Tuesday, September 30, 2014

[Baby #2] Kenley Drew - 10 Month Update

Kenley had an appointment last week to check on her ears and get the vaccine she missed at her 9 month appointment because of the ear infection.  She's up seven ounces, 17lbs 12oz and we didn't check her height. Ears looked good, but she came down with the cold her sister brought home from school.  I was also informed, "Oh, she's teething!"... um, thanks I had no idea.  But yes, she had five teeth and it looks like one of the top front and last bottom incisors is making it's way.  She might not be a vampire baby on Halloween after all!  

Wearing mostly 6-12, though still easily fits in 3-6m pants.  Wearing her size 2 moccs, but will probably go up a size soon.  I'm just hoping to get some baby footprints on the blush before she does. 

We started the month with her ear infection which led to a double ear infection. Which led to high fever at night at little sleep.  We finally got her on the right antibiotic and things improved and sleep too.  Then a week later sister brought home a cold, baby caught it and also started teething again.  Basically sleep is touch and go.  We had gotten all the way to her sleeping from 7pm to 4am before waking.  I tried to let her cry a few times, but then realized if I didn't feed her, she'd probably be up for the day by 5:30 the latest.  Finally seem to be back on track, she's back to sleeping until 3:45am or so and then back down from 4-6:30am.  Trying to wean that feeding and hope she sleeps until at least 6am. 

Naps, still pretty solid all things considered. 

Lots of adventure this month.  Mimi came at the beginning to celebrate her birthday and give extra snuggles during her ear infection.  We ventured out to go apple picking and visited the farm this weekend.  Crawled, cruised, and walked around mats, balance beams, and trampolines at a birthday party.  And loved getting to help make popcorn with the parachute and pop the bubbles.  She got more time with Daddy as I've tried to make some more time for me, and even was babysat for a little by Nany which was a semi-success.  Typically she's not happy with anyone but mom, so these are big steps for her (and me!). 

Finally crushing puffs, seemed like she was still gagging on them here and there which always made me nervous to start introducing foods that don't melt so easily in the mouth.  Slowly adding more finger foods, but she just seems to be picky.  Wasn't into kiwi, blueberries, but love bananas.  Even seemed offended by pancakes.  She hasn't been eating as great this week I think because of her teeth, but we'll keep trying.  Oh, and LOVES yogurt. 

I'm also happy she learned the pony trick of self feeding from a pouch.  Definitely a skill that comes in handy when trying to help two small (hungry) kids at the same time!


It's official we have a walker!

She started taking baby steps in the middle of the month, building confidence lifting her feet.  She still doesn't walk very far, might have six or seven consecutive steps total at this point, but she tries more and more and I know that she'll probably be walking more than crawling in a month or so.  She's also getting really sturdy standing up with little to balance.  She no longer needs to pull up, just hold something - my leg, the dog, a toy- and just stands ups.

She's clapping, and clapping when asked to clap.  The cutest is when she's in the high chair she'll raise her arms and open and close her fists like twinkle twinkle, so Ashlynn and I will sing to her and she gets the biggest smile and then claps when we are done.

She's stacks her green toys stacker blocks and is OBSESSED with Penny.  I'm almost positive she's trying to say "doggie", sounds more like "dahg gahh" high pitched baby babble, but she always says it around her so that might be her first word aside from mama and dada.

She's our little opinionated one.  If she's not happy, it will be known and she will scowl and yell and even tantrum like her older sister.  No joke, this kid will throw herself backwards in frustration and has literally laid on the floor face down kicking her feet.  I'm pretty sure her temper flares when she's in teething pain, but she's also opinionated about food, having dog toys taken away from her, or being told "no".   On the other hand, she's a total sweet heart.  She'll still give me the best open mouth face kisses when asked, and gives the best hugs around the neck I could ever imagine.  I can't wait to see her personality continue to shine through and see her develop as her own little person.


  1. She is cute as a button! Happy 10 months!

  2. So cute, I am starting to see more of her sister in her! :)

  3. I should a do another comparison post!

  4. I agree that she's definitely starting to look like her big sister. That third picture down of her chewing on the bear is the first time I've really thought that they look alike.

  5. Noah loved those stackers too! Still loves to knock down the towers we make with them! I remember noah not liking kiwi or blueberries too. He loves blueberries now and maybe I should try kiwi again. Bananas are still a favorite here :). Love your detailed updates!

  6. We tried kiwi again today an she ate it! It's one of Ashlynn's favs. And I'm so happy I did the update with Ashlynn, it's so nice to be able to see what I was doing with her at this stage because I completely forget!

  7. I just can't get over that she is 10 months old! How did that happen? She's doing really well and I'm so excited about her walking. I totally understand about finger foods and gagging.


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