Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday - Brought to you by the Letter 'S'

Let's get right to it!

Little Miss K is finally taking steps!  I don't consider this walking, since she's only taking one to two hesitant steps at a time before choosing to sit down or desperately over reaching to grab my arm or shirt.   Either way, she's finally practicing lifting her feet off the ground and her balance improving every day.  I'll be running after her soon enough!

Ashlynn is really loving it.  She's now gone a whopping six days over the last three weeks and she never seems to not want to go.  She gets pouty when I walk her into her classroom, but she willingly walks away from me to her teach, just with her a big lower lip pout and "mommy!" quiver.  No clinging to my legs, crying on the way there, or fighting it.  I just don't think she likes that I leave.  Her teacher says she stops almost immediately and that this past week has really started to get more social with the other children.  She loves jumping during the morning song, duh, and she usually tells me about the red slide and "art" when I pick her up.  She loves helping me pick out what to pack in her lunch and she usually eats it all too.

When we started she would cry when I came to pick her up.  She used to do the same thing at the gym. It's almost like a cry of relief, running immediately to me "mommy!" except  I'll be asking her if she had fun today and she'll be jumping up and down and saying "Fun!" through her tears. This was the first week she didn't cry at pick up, but she still is always excited to see me.  So much, that she usually grabs whatever crackers are left on her plate by the fistful to make sure we bring them home.  Once, she actually picked up her plate and came running over.  This one.

I'm really happy she's adjusting so well, loves her teacher, and hopefully is making friends.

Sun Butter
A's preschool is peanut free, which obviously a lot of schools are these days since it seems nut allergies are more common than ever.  I wasn't sure if they were just peanut free or tree nut free (meaning no almond or cashew butter allowed either), so I grabbed sun butter (sunflower seed butter) a few weeks back before she started.  I had heard one my friend's say how she was less than a fan, so I wasn't sure what it was going to be like, basically expecting it to be gross.  So I opted to buy the one that sounded the tastiest and had the cutest label, Wild Friends.

Oh my goodness, screw peanut butter.  I think this is so good!  I've pretty much have had half the container smeared all over the apples we picked.   The also have a chocolate and maple flavors, I'm obsessed. 

And sneaking in another sunflower seed product, I think it was Veronika who shared these, but Somersaults from Target.  I basically can eat the whole bag in a sitting.  So good.

Dare I say, we are on our way to sleeping through the night?  Kenley has only been waking up once a night and sometimes she's been pretty close to not needing me to come in.  I only do because I fear she'll wake for the day at 5am and I figure if I'm up hearing her cry, I might as well feed her and let her try to sleep past 6am.   Going to try to really wean down and drop this feeding she's clinging to, we've upped her solids during the day and she's getting 4 good feedings otherwise.  I am going to be a whole new woman.

Sponsor Update
I got some sweet notification last night that the Eric Carle for Gymboree collaboration is now carrying adult sizes!  So all you mama and mini matchers can read yourselves into candy colored dreamland together in style.

Actually, they'd probably be a cute Halloween costume too if you wanted to dress up as your little for a party. Or if you are having family stay together for holidays, have a family sized caterpillar slumber party.  Cheesy, probably.  Fun, definitely.

{Thanks to Gymboree for sponsoring this update and choosing to make adult size children's jammies, hehe}

Stonington Gray
After getting a quote we couldn't stomach, we are breaking out our brushes and rollers and attempting to start the great master makeover this weekend.  It's going to be a labor of love.  The room is pretty huge and needs spackling, sanding, major priming, and of course two coats of paint.  I'm just hoping to get it primed, which is a feat itself without a babysitter.  Wish us luck!


  1. I'm allergic to nuts so I might have to try that sunflower butter! Perhaps I can finally make those fancy granola bites everyone raves about?

  2. Odette got a blood allergy test at 12 months and tested positive for peanut allergies :( Ugh! Even though it's unfair to the other kids it makes me feel better that classes are doing peanut free. That is one of my main fears of her going to school one day. Plus the epi pens we bought her ran for $350 which the insurance didn't cover. Go figure! She can have almond or cashew butter though. Plus she LOVES sun nut butter! Sorry for rambling lol. Hope your family has a great weekend!

  3. Interesting! So curious about sun butter now! Also, that picture of K in her little pink shoes is so cute!

  4. TRY IT! So good, and I always eat PB and honey, so I like the honey flavor but I bet the others are just as good!

  5. Ugh, I hope it's something she can grow out of. I would be so nervous to have a child in school with a peanut allergy and I don't have any problem not sending pb to school.

  6. I think I would die if I couldn't have my daily dose of peanut butter! But you have me sold on the sun butter!

    I cannot believe how much little K is changing! Taking steps, that must be super exciting and completely overwhelming at the same time.

    So proud of A for having a blast at school. I love her carrying her plate to see you and the happy tears!!!

    I am so excited for your master makeover! Ours needs some major help as well, but since the door is usually closed it's not a priority and probably won't make it into my home your post on Monday. ;)

  7. Aw, it sounds like those are tears of joy and happiness when you pick her up. Almost makes me want to cry because it's just so sweet. She just loves her mommy so much :)

  8. K is so cute! and good luck on the painting.i have quite the list of to-do things but it's SO hard to get them all done with a little!

  9. Oh!! Want to try!! I'm already over the no-nut ANYTHING policy. It's so hard to plan around and our class doesn't have an allergy and we still have to abide by it!

  10. We LOVE wild friends (they are based out of Oregon) and we try to shop local as much as possible, so now I am seriously needing to pick this one up!


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