Tuesday, July 1, 2014

31 (and Half) Things About Me

Way way over due.  Almost ashamed to admit that I began drafting this post last Fall.  My Mallow & Graeme IG account was tagged to participate in a 20 Things About Me and I thought I'd post on my blog as well and I started it...

Once 2014 rolled around, I thought I'd add a few more and coincide it with my birthday.  So now that it's July 1st, I figured I technically should be sharing 31 and 1/2 facts about myself since if I was a toddler, today would be my half birthday.

Ok on with it.


1.  I'm wordy.  (DUH)  Look at my intro to this post, and if you've ever emailed me, you probably received a novel in return. I apologize.  Even when I try my very hardest to be as short and sweet as can be, I still seem to write more than the average person.  Same goes for talking, I'm often told to get to the point.

2.  On the contrary,  I SUCK at texting.  I might return 2 or 3 texts and then give up.  I'll plan on returning them, but then never do.

3. Unfortunately, I can't spell unfortanutely for the life of me.  Half the time spell check doesn't even get what I'm trying to say.  I had to spell check both of those too.

4.  Pet Peeves.  We all got them, some of biggest ones include:
  • Girls who work out with their hair down and/or in a regular bra.  If you are working out, you should be sweating... pull up your hair and put on a sports bra. Gross. #sorryimnotsorry
  • A lot.  It's two words, not one.  I'm far from the grammar police, as I don't think I ever put up a post without a typo or five, but this one really grinds my gears and it's surprising how many smart people make this mistake, especially when spell check tells you it's wrong!

5. I'm a major tomboy.  The only time I ever wear a dress is if I have an 'event' to go to (wedding, shower, or... nope, that's pretty much it). I don't own any pink clothing (coral yes, pink no).  And now that I'm a SAHM, wearing heels falls into that same category.

6. I am a former Division 1 athlete. 

7. I am also a former sorority girl.... yup.

8. The first concert I ever went to was Debbie Gibson when I was 5.  The next night we saw The Bangles.  The first stadium concert was NKOTB (at the Philadelphia Spectrum). 

9.  I was born and raised at the Jersey Shore.  However, because of MTV I have to disclaim, no where near Seaside Heights and I am 0% Italian (not that there is anything wrong with being Italian, but "guidette" I am not).  Also, I don't call it the "The Shore"... It's the beach, or home.

10.  I'm the only family member in my immediate and extended family who was born on the East Coast.  My mom is from L.A. and my dad was an Air Force brat.

11. I was late bloomer in the baby teeth loss department.  By the time I was in 8th Grade I had to have five teeth pulled (upper canines and three molars) because they weren't falling out on their own and was waiting for braces to fix my bite.

So yes, I was missing teeth at my 8th Grade dance and graduation.

12.  My go-to ice breaker is that I'm a New Year's Baby and was the 1st baby born in my county in 1983.  My parents won some diapers and I made the front page of the newspaper.

13.  I've never broken a bone, maybe some fingers or toes, but nothing major needing an x-ray or cast.  However, I have gone to the ER for stitches three times.  The first time involved my dad shutting the car trunk on my toddler head, not very hard, but hard enough to need some stitches - in his defense, he didn't see me and went running over to peek in after he told me to stand back.  PSA - always make sure your kids are away from car trunks and doors when closing them.  The second was for a field hockey stick I took in the eye when I was 10 and the third when I cut my index finger with a steak knife trying to cut carrots.

14.  I'm irrationally afraid of knives.  See above.  And also the garbage disposal.

15. I eat ice cream every night.  Going dairy free for 9 months with Ashlynn was probably the toughest challenge I ever took on.

16. Grande two pump vanilla soy latte.  Always, even in the Fall ::gasps::

17. I'm addicted to baked goods, E! News, and anything that smells like laundry.

(first photo together)

18. I met my husband at work.  I was an intern and he was a staff (public accounting nerds).  We started dating a year later when I returned full time and he left the company a few months later.

19.  Our first date was a Coldplay concert.  He emailed me during work asking if I wanted to go.  I had no idea if it was date, group thing, or if he was trying to sell me his ticket and I was too nervous to ask for clarification.

It was a date.

20. I'm afraid of heights.

21. My husband and I have been to the movies together once in the last eight years.  Thank god for Netflix, free snacks, and clean toilets.

22.  I'm one of those people who can only ever order the same thing at certain restaurants out of fear of ordering something different will let me down.

23. My favorite movie is Mean Girls and if it's on, I'll watch it.  I also feel similar about The Parent Trap, and yes, sadly the Lindsay Lohan version.

24.  My high school field hockey team was State Champions my freshman, sophomore, and junior year.  Yep, streak ended at sectionals my senior year, boo hoo.  My Husband likes to call this my "Al Bundy Polk High" sports syndrome...

25.  One summer in high school I had two jobs.  I would work at a bagel shop in the morning, go to the beach, then hostess at a seafood restaurant at night. I took those jobs on purpose so I could hit the beach in the afternoon. (my skin hates me)

26.  My dream job as a child was to work at the car wash.  I thought it was so cool the girls got to wear their bathing suits to work.  I also wanted a red Jeep Wrangler and blonde hair.

Thanks Barbie. 

27. My degree is in a Finance and Accounting.  When I return to the working world, I hope it's not in either of those capacities.

