Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ashlynn 2.25

As much as I somewhat like being off the hook for taking monthly photos and trying to think of all the new things Ashlynn's done for her updates, I miss being able to track her growth and progress.  I was definitely going to do a two and half year update, but turns out I can't wait.

I would have thought things would have slowed down a bit now that she's two, but it turns out she just keeps chugging along.  I feel like I'm always mentally notating, "oh that's new!" or "she finally got the whole ABCs!"  Anyway, feel free to read my babble about my first born.

Physical Growth:
Not sure her height, and I guess that means we should get our own growth chart since she won't be back for a well visit until she is three.  We did have Kenley's weight checked last week, and Ashlynn hopped on the scale - 25lbs even.

Clothing sizes are all over.  Her 18-24 bathing suits fall off her shoulders and I still have tags on the 2T one I bought back in early spring.  Since she's potty trained and isn't wearing a swim diaper, her 12-18m suits from last summer fit perfect.  She's in 2T for tops and jammies, last year's 12-18m shorts, and 18-24m dresses seem to be just right.  Her size 5 flip flops are looking small and the rest of her shoes are size 6.  Her nikes are size 7, which I thought was huge when we bought them in the spring, but the sales girl insisted it was the right size.  They probably are a bit big, but they don't slip and at least they'll probably last us until the end of the year.

She's currently sprouting one of her two year molars, her bottom right. I've been wondering if that's been the source of the extra whininess, or just being two.  She doesn't seem phased when eating or brushing her teeth, so I don't think it hurts that bad.

She's finally able to jump with two feet.  When we started gymnastics class right at 2 years, she was still doing her funny two step hop, which she still does a lot, but within the last month she finally got the hang of bring both legs up together.

She can also do a forward roll herself and walks on the balance beam without needing to hold hands.  She's able to do bigger kid puzzles with cardboard pieces, but depending on the size needs help solving them.

Potty training - check!

I also think the potty training sparked the interest in dressing herself.  I usually give her options of clothing or still give her something without much protest, but she always wants to put them on herself.  Shoes included and like most toddlers, has a knack for always putting shoes on the wrong feet.

She finally mastered singing the ABCs, it was the one song she never got into repeating (unlike Itsy Bitsy, Twinkle Twinkle, etc), but one day just sang along with her toy and now it's one of her favorites.   She can almost count to 20, there are some misplaced 16s and just "teens" after 15 and before 20.

She loves to announce the traffic lights. "Red, STOP!" and "Green, LET IT GO!" and also any airplanes or flags she see's while we are driving.   She's using words like "and, or, both" correctly and can sequence events "first, then, next".

Favorite Foods:
Watermelon, corn on the cob, pineapple, and popsicles.  Basically summer foods that we haven't been enjoying since last year.  She's also started eating chicken more (not always) and definitely has a pickier streak.  She almost always has cereal for breakfast, with bananas or blueberries "inside", and even mastered slurping her milk.   Lunch is usually yogurt, peanut butter and jelly, or a quesadilla and snacks are always some fruit - banana bites a fav (banana slices topped with a dollop of peanut butter and a raisin), animal crackers or goldfish, "dip" (hummus), and a cheese stick.  Dinner is usually the last favored meal.  Sometimes she'll do great, others it's hit or miss.  I don't really stress about it and if she doesn't touch what I cooked I'll offer a yogurt, peanut butter, or some left over - never another meal.  Usually she's just not hungry.

Smoothies.  Big fan of smoothies.

This wouldn't be a proper "Two Year Old Toddler" update without notes on her attitude.  I still don't classify us in the world of "terrible twos", but we sure have our fair share of trying days.   Usually meltdowns occur when hungry or tired, or the occasional "no, we can't do XYZ".  She's pretty whiny and is really starting to test limits with doing something I've said no to, until she gets punished/disciplined, whatever you want to call it.

As for our method of punishment or discipline, we are still learning what works best, but I think I got it. Time outs are ineffective.  The number one thing she does to limit test is be rough with Penny.  She'll grab her collar, attempt to mount her like a horse - she's a 20lb Boston Terrier, or chase her with a toy that freaks her out... Penny is a scardy cat.  I started with no's and warnings, and then would put her in time out on the steps.  After a few times of this, as soon as I would warn her to stop chasing Penny, etc, she would shout "TIME OUT!" and run to the steps.  Not really effective when she wants to go.  So now I take things away.  The toy she is mocking the dog with or something else she likes and values.  I'll stick them on top of the fridge.  I've also done this with toys she doesn't treat properly, she loves to stand on everything which at this age, she knows better.

