Thursday, July 3, 2014

[Little Foodie] Making Feeding Time Fun and Functional

Now that our little piggy has a solid 6+ weeks of baby food under her belt in her tummy, I wanted to share some of the awesome feeding accessories Boon sent our way to make meal time fun and functional at the same time!

We are still loving our Boon FLAIR highchair.  Super easy to keep clean, she always seems comfortable, and it's quick to get her in and out.

Hands down, our favorite meal time accessories for Kenley are the SERVE feeding spoons and PULP silicone teether.

The SERVE spoons are soft silicone with long handles and smaller spoon beds (is that a thing?I'm going with it regardless) perfect for getting the right scoop size for her mouth.  The thin spoon tip is also perfect for scooping away any puree that dribbles down her chin and getting that last drop from the bowl.  It also has has a little flat spot on the bottom of the handle to keep it from rolling and the tip (and mess) off the table when you place it down.  I used to use our Beaba soft serve spoons with Ashlynn, which I really liked then, but I always find myself grabbing the Boon ones instead for Kenley.

The PULP silicone teether is genius.  I had bought the little mesh teether bags that everyone tells you to get for Ashlynn and used them maybe twice.  Majority of the time, she'd chew the handle instead of the fruit or frozen food in the bag and after she did manage to gnaw some out, I'd also be stumped how to sanitize the bag.  I think I just started throwing them away and then realized I wasn't going to keep buying new bags each time, or reuse a bag that still smelled of the day old peaches despite running under hot water with some soap.

The Boon version is such a smarter product.  The silicone cup has perforations for the food to squeeze through and it's dishwasher safe.  I have used some thicker purees like sweet potatoes or just chucks of ripe banana, avocado, pear and pineapple which worked even better.  I give this to her at lunchtime since it keeps her busy and satisfied when she doesn't really need a whole meal, just a snack.

The coordinating Boon GNAW is a snack leash that fits the PULP perfectly and keeps it from being chucked to the floor.

We recently started using the SQUIRT feeding spoon, now that I know she'll eat more than ounce or two for a meal.  I heard mixed reviews over these type of food dispensing spoons in the past, so I never tried one.  The handle holds about 3oz and it makes one handed feeding a breeze, which is great when my only other hand is picking up tossed toddler sippy cups, wiping crumbs, and whatever "mommy take it" requests I get from the toddler.  It comes with a cap, so it'd be perfect for travel.  No spoons, bowls, pouches, etc.

Ashlynn has been using the PLATTER plates and, for us, they are huge improvement than the SAUCER version I previously purchased and was left disappointed.  I bought the round saucer section plates after I started my love affair with the brand's CATCH bowl, which is still used daily around here.  I liked the plates were skid-proof were a fun colored non-character/holiday theme section plate.  In reality, they didn't fit on our previous high chair tray and I thought the sections were pretty shallow and small.  Ashlynn is a pretty good eater, so I could barely fit her meals on the plates.  The PLATTER version fixes all those issues for us.   She can get fruit, crackers, cheese and a scoop of hummus for a snack or scrambled eggs, fruit, mini waffles for breakfast and of course, pasta, veggies, and any other sides for dinner.  And dipping agents, because girl needs a whole section for ketchup or syrup, so I'm glad there is a tiny one for that!  And bonus, they fit on the FLAIR high chair too.

She also upgraded a few months back to actual metal flatware, which is nice because she had started stealing mine.  The FLATWARE coordinates with the other accessories perfectly (purple her favorite) and it's still sized and designed for a toddler, no sharp edges, so I don't have worry about using our bigger adult ones.

Lastly, I'm probably the last person to have the Boon LAWN , the ubiquitous grass themed drying rack, added to our counter top.  It holds everything from baby feeding products, to baby food maker parts, our knives, sippies,  and our own cooking utensils. The FLY is perfect for keeping binkies or bottle parts away from the rest of the madness.

I'm so thankful that Boon allowed us to try out these feeding accessories.  I was pleasantly surprised with so many little design features that really made me reach for them time and time again over my previous tried and true products.  And the best part is how seamlessly and stylishly they all coordinate, I'm a sucker for design and style!


Boon was kind enough to provide the feeding accessories for our review, but all opinions expressed are solely my own!
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