Wednesday, September 3, 2014

[Baby #2] Kenley Drew - 9 Month Update

Kenley had her 9 Month appointment yesterday, she is 17lbs 5oz and 27.5"tall.  That was somewhere in the 20th and 30th percentiles, which didn't surprise me since 6-12m bottoms are still big on her.  She's cut two teeth this month and third looks like it's coming any day now, bringing her total to almost five.   The funny part is, instead of cutting her two front teeth (central incisors), she cut her upper right lateral incisor, her bottom left lateral incisor, and the upper left lateral incisor is the one about to break through.  So basically, she's about to be a vampire.

She also has an ear infection.  We thought maybe she was battling allergies too when her and Ashlynn both had runny noses on Monday.  Kenley started a low grade fever that afternoon and by Tuesday morning we thought maybe it was something more than teeth and sniffles.  Hopefully now that she's on antibiotic she bounces right back.

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Well, we left off with success with sleep training, aside from still dealing with two wakes for feedings that I was trying to wean.  When we got to the beach for vacation, the first night was a nightmare.  I'm not sure if it was the pack n play, different room, the fact the air was freezing, or her tooth that started to  pop through, but she was up every two hours.  Some tylenol before bed helped a bit the other nights, but she was still waking more than normal at night.  I'm back in the process of trying to cut the feedings and letting her cry a bit since I think she really is just using me to soothe back to sleep rather that satiate any hunger.  The past few nights have been pretty solid with her only waking once around 3:30-4am.  I'll take it.

As for naps, she's pretty solid.  No complaints, about those!

Baby's First Vacation!  

Finally started our girl on puffs.  We started at the beginning of the month and then stopped while away since she didn't have a proper highchair.  She was in our ILs travel booster seat so without a tray or proper harness, I didn't feel right giving them to her when she was most comfortable kicking her feet up on the table mid chew.  Now that we are back at home, she's pinching like a champ.  She's also had some weelicious turkey pesto meatballs and zucchini bread.  Once I get to to store, I'm going to pick up some more finger foods just for her... it's on!

I asked about weaning as I'd like to be fully weaned at 12 months. I will miss breastfeeding, it thankfully has been so easy for both girls, that being a SAHM I don't need to pump since I am always with them.  BUT, I am always with them.  I have been pregnant or nursing with no break since August 2011.  Come December 2014, I'm going to be pretty excited to have my body back for myself.  Not sure how excited I am about my hormones re-regulating again, but at least it'll be the last time for awhile.  Anyway, so my doctor recommended that we wait to introduce any other milk until 12 months,  but they want me to add an extra meal since she's a skinny mini anyway.


Last month she was cruising slowly and not very far, now she's all over.  

Even more impressive, she's walking with our little Fisher Price push walker, or anything that she's able to push around like the little riding horse or Frozen dress up trunk.  

Over the month, she's been working on standing solo.  She can stand holding my finger so lightly or holding an object we share for balance, but I don't think she has enough confidence yet.  Since when I let go she just lowers herself to a squat and sits.  Over this last week, she's lengthen her time standing.  One day it was well over 15 seconds, but she just lowers herself down instead of trying to walk.  Soon enough!

She's "waving" and "clapping", waves started last month with a two handed arm shake so we weren't sure if it was more of a happy dance or actual greeting.  Now she's waving with one arm.  "Clapping" if you want to call it that, start the same.  Now she brings her hands together with closed fists when we sing or she's happy.  So not a true official clap, but getting there.

She babbles up a storm.  Definite Mama's with purpose and flurry of other noises, and the hint of Dada.   She loves when Ashlynn sings to her and when the two of them are giggling in the back seat, I die.  There is simply nothing cuter.  

I can't believe we only have three months left of her first year.  I looked back over pictures of Ashlynn's first year today and can't believe the change from where she was around 9-10months (Kenley's age) and her today on her first day of pre-school.  I'm definitely going to soak in every moment I can with this little one because I've learned how fast it goes.  


  1. Curious, previously (I think) you stated you were done at two, have you changed your mind? Do you think you'll have a third in the future. This stuff always intrigues me:) With two girls of my own 22 months apart - I cannot wait to have a third - though I promised my husband it would be a few years ;sigh: I have baby fever bad! and I have a baby (WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME)

  2. Nope, still done at two. I definitely get baby fever in the way of comparing how tiny new babies are compared to Kenley or just holding her and thinking she's gotten so big and how I'll miss having babies to hold and snuggle. But no, I really don't want to be pregnant again or relive the first few tough weeks. They weren't terrible experiences, but not overly blissful and enjoyable either. I'm also looking forward to hopefully some more sleep in my future. ;)

  3. Awww she looks like such a big girl!! This age is hands down one of my favorites. Audriana decided that once she started finger foods she was never eating pureed foods again which I don't remember Bella doing. I hate finger foods at first because the gagging always gives me a heart attack. The first birthdays are approaching way quicker than I'm prepared for!! Definitely with you on soaking up every. single. second!

  4. OMG me too! My heart stops everytime. This kid already eats like three jars a day plus a handful of puffs, and they want me to add an extra snack. I feel like switching to finger foods will help our wallet. I can't keep up with homemade at this point and she's eating like a teen, yet, not gaining weight!

  5. What day was your daughter born?! Mine was born November 17th! :)

  6. What finger foods will you be trying soon? My daughter is almost 9 months. She loves Puffs. I have tried banana pieces and spiral pasta, but they did not go over well. She only has 2 lower teeth so far. Any recommendations?

  7. I actually gave her some of our meatloaf tonight, it was so soft. I will probably try sweet potatoes, soft smushed beans, avocado, anything steamed soft like diced zucchini or squash. Then probably move to pancakes. I think I was giving Ashlynn those by 10-11m. I have to go back and check her weekly updates!

  8. Oh she is just the cutest! I love her "clapping" and am sure you are ready to have your body back! I can't believe how tall she is! Ellie could never reach the floor in her walker (or really walk in it sine it was usually on carpet).

  9. I know EXACTLY what you are saying about getting your body back after nursing, but soak in these last months because you will miss it! :(


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