Friday, July 25, 2014

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Inspired by Blair's post on curb appeal earlier this evening, I realized I never shared our landscaping update from earlier this Spring.

Our house is 21 years old and we've been here a year and and half.  Almost everything in this house was original and we are slowly updating everything from the roof to appliances to the overgrown trees and shrubs.

Here is the house from the listing photo Fall 2012.

It's funny that I didn't even notice until we moved in that half of the house was covered by trees!  Probably because we had our showings and walk thrus in Nov/Dec after all the leaves were gone.

A shot from this past winter, pretty much what it looked like the whole season thanks to the Polar Vortex.  We also finally decided on painting the mango colored door white.  I know white isn't the first color people think of for a front door, but we love it!  Our shutters are a purply brown, so it was either buy new shutters or a long ladder so we could paint them all, and paint a traditional door, or pick a color that worked with what we got.  White.  Goes with everything.

This photo (above) was during the landscaping process before they mulched.  We still need to dig up all the random daffodil bulbs that circle nothing in the yard.  We will also re-seed again this Fall hoping to fill in some of the bare spots that are now hidden by crab grass and weeds.

And these shots were from about a month ago.  The random circle area where the giant bush used to be will also be seeded.  I'm excited that next year I can finally add some color with annuals, maybe do a project or two for our porch, and finally have grass that's worth going barefoot on.   Actually if I can my biggest excitement... shrubs for Christmas lights!

Aside from my "pretty" plans above, we still need to have some drainage put in our backyard (it's virtually a swamp from March-May), growing real grass back there, cleaning up our patio, and getting a new grill insert so we can actually cook out.  Yep, you guessed it, our little built in grill is also as old as everything else and if it does work (I can't even remember if it lit during inspection) it's no condition for food that's going in our mouths to be placed upon.  woof. 

Anyone else out there having major outdoor overhauls?


  1. I love your house! The improvements you have made are definitely just that. It looks so much more open and so much brighter!

  2. Love what you did with the landscaping! I think the white door makes everything pop :) My husband is currently building a grill and I can't wait for it to be done :( I sometimes think we live at Home Depot and Lowe's! Hope you and your family have a great weekend!!
    XO Kelly

  3. I like the white door! We live in a community where the association dictates the look of the outside of our house. We have to have a white door and dark green shutters. Instead we are focusing on improving the lawn and maybe planting some bushes. We spend a lot of time on our deck but really we should grill more! With the horrible winters we really need to take advantage of the good weather!

  4. Such a gorgeous home!! We have been trying to focus more on really helps with the overall look of the house!

  5. So funny I just posted about ours yesterday! I still need to do an updates photo of what it looks like now but we did a huge overhaul on our curb appeal. Just need to do some painting!

  6. Beautiful home!! You have pretty good space to work with for shrubs/bushes/etc. Props to you as I can't stand landscaping stuff. Haha Love the end result but don't particularly enjoy getting it all done. I'll blame the forced labor/pulling weeds in my Mom's huge garden while growing up.. :)

  7. Your house is BEAUTIFUL! And I love the look of the white door with the house!

  8. Love your house! We've been struggling with our lawn for the last 3 years, trying to get grass to grow and fill in bare spots. Ours wasn't barefoot-worthy either, but as of this year, it's finally looking good! Landscaping can do wonders for a house, and I think yours looks great!

  9. Your landscaping looks great!!! I totally read this days ago but finally got the chance to sit down and comment. It's amazing how much landscaping changes the look of a home right? I can't wait to start our process and this is really inspiring!

  10. So I loveeee the curb appeal of your house!! It's so warm and welcoming!! Even with all the snow... I still love it!!


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