Friday, August 15, 2014


Soooo happy it's finally Friday!  It's been one of those weeks where I constantly think Monday is Tuesday, Tuesday Wednesday, and Thursday is Friday... so I'm glad we actually arrived at the kick off of the weekend.

We had a pretty fun week, we hit up music class on a rainy Tuesday and capped the afternoon with a Starbucks run for me, where I ended up with my hot latte and the iced version they made by mistake.  Although, I did spill half the hot one all over myself trying to get out of the car, but nothing some quick laundry and Frozen didn't fix.  Wednesday we finally headed over to a local indoor playground that our Mommy group advertises.  It was a cluster.  I thought it'd be empty being summer and people vacationing... um, duh.  Use your head, kids are out of school.  It was insanity in there.  We met up with a friend and left after about 40 minutes.  We'll try again once the older kids are back in school and hopefully the little ones can run free without being trampled.

Yesterday, one of our local libraries had a "Bitty Baby Storytime" featuring the local dance school.  The dance teacher read a few Bitty Baby books and led all the kids (and Bitty Babies) in some dances.  Ashlynn's attention span started to wander by the 3rd book, the one we actually own, and Kenley freaked when she wanted to hold Ashlynn's sippy and Ashlynn took it from her.  Not wanting to be the mom with the meltdown baby we left early.  A good effort, 30 minutes.  Maybe we'll try next time... in two years.

I'm dually excited and sad that we winding down the end of summer.  I find it crazy that some kids, in other states, are already back to school!  Growing up, school always started the Wednesday after Labor Day.  I think this might have been because we lived in a shore town and most of the local high schoolers were the main source of employment for the tourism economy (i.e. everyone worked on the boardwalk and if the kids were in school there'd be no one to sell ice cream and operate rides).  The schools where I live now start the week before, which still seems early, but I'm feeling for the kids already back - it's still SUMMER!!  I'm glad we get to soak up some summer beach fun, have some time to adjust and then Ashlynn will start pre-school herself after the holiday.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I grew up on the Jersey shore as well. I live in Atlanta now. The kids went back to school Aug 4th, but they are usually out by mid May. I will never get used to it! It feels so weird to me still, and I've been down here for 15 years!

  2. I can't believe there is actually a bitty baby storytime! So cute lol! A lot of schools here in AZ started August 1. I have no idea why they start sooo early :(
    XO Kelly

  3. Yeah starting in August seems crazy to me! We always started after Labor Day! But I think schools that start in August get out earlier too. We never got out until end of June.

  4. We used to start that late too!! But around here we start next week-- probably because the kids get a "ski week" AND a spring break. Spoiled little monsters!

  5. We've always gone back in August. But we get out before Memorial day. I started the middle of August but now they start the first week mostly. The do get fall break, winter break, spring break.

  6. I totally agree. I remember always starting the week after labor day. We're going to be homeschooling and you can BET we won't be starting until then! August is 100% still summer!

    Total score on the 2 Starbucks drinks

  7. what a cute idea! i'm pretty sure just about no one has a bitty baby in our vicinity. demographics are prob a little off ;)


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