When she having a tantrum and crying or just worked up, I'll tell she's allowed to go cry in a certain area - on the step, on the chair, other room, wherever, and when she's done, she can come ask me in her words what it is that she wants.  This works a decent amount, unless she's tired, then she'll just be crying for no real reason.

We are lucky that she never really acts out in the common forms of hitting, kicking, throwing or biting.  There are times where she'll kick toys (laying on her back), I'll tell her that's not how we treat our things and I'll take it if she doesn't stop.  If she wants to kick (needs to work something out, frustration, etc) she can go in an open space and kick her legs there.

Lastly, the biggest adjustment we are experiencing, as expected, is Kenley's mobility.  She still LOVES her sister and now that Kenley crawls and pulls up, she thicks she is sturdy enough to tackle with hugs (she's not), but she always has hit the "mine" phase.  Except instead of saying "MINE!" she run in whatever direction Kenley is headed, collect everything she hold and cry "SISSY TAKE IT!".  I'll explain Kenley is a baby and she doesn't walk, so she can't take anything.  I'll explain she's a baby and learning and just want to learn by looking at and touching the toy and ask if Ashlynn can teach her about whatever it is Kenley shows interest in.

She also will seek attention if the baby is getting to much focus or I'm on the phone or trying to talk to another adult (playdate).

For the most part, she's a great sleeper.  In the last week, she's woken around midnight and slept in our bed - a first, usually our bed was "playtime" only for her.  I think it's her teeth that are waking her, but she refuses to lay back down in her crib, so maybe it's a chance it's a night terror, though she doesn't seem too upset.  She fights going to bed like she's 4.  Delays putting on jammies, will run around her room instead of reading or grab a book and get up and grab another as soon as we start reading.  She'll cry when we say it's time to lay down and then call me back about three times for either another visit to the potty, water (which I stopped allowing), to be tucked back in, or various other random requests.  Thankfully usually once she's out, she's out.  She's been waking earlier since potty training, but we are slowly getting back on track with her going back to her bed and waiting for the clock to turn yellow if she does get up to go potty.

All the other favorite things.  Ashlynn is absolultely loving the swimming pool and swimming this summer.  She's still not a true fish, but definitely is comfortable in the water and learning more - kicking feet, blowing bubbles, and jumping in.  She needs to work on keeping her mouth closed.   She loves gymnastics and still loves the playground even though we haven't gone as often since it's usually too hot.  She enjoys storytime more than ever, sings along with all the songs and will go get her stamp and sticker at the end by herself.

She loves treats. Cake pops, popsicles, and chocolate chips.  Thankfully she doesn't need chocolate chips for using the potty any more, but she does request a treat more night than not, which I can usually barter for her taking X amount more bites of her meal.

She actually really enjoys brushing her teeth.  She went through a phase hating it, but at some point I explained that we brush teeth to make the sparkle and keep them healthy, so now she'll brush and stare at them saying "farkle, farkle!" after she's done.  Proud of her work.  (which we normally help with)

She's really gotten into reading longer story books at bed time.  She loves our Giant Golden Book of Frozen, Richard Scarry, If You Give books, and Fancy Nancy. She likes music and we listen to the Let  It Go pandora station most days.  It's a combo of Disney movie songs and family friendly pop hits (Pink, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, etc).  She can identify almost all the Disney songs they play by what movie it's from and half of them she hasn't even seen! (Pocahontas, Lion King, Mulan).  And she geeks out when Frozen or Tangled songs are played and sings along with most of the words.

Art - she loves painting with a brush, but even more her hands.  We made hand print planters for Mother's Day and now she always want to paint her hand when we paint.  She likes chalk, but isn't the biggest fan of coloring with crayons.  She's hit or miss with play doh, usually only liking it if I add new things like pipe cleaners or something to making it interesting.

