Thursday, July 10, 2014

Toddler Talk: Ashie-isms

It's been a long time since I last recorded my favorite phrases and sayings of Ashlynn's.  It's funny reading that now, it's amazing how much her vocabulary and level of communication has changed.  I forgot about a couple of those things, so I'm so glad I am doing this again.

-  " Ughh, soo hungry" (while rubbing her belly)... she has also said, "so, tired.  so, tired" before a nap.

- For the longest time, months now, if you ask "How many?" she replies "1, 6, 7".  Every time.  She can clearly count to 14 (usually a lot of teen, teen, teen, to get to twenty), but the response to the words "How many?" is always 1, 6, 7.

- "Frinkles"  Donuts and ice cream with frinkles, sprinkles.   Also, farkles.

- "Two pony tay-uls" (pigtails)

- "shoes on!"  When I try to get her to behave or redirect her attention by promises of going somewhere fun.

- "red store"  (target)  Also, where she goes when she pushes her Strawberry Shortcake shopping cart around the house.

Me:  "Ashie, where are you going?"
A: "Red Store"
Me: "What are going to buy at Red Store?"
A:  "eggies. milk. bananas"

(which are things I never actually buy at 'Red Store')

- "Hot in here right" This is my favorite.  One day getting the girls in the car, I was buckling A in and she said "Hot in here" I laughed, made a Nelly reference, and said "yes. It is hot in here, right?" Which she replied "Hot in here right" (no comma).  Now every time we get in the car she says "Hot in here right"  and again, no comma... just as you read it she says it.

- "Back-yoom"  vacuum

- "mommy coffee? coffee, first"  - The drive through Starbucks is across the street from Target so usually it's a toss up of which way I turn.  Once she sees me veering towards green over red we can that saying.  She also refers to anything I drink as "mommy's coffee" except water, obviously.

- "See?"  - Everything!  She has to see the milk in her cup, the coffee in mine, the cereal in my bowl, the baby food (after each bite).  It's actually pretty annoying, but it's a current habit.  She has to see inside everything... even if my glass is clear, she wants to see in it from the top.

Any funny things your toddlers are doing??


  1. So funny!! Zoey says "1, 3, 5" even though she can count normally and in English and Portuguese! Everything right now is "you hold my hand?". Which I am melting over!

  2. Red store - love it! Lol, my son doesn't talk yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if "red store" is one of his first words, since we spend so much time there ;)

    The Joni Journey

  3. These are so cute!! :) I swear, how do these kids come up with some of these things..?! Looking forward to more and more sentences from our little guy. I've got to remember to write them down somewhere!!

  4. love this! adorable.

  5. Hhaha this is so cute to read! I can totally imagine Owen saying so much of this too. He does the same thing with the numbers.... if something is in a group of more than 1-4 things he says "25", like how many cars do you have "25!"

  6. I love reading the actual pronunciations :) My daughter is a regular chatterbox, so I'm thinking I might have to share some of the things she says too. So cute!

  7. haha blair does more or less of the same things. yesterday she said she was taking her baby to disneyland. I asked her who was going to buy baby's ticket and she said, "Daddy. Me go get his wallet. Me need money in there." I died.

  8. hahaha, love that. so funny. I gave A my old sbux card since I got upgraded to gold and she swipes it all the time, which I find funny since I usually pay for coffee on my phone.

  9. My just-turned-two year old says "yittle" for little and "lellow" for yellow. Cracks me up everytime!


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