Wednesday, July 30, 2014

[Baby #2] Kenley Drew - 8 Month Update

Happy Eight Months, Kenley!  
You are always keeping us on our toes, since you are always on yours!

Kenley had a weight check at the middle of the month, she was 16lb 11oz.  Up ten ounces in six weeks, so no concern over my milk supply and any need to supplement.  Not sure on her height, and still only has the two teeth she cut last month.  

I moved her into size 3 diapers since I had a box of Ashlynn's and didn't feel like going to buy more 2s since she's in that range where she can wear both.  She's also rocking her blush Freshly Picked moccs (size 2) now that she wants to stand when we are at storytime and out, and I get skeeved by her bare feet on public floors.  You know, since they still end up in her mouth.

Wow.  What a month.  I'm pretty sure we left off Month 7 with her sleep going from "tolerable" (up twice) to "are you kidding me?" (up multiple times).  At first I was chalking it up to the fact she started crawling right before 7 Months and pulling up a few days after.  After two weeks went by and it only seemed worse, I finally sucked it up.  Supported by my friend who was sleep training her baby just days older than Kenley, I was inspired by her quick success and just did it too.   I used the Sleep Easy Solution, which yes, is a modified cry it out. 

I did the first night with the recommended 5 min, 10 min, and repeated 15min checks until she fell asleep.  It took 50 painful minutes of her standing at the side of the crib crying her eyes out... and gnawing on the crib, thankfully minimal damage.  Rail covers went up the next morning.  She also fell asleep sitting up so I went in and laid her down after she was out.  She woke once or twice that night and each time never cried long enough or hard enough for me to go in and check.  She finally fell back asleep on her own.

The next day, I decided to stick to the book and train for naps too.  I wasn't about to send any mixed messages and make the crying last any longer than necessary.  For her afternoon nap she cried for 36 minutes and slept for over 2 hours.  That night she went down in 7 minutes.

By day three, she never even needed a check in.  She fussed less 2 minutes and put herself to sleep.  It's been almost two weeks and she's still doing great.  She sometimes sits up or stands after I leave and fusses, but only one day cried enough for me to go in (and I think it's because I was trying to force a late afternoon cat nap because her mid day nap was short).  She generally just rolls around a few times and goes to sleep.  I put her to sleep with her paci, but it generally falls out and she generally doesn't put them back in even though I keep her crib littered with them.  She's attached to her Aden + Anais blankie just like her sister, so she'll snuggle with that.  

As for the middle of the night, I had been giving her a dream feed around 10:30pm, but she started waking around 2:30, which usually a pacifier would quickly solve, then again around 4:30, which a paci wouldn't.  I started feeding her then too to see if she'd make it to 6:30am, and while she did a few times, most of the time she didn't.  So now I'm just waiting until I hear her starting to fuss around 2 and feeding her then.  I'm slowly trying to push her wake time back from 5:30 to 6 and hopefully eventually 6:30.  I hope between the sun rising a little later and her just getting the hang of it all, it works.  

And for naps.  Amazing.  We got in a good nap schedule at the end of June when we were home potty training Ashlynn.  Now that she can put herself to sleep.  She goes down around 8:30-9am (depending on her wake time), typically sleeps 45min, sometimes less and sometimes more. Afternoon nap is usually around 12:30pm and I like when it's 90minutes, and every now and then she'll cat nap in the late afternoon if we are out or she just seems tired at home.  That's usually 30minutes.

Lastly, I don't regret not sleep training Ashlynn.  If I was a working mom, it'd be a must, but I am happy I did with Kenley.  She actually just seems like a happier baby, probably because she's more well rested. I'm just glad she basically adjusted within 24 hrs because I'm sure if it took longer than three days I would have broke down and quit like I did with A. The freedom it's given me (from needing to rock or nurse into naps, and less wake ups at night) is life changing.