She's also finally getting into building with blocks and taking a bigger interest in puzzles.  Two toddler activities she was "meh" about until now.  Still loves dress up, pretend play, and her Fisher Price little people and dolls. She's usually a good helper when cleaning up the toys, especially if the catch is she can watch Mickey when the room is cleaned up (ie, the time I feed Kenley and shower).  She loves Disney Jr and will pretty much watch Mickey, Sofia, Doc, Jake, or Sheriff Callie without any complaints.  She'll occasionally bust out things she's seen, like the time she insisted on a paper straw and empty cup so she could have a "Toby milkshake" (Sheriff Callie).  Hopefully she's learning some of the social skill lessons too, ha.

I've covered a ton and I'm sure I could keep thinking of other, but that's a good update for now, I'm sure there will be a ton of new things at 2.5 years since she is starting preschool in September.  We visited last week and will be again today, getting familiar with the building and teachers so it's not such a freak out when she's dropped off for real.  I'm appreciative the staff allows these transitional visits especially since we were able to check out the school during an Alex's Lemonade event and will be seeing a magic show today.   If you actually read this far, thanks!

Any fun (or not so fun) things your young 2 year olds are doing??


  1. I love that green lights are 'let it go!' :D I love seeing the two of them together; can't believe how fast they grow!

  2. We are starting to get to the point where time out isn't working for us either....might have to try your technique! And the "let it go" at a green light is the cutest thing ever!

  3. As always, such great and fun updates. I'm glad to see we're right on track with a two year old - also struggling with the whiny-ness. Drives me nuts. I try to ignore and ask him for big boy words and/or attitude adjustment. Also, good tips on what discipline works for you guys. I might try the 'go throw a fit over there and let me know when you're done'. :) I'm sure it is and will be fun/challenging to watch the girls interact more and more.

  4. i love love love watching these babes grow! and we have the same swim suit/pants issue. who knew ditching the diaper would cause such an issue with keeping pants up!

  5. today i was picking at my finger nails while i was at a red light. all the sudden blair says go! i looked up and alas the light was green! so observant these girls. ;)

  6. How fun that your preschool lets you go visit! We're doing a co-op, and I don't think O will see the inside of the school until the Open House day a few days before school starts. I love reading your updates because they are so detailed and they actually help me remember things about Owen that I've wanted to document :)

  7. I love these detailed update posts! You are making me realize I should keep track of Noah's developments in more detail! That's so cool she can really jump/hop now. Noah isn't even two yet but his hopping is just bending his knees a little and then straightening them, no feet come off the ground. He thinks he's doing it so it's of course adorable ;)

  8. Yeah, taking away something she has or wants definitely gets her attention. Usually makes her freak out and cry, but at least I can explain... we can't do this or that, if you wont't do this you can have it back, etc etc.

  9. Sometimes I think it's just their emotional inability to process things, whether its frustration or not being allowed something they want and they just freak. I can't expect her to control it, so at least I can contain her from being destructive. Plus half the time I think she wants the attention, so by saying go cry over there and me ignoring her she stops faster because she wants my attention. At least that's what I like to think ha

  10. She's not even that skinny, it's that she's that short!!

  11. They had mentioned coming to some of the "summer events" when I called to push back her slated start, I called last week and the timing was perfect for us to swing by. I stayed with her the first day (even though they asked if I wanted to leave) and today I left her for 90min. It'll be an adjustment, but she did good and even though was probably anxious and scared, was brave and probably had fun too!

  12. Doing "blast offs" I think is what helped her get it. They do it at gymnastics and she finally started doing it a few weeks ago. Half they time she'll say "1, 2, 3... bend the knees... blast off!" it hysterical

  13. These are the best and I am loving learning how she is transitioning to big sister and how that is working. When Ellie is with her cousins (3&5) they still have a hard time sharing and bein careful of Ellie's instability with walking/standing (especially the 3 year old - but that is to be expected)

  14. That's great! I'm glad she did well there today! 90 minutes is a long time for a toddler!

  15. That picture in front of the kitchen is totally frame-worthy! I LOVE it. We have that kitchen too.

  16. I just love her---she really does remind me of my CC, can't believe she is already potty trained, though! So awesome. Also, it makes me chuckle that she rough houses your dog so much. Hilarious, but I'm sure it is not that fun to always intervene.

  17. the problem is we have two dogs, and they rough house each other! she knows not to mess with the one (because he's less tolerable), but she totally just wants Penny (the boston) to be her own 60lb lab.


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