28.  While I was born and raised in South Jersey, I wasn't allowed to root for the Eagles since my dad is a Cowboys fan.  Instead, I jumped the Green Bay bandwagon in '96 and still ride it today.

However, the Phillies are where it's at.

29.  I used to obsessive compulsively brush my teeth. Like actual true life OCD, which I still battle in other capacities today.

30.  Grape jam.  Only.

31. I walked down the aisle to a string quartet version of Strawberry Swing by Coldplay (see number 19).

And now my blog name makes sense to everyone.

Happy Second Half of 2014!  Never too late to make it a great year!


  1. I love getting to know bloggers better! Great list of random facts!

  2. Okay, so I love this post. And yay for former sorority girls. And mean girls. And finally knowing the meaning behind your blog name.

  3. Charlotte HanleyJuly 1, 2014 at 10:43 AM

    That was fun!! Thanks for sharing and happy half birthday, hope you get some donuts!!

  4. no donuts, but A helped me make some muffins :)

  5. Haha... I originally only started this blog as a way to recap and share our honeymoon (and the corresponding 1200 pictures), then it just rolled... as blogs tend to do!

  6. Grammar/speaking pet peeve. Hot water heater! It doesn't heat hot water people. It's a water heater. Very interesting list.

  7. This is so fun!! And nice to learn more about you. Your guys' first picture is great!! So is the confusion behind your first date. Haha :)

  8. love these posts! and coldplay!!

  9. I loved learning all these things about you, and I don't think you talk too much! :)


  10. Oh my goodness I was the exact same with my teeth!! I was missing teeth in 8th grade too. And they took FOREVER to come in. So redonk. We also drink the exact same drink! Only, no soy for me. Summer or winter, always a vanilla latte with 2 pumps.

  11. I hate the garbage disposal too! I accidentally chopped up a metal measuring spoon yesterday and the only reason I was able to get it out before my husband got home was because it was sticking out of the top. I can't reach my hand in there for any reason. I also cracked up at your "I hope when I return to work it's not in either of those things". I feel the same way, except my degree is in education. I quit teaching pretty quickly and never want to go back.

  12. Melissa MontgomeryJuly 1, 2014 at 4:05 PM

    I always read on my phone through bloglovin and never comment, but had to hop on my computer to comment on this! I feel like we are long lost sisters...friends...I don't know. haha but I just get you, I think. :) Anyway, loved it! And now going to read your wordy email and reply with a wordy response.

  13. I loved this post, Erinn! :)

  14. Haha, you definitely get me. And I actually forgot about the emails already- losing my mind!

  15. I have to look at my rings when I run the disposal. I picture them jumping off my fingers and down the disposal. I actually do the same thing with giant corporate shred bins. Like they'll be lost forever.

  16. Yes, I had braces put on to pull down the canines because they were so high up! And I cut most straight soy from my diet, but I just can't give up my sbux drink. I tried with whole and skinny and it just doesn't taste the same as the soy.

  17. Aww, thanks! Most people would disagree! LOL

  18. Thanks and love it, I feel like most people are either Coldplay lovers or total haters

  19. I love that picture too, nothing like some post happy hour bar hopping to get a great candid

  20. Ah! I'm going to notice that all the time now!!

  21. #14 and #22! I'm not so afraid of knives but INSANELY afraid of the garbage disposal! If something falls down there, forget it. It's lost forever. And at restaurants... I always want to try something new, but once I find my tried and true. I'm stuck. Love getting to know the meaning behind your blog name as well!

  22. ohhhh that's why your blog is named what it is! haha. i also didn't lose my baby teeth on time. i had mine pulled as a sophomore in HS...HORRIBLE. I straight got fake teeth on a retainer because I was a bridesmaid in a wedding and didn't want gaps in all the pics. when they took the retainer away so my real teeth would grow in i cried. no joke.

  23. I'm glad I'm not alone in my missing teeth teen years, but aww I felt so bad about your story! I had friends that were twins and they were born without the teeth next to the front and had retainers until they were old enough for implants. I was so happy when I got my braces off Junior year!

  24. nope nope nope, I hear ya. I won't stick my hand down there either, but it's like a superstition thing to look at my hand when I have to run it. Similarly, I make fists when using the blender.

  25. What a super fun post! So fun to read more info about yoU!

  26. The blender and I have no issues, strangely enough. It's just that damn disposal!

  27. Yes, soy definitely has a unique flavor that you can't duplicate!

    Jim likes to joke that we started dating while I was still losing my baby teeth. And....that's pretty close to the truth lol!

  28. Now I get the blog title!! Lol. Glad to know I'm not the only late bloomer in the tooth department - I had to get every. single. one. pulled - but I made bank from the tooth fairy for the emotional damage it caused. And I am irrationally afraid of anything and everything that was ever on Final Destination (especially garbage disposals). Loved learning more about you! And so glad I now know your blog is not derived from a swing made of strawberries! :)

  29. Loved this! My husband's degrees are in Finance and Accounting, and minor in Economics. We have A LOT in common! :) News?

  30. Amanda UnderwoodJuly 12, 2014 at 9:36 AM

    Love this!! Did you have to wear headgear too? Ha! Nerd alert. I totally had to wear a headgear (thankfully just at night) and had teeth pulled in middle school before braces. Oh man the memories!

  31. LOL! I didn't have headgear with my braces, but I did have an expander around 4th grade and I think I wore head gear at night with that, might have been less than a year and I think it was neon pink, ha.


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