We had a busy month and a lot of time spent in the car, which I'd give her a 6 or 7 out of 10 for effort.  She'd usually sleep, but then once up freak out until I climbed back, but got better after we finally sleep trained.  

We had birthday parties, play dates, bbqs, and frequented Storytime and Music Class at our local libraries. Doctor appointment where she was agreeable ;) and she spent some time at Child Watch while Ashlynn finished up her gymnastics classes. 

Mama's milk and baby foods.

She's moving on from fruit and veggies and starting to have yogurt and baby food blends with beans and grains.  And she's had some teething biscuits too.  I while happily hire any BLW mom or mom in general to get her started on actual finger foods.  I was so nervous to move on to puffs, soft veggies, etc, with Ashlynn and it turns out it's not easier with Kenley.  I'm a wuss. 


Pulling up.  I think a day or two after she turned 7 months she started pulling up. She does cruise, but not very far and just some little wobbly steps moving herself along.  More impressive is how easily she'll stand and how little support she needs.  She'll stand holding on to lightweight wobbly toys or using just my finger.  She's also gotten more graceful with sitting back down or dropping down to her knees instead of just toppling over.  She has control over her leg muscles, she just needs to work on flatting out her feet.  She really might just be the kid that HAS to keep up with her big sis and walk early.  We'll see!

Speaking of big sis, she is obsessed. They both squeal with delight when they see each other in the morning, it is the best thing EVER.  When we play in the toy room after breakfast, Kenley is just constantly following Ashlynn where ever she goes. I'm sure it's going to create a lot of problem in five years, or probably one or two, but she loves this girl and Ashlynn really aside from prying the occasional toy from her fingers, she couldn't be better with her either.  #proudmama

She also said Mama.  She said it a few days ago, but I wasn't sure if it was just babble.  She usually sticks with the "bababba" baby talk and high pitch squeals.  Yesterday she crawled over to me crying in hunger with a whiny "MAA maa" and with that I'm taking it as an official.  She is mommy's girl after all.

She's giving the biggest, sloppiest open mouth kisses.  The ones where she squeezes my face so hard to pull herself up to dig her teeth into my chin, her nails literally have broken skin on my face.  This goes hand in hand with her hair pulling.  She ripped a handful out of Ashlynn's head that made my stomach turn.  And she's a dancer.  She loves "dancing", the squatty jumpy baby dance, when I'm playing music or we songs are sung at storytime. 

I can't believe she's only eight months.  Her skills make her seem so much older, probably since Ashlynn was stationary until over 9 months.  At the same time, I feel like I blacked out somewhere after 4 months.  One day I thought, "When did she turn 6 months?  Was I supposed to do a 1/2 year birthday  or something silly, because I don't think that even crossed my mind"... Maybe it did, but I honestly don't even remember.  It's like here she was all little and BOOM now she's four months from turning one. 


  1. She is just so cute! I can't believe how big she is getting!

  2. Such a sweet girl! You'll be planning a 1st birthday before you know it!!
    XO Kelly

  3. These pictures are really amazing.

    We did sleep training around 7 months. It really was the best decision for our family. It's amazing what a difference it made, and now Anabelle is great sleeper :)

  4. This makes me hopeful re: sleeping. We were doing OK - the first night I was all set for the worst, but she only cried for 6 minutes! I knew it couldn't be that easy. She's just all over the place. I end up giving up after 15-20 min of crying, thinking 'this isn't working' -- even though I totally know consistency is key! Easier said than done. I really need to buckle down...

  5. Also, she is adorable :)

  6. So cute and I was a total wuss about finger foods with Ellie but now she's a pro! I also just started her sleep training a couple days ago. I think I'll take your advice and use it for naptime as well. It's a bit of a challenge (of course I waited until she was 14 months old...) but we will get through!

  7. Adorable pictures, as always!! :) Glad to hear sleeping is going better, I SWEAR that well rested babies are happier. I may have to check out that book/method, praying baby #2 will be as good a sleeper as Tyson has been/is..


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