Wednesday, August 27, 2014

[Painting] Gray for Days

Oh how I'm resisting the urge to use a 50 Shades reference... mainly because I didn't read the book and don't have plans to see the movie. I'll stick to my teen lit over the smut.

Anyway, I have a giant to do list for our home especially now that we know we won't be making any giant halfway across the country moves.  Since kitchen and bathroom renos are on hold due to all the other giant expenses we incurred when we moved in (roof, floors, water heater, dishwasher, range, furniture and other miscellany), we are going to try to knock out some of the easier and cheaper tasks first.

Our bedroom is one of the only rooms that is still completely untouched.  I often complain that it looks like the bachelor pad dump of an apartment my Husband had when we first started dating.  Faded paint, dated pelmets, and bedding from our queen bed that doesn't fit our king. This room basically needs it all. But the starting point will be a fresh coat of paint.

I tinkered for a while with a shade of Tan, like Manchester Tan, but I've since returned to my gray ways.   I had planned on Stonington Gray, the color we would have used in a boy's room, since I really love the shade.  However, I'm a do your homework kind of girl and the room is big and will require quite a bit of paint so I want to make sure we love it from the start.

Here's my (not so) short-list

(all colors are Benjamin Moore)

And some inspiration shots

Stonington Gray via younghouselove

Moonshine via younghouselove

Silver Song via studiomcgee

Wickham Gray via llh design blog

This isn't sponsored by Benjamin Moore, I just seem to have a crazy amount of their swatches saved up  since I'm a paint chip hoarder.  I think I'm still leaning towards Stonington Gray, especially after finding this feature.  Can I live here please?

What's your favorite gray paint? ...(and don't say revere pewter because we already have it in our family room and at 50% strength in our kitchen)!


  1. We used stonington gray in my daughters nursery and love it. Now I sort of want to paint every room that color...but I will resist. Good luck!

  2. I love the stonington gray!!
    XO Kelly

  3. I really like Stoning Gray. It looks like the truest version of gray with no other undertones like Silver Song (greenish) or Moonshine (blue). I believe it's the color my SIL used in my nieces room and it's very fresh.

  4. You're a gray paint chooser after my own heart! Stonington is my #1 choice for our future hopeful house. SW silver plate is my #2. Love love love gray.

  5. I should pull out my SW swatches to compare, but I'm bad with too many choices. Reason I hate the Cheesecake Factory!

  6. I totally agree! I used it on both playtables and really do love the color, but I'm not sure if it'll end up a bit darker than I expect. Then again, I'm afraid if I go a shade up or use it at 50% strength it won't have any impact at all. #FWP

  7. Yes! Love the endorsement, definitely helps me feel better that we'll love it too!

  8. Thanks! I always need a bit of peer pressure!

  9. I love grey! When we first moved into our house 6 years ago I was all over taupe. But now I have a love affair with grey and I'm not afraid to admit it! I am digging the Silver Song but I think that stonington is a great choice too!

  10. Love the stonington grey, beautiful!

  11. Ha! Which is why I order the EXACT SAME THING every single time we go. Spicy cashew chicken FTW!

  12. I think Stonington Gray or Wickham Gray. But I really love them all! So unhelpful I know but you picked such great inspiration photos that it's hard to pick!


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