Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rub a Dub Dub - Splashin' out of the Tub

To be honest, we haven't really been taking advantage of outdoor time this summer like I had planned.  Last summer when I was pregnant, I was thrilled Ashlynn was going to be more stable walker in summer 2014 and that Kenley would be in that blissful, sitting up but not quite mobile phase.  I was going to plant her on a blanket under the tree and go to town at the water table and running through the sprinkler with Ashlynn.  

Her mobility keeps us indoors, unless I can get that sweet spot of time where she'll be content contained in the stroller.  We finally have made the effort, put on the bathing suit (last year's), and did our two handed splash in.

We bought our Step 2 water table last year, I hope we continue to get use even more use out of it this year and definitely next when I have two pipsqueaks running around.  We have some Target sand toys and I decided to pull out our Boon bath toys to make splashin' around and cooling off a bit more fun.  We all love our ODD DUCKS.  Ashlynn loves the colors and patterns and that they came with names - Slim, Bob, Jane, and Squish.  And I love that they are PVC-free and don't hold any water so they won't grow that black mold that Kenley would inevitably try to suck out.  It makes them the perfect bath and water table toy since we all know water tables, even when wiped down before play, can be a bit gross and I don't really need that going in the baby's mouth -blech.   

And as the pictures depict, Ashlynn loves pouring water.  Her mini watering can and FLEET Stacking Boats are perfect for filling up buckets, giving the ducks a bath, or her toes.   The boats are designed with wide decks for scooping water and drain holes for making it rain.  She had such a blast playing outside with the water, as opposed to chalk and bouncy balls.  Once I figure out, how to keep Kenley happy (baby pool? sandbox? baby swing?) you'll find us out there daily! 


Thank you to BOON for allowing us to review the bath toys mentioned, all the floating, dunking, and washing fun was all our own.  The ODD DUCKS and FLEET Stacking Boats can be purchased at Amazon or BuyBuyBaby.

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  1. Last year, we traveled a lot using our Guava Lotus crib (love!) or just put a blanket down and let her have at it. I'll admit, it wasn't as fun when she wasn't able to walk everywhere, but it was also pleasant not having to chase her around everywhere :)

  2. Such cute pics! I love her silver sandals!
    XO Kelly

  3. I wish we had a second pnp/portable crib/baby jail (what have you) to use outside. I have one upstairs, and it's just too much hassle to break down and bring outside and I'm not really looking to spend a lot on a new one :( Maybe I'll check craigslist since it's just for outdoors anyway. And the blanket doesn't work... girl is off and crawling in a second ripping out all the grass and putting anything she can find in her mouth. I need like one of those old school walker things so she's mobile, but contained!

  4. Thanks! They are Circo from Target, little knock off birks, I couldn't resist.

  5. I agree, that age is hard for outside play where they can't quite move around safely themselves, not to mention EVERYTHING goes in the mouth.. I'm sure all enjoyed the fresh air though. Water tables, so simple yet soooo fun for little ones. :) Your backyard looks awesome.

  6. Love the ducks! May have to get some for our water table! Little one looks like she wants to jump in! I bet she'll be holding on to the side soon!!

  7. She would be standing if I wasn't keeping her confined!! Once she's a bit more sure footed and not as tempted to eat the weeds, rocks, and dirt around her she'll have her freedom :)

  8. She literally stood there pouring water for a solid 30minutes. We only went in because I had to feed the baby and I knew she needed to go potty. If we had a sandbox I'm pretty sure I would never have to open my mouth again!

  9. These pictures are just so cute. I love the sunglasses!


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