Thursday, September 11, 2014

Get the Fix (Round 2)

My second Stitch Fix arrived over the weekend.  After my first fix came over the summer and I was pleasantly surprised.  I never thought I would sign up for a personal shopping service, one, because I'm fairly confident in my own styling selections, and two, why would I pay for someone to shop for me.  I also didn't want to receive a bunch of mediocre items that I didn't care about or ever end up wearing.

When I realized the service let's you try on and return what you don't want (within 3 days) I was interested.  Especially since I haven't truly shopped for myself since before Ashlynn was born.  I purchase something here or there, but real don't browse stores or even online for myself like I used to.  The kids, all the time, just not me.

Anyway.  After keeping one top and a bracelet from my last fix, I was excited to see what they were sending for my next scheduled shipment, which I made for 8 weeks later.

First up was the Pomelo Brook Dot Print Tie-Waist Top.  Definitely cute, but if I saw it in a store, I'd probably walk right past it.  Even though weather is still hot here, I'm looking for bit more Fall pieces.  I just don't see myself layering this not to mention it's handwash only.  If I had a specific event I'd consider it, but alas my calendar is pretty empty aside from toddler gymnastics and children's birthday parties.

I thought it was a little risky when I saw they sent a pair of skinny jeans.  Shopping for jeans is painful for most women, not to mention I'm only 5'2".  The Mylee Tulip Hem Skinny Jean by Sold Design Lab fit like a glove.  Even the length was completely acceptable.  The only reason I didn't keep them is that I just bought skinny jeans a week ago, for less.  Still their $54 price tag for Stitch Fix is significantly below what Sold Design Lab sells for at stores like Bloomingdales and Pea in the Pod.  I'm still waffling over if I should have kept them, and might consider requesting them to attempt to send them again in a future fix if I decide I really need them in my closet (newsflash, I hoard denim so I probably don't).

"tulip" hem

Next was the Corinna Striped Dolman Top by Market and Spruce... wait, wait, does that sound familiar. Oh yes, it does.  It was the one top I kept from my last fix!  This time it came in a rich green with black stripes and I probably would have kept it if I didn't already receive and keep it in green.  I'm into buying duplicates like favorite fit v-necks, shorts, and bras.  But I don't need the same sweater, maybe at $28, but not $48... not that I find that expensive for a cute knit top, but again, I don't need two.   Back it went.

The top was suggested to be paired with the only accessory in the box, the Octavia Beau Mesh Knit Fringe Infinity Scarf.  I have a super thick ivory knit infinity scarf I got at Gap two years ago.  I live in it come winter and it's seen better days and I've been wanting to replace it.  This one is definitely much lighter, but it's equally as cute.  Stitch Fix does apply a $20 styling fee on each box, so if you return everything you still pay $20 for the time and effort for your stylist.  If you purchase anything one or all five, the $20 goes towards your purchase.  So instead of losing $20, I kept the scarf.  I know I'll wear it and it was $34.

Last was a denim jacket.  I do still have a J.Crew jean jacket from late high school or early college.  It's a bit boxy and I never wear it, yet never donated since I know they come and go frequently in fashion.  Stitch Fix sent the Jalie Denim Jacket by Liverpool.  While it looked pretty good on, I wasn't a fan of the stretch.  I know it's why it had great shaped, compared to my boxy and stiff J. Crew version from years ago, but something about the stretch denim in something other than a jegging, just felt a bit cheap to me. I also didn't care for the color since it was a dark denim that would pretty much match any of my jeans and I don't really wear anything other than jeans or leggings, so no pairing with dresses or skirts - which it'd probably look cute with.  Back it went.

Overall, I was a bit less pleased this time around.  I'm still going to keep my shipments scheduled for 8 weeks and I might be a bit more vocal with my requests, as they ask you to be. Help them, help you!  If I needed the jeans I would have kept them and same with the sweater.  I think I'll ask them to focus on casual tops since that's really what I'd like to increase in my closet.

If Stitch Fix sounds interesting to you, use my referral code to try it out for yourself!

And yes, as soon as our bedroom is painted (finally!) I will get a proper full size mirror!

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  1. That's too funny they sent you the same sweater! I am so hoping to sign up for this - as soon as I find a nanny job!

    I was going to say that I like the wall color in your room! But I can't wait to see your design boat and how you bring that room together!!

  2. Glad you were able to keep something from your fix! I usually find one thing I like, and if I end up liking more I usually end up talking myself out of it.

  3. I could have talked myself into the jeans, but in reality, I don't need another pair. Would rather spend the money on new leggings since mine were abused through pregnancies and just being a house bum last winter.

  4. Yeah, I wish they would have double checked my purchase history, but I no big deal, mistakes happen and maybe they thought Id keep it in another colorway.

    Reminds me to get on the design board building!

  5. Oh yay! Can't wait to see it. And also I still have my jean jacket that I got in HS! I still wear it occasionally and am so glad I kept it! Now if only I could lift my arms up in it (never could) it would be way more practical! Lol


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