all accessories to go with - themed tights, hats, bows and headbands. 

Clearly I'm a big supporter of Etsy and small business shops, as you can frequently fine me highlighting stores, promoting discounts, and offering giveaways whenever I can.  And being a girl mom, I have a weakness for the bow and accessory shops.  Bitty Bow Shop is one of my newest sponsored shops and I excited to share Alexis' story behind the shop and offer all readers 30% off with code BITTYBOW30

from Alexis...

Bitty Bow Shop started when my baby girl was 2 months old, I had so much fun making headbands to match her outfits, that I decided to take the plunge on Etsy.

I am so happy that I took a chance! It is so rewarding to see Bitty Bow Shops headbands and clips on precious little ladies all over the world. I was so excited when I sold my first headband on Etsy. A year later, I still get just as excited when someone purchases something that I create. 

All of my bows are handmade and because of that, each one is unique. I love using shabby flowers, fold over elastic, bright colors, and classic/whimsy color combinations. 

I'm a Behavior Analyst by day, Mama to Sophie, Wife, Crafting Addict and Instagram Lover. I would love for you to follow along {@bittybowshop}!  I'm so thankful for this little shop and all of my amazing customers.


Some of my very favorite bows from Alexis' shop are the Minnie Mouse clips.  I mean, how seriously perfect would these be for a trip to the official House of Mouse (Magic Kingdom/Disneyland)?  And the Hello Kitty bands are great for any Hi Cat lover or themed birthday party.  And the Boutique Bow is just the perfect grosgrain bow for any occasion.

Check out Bitty Bow Shop and prep yourself for the holiday season ahead!  And as always, thank you for supporting other small business mamas!


  1. So cute! Checking them out now!

  2. Oh I love those! Especially the Minnie Mouse ones - will definitely check out her shop.


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