Friday, September 26, 2014

Feeling the Blues

I'm not sure what the Pantone color of 2015 will be, but my guess is some shade of indigo blue.

I've haven't paid too much attention to the runways lately, but home decor seems to be all about the blue and whites.  Literally, within the last two days...

I received an email from the shop, Design Darling, and it featured this great collage from their Blue and White Shop.

The talented Kirsten Krason, just finished and shared a blue and white themed install on a client.

Blue & Gray Living Room by House of Jade Interiors

 And indigo even got it's own article about being the new neutral on Houzz.

I had already been planning on decorating our master bedroom in gray, white, and navy with our existing cherry furniture.  Now I'm definitely starting to get some design direction with all this subliminal messaging coming through.  Expect to see more soon, if not in your blog feed and inbox, then just over here on my little space!

What's your color of the moment?  Is the blue too traditional for you or does it feel modern and fresh? (I'm going with a healthy balance of both!)


  1. I am loving the blue and white as well! I actually am on the hunt for a great blue and white vase for our island to hold some great flowers.... that I will likely kill on a weekly basis, but they sure would look pretty for a day or two. PS-I'm loving the new touches on the blog!

  2. I've been drawn to blue lately too but I can never give up on my favorite!

  3. Thank you so much for the mention! I'm glad you love indigo as much as us!


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