Friday, June 20, 2014

Relying on to ditch the diapers....

When I unexpectedly went into labor at 35 weeks with Ashlynn, we were a little less than prepared.  Thankfully, we had just installed the carseat three days prior, but aside from some essentials received at my shower, we needed to stock up - quickly.  Not to mention, we didn't have any clothes that fit her tiny 5 pound 17" long body.  The night after she was born, the Husband went home to shower and check on the dogs and I had my fresh new baby snuggling close, I logged onto to order diapers, wipes, and a few preemie outfits which were all waiting on our doorstep when we were discharged from the hospital two days later.  The bonus was I didn't have to pay crazy shipping fees to have it there in time, it was free since I spent more than $49.  

Ever since I've been a loyal shopper.  I've purchased everything from diapers, wipes, baby food by the case, bibs, feeding essentials, clothes, shoes, toys, and books. And probably more. Prices are always competitive, coupons and promotions abundant, and I can use my beloved ebates (sign up here!) to get cash back, which if you combine all that with the mostly free shipping (my purchases are always larger due to buying diapers by the case) then it's a complete win in my book.  This is not the first time I've sang the company's praises here on my little corner of the internet.

So now that we are preparing to potty train and hopefully ditch the diapers, at least for the toddler, I'm still relying on to help with just that.  
short stories | potty books 1 | 2 | 3 
figurines 1 | 2 | 3
tub and card game (target $1 and $3 spot) 

Obviously, the essentials matter most.  Since her tush isn't going to fit on our toilet, I have two options for her to choose from.  Right now, she doesn't seem to have a favorite, but she's yet to actually get down to business on them either.  We keep the Baby Bjorn chair downstairs in our powder room and it's easy for me to run and grab and bring to her when it's time to try or she'll sit while I use the bathroom and the potty seat I keep upstairs in her bathroom.  She sits (sometimes) before her bath and if she wakes up from a nap dry.  I'm going to start having her sit right when she wakes up in the morning to get the routine going. 

Huggies Big Kid flushable wipes, Pull-Ups, undies, and some *reward* chocolate chips.  Even though we are going with (a modified) 3- Day Method and keeping spare diapers or pull-ups on hand is a no-no, I'm keeping any extra diapers for Kenley and the Huggies Pull-Ups will be used at night since she still doesn't wake up dry. I also ordered some training pants, which they discourage in the 3-Day Method, but they have been recommended by a friend who said they helped her child know she was wet without the same mess as undies.  They also fit her better than the underwear.  So our options are ready in case we need to change course at moments notice.  

Which you can bet when we find the winning combination, I'll be placing another order to stock up and save myself the time and frustration of a potential public accident or germy tour through our local Target or Wegman's public restrooms with a toddler and baby in tow!

The collection of books is a combination of potty centric reads, I already broke out Potty a few weeks ago and she makes me read it daily.  Actually, she knows it by heart and reads it to me!  

I've been really talking about the potty as much as I can and giving her opportunities to sit on it when she shows me she needs to go.  It's just a lot of practice to help the transition to this little boot camp smoother - I hope!   Big Girl Panties and Princess Potty should just keep her interested and on task.  The Disney Princess Adventure book is a collection of short stories that I hope to use to keep her sitting for short periods at a time if she needs to wait.  We can read a story each time she sits to pass time and give her a chance to relax and go.  She's starting to learn all the princesses and I think this will be right up her alley as a favorite new book.

And lastly is the bucket of toys and time sucks.  These will be a combination of figurines to play with while sitting, like a bath toy, that will only be allowed in the bathroom.  If she does her job, she'll get to pick one to keep it and bring it back to the playroom.  Temporary tattoos and nail polish to force her to sit.  Card game is something we can use to pass time in between trips to the lou during those first three days locked up at home.  She likes playing memory on the kindle so we see if that translates to real cards. Oh and the chocolate chips, like M&M or jellybeans, it's just our little doggie treat for going on the grass.  For the bigger accomplishment, she'll get a Frozen or Sophia toy.

Some of these items, like the potty chairs, I had on hand for awhile now, the rest I ordered recently knowing the time to try (har har) is upon us.  And even though we are ditching diapers, is still my number online source and time saver for all things baby.  

If you are still using diapers, Huggies is now offering readers and first time shoppers $12 off any box of diapers with promotion code WOWHUGGIES at checkout! 


A big thank you to Huggies for sponsoring this post and the generous promotion code for use at  As always, all opinions, statements, and odd ball plans for putting on our big girl panties are all my own!


  1. Thanks for the great tips! I really want to start potty training very early so these will come in handy one day :)
    XO Kelly

  2. Yay potty training! She'll catch on quick!!

  3. Saving this for future reference!!!

  4. I like that potty seat a lot!! Good luck mama!

  5. I have to ask where you found that anna little figurine toy. I have not seen that anyplace and Elin would love that!

  6. Good luck girl! You are all set and I totally recommend keeping at it for several days straight and just being DONE with the training all at once! That worked for Hadley. I can tell Scarlett isn't ready but she sits on the potty and toots every now and then after watching Hadley. I can't wait until I see signs she's ready and we can get this over with! I'm ready to be done with diapers!

  7. I found it at Target for about $7! I have it linked above to amazon, that was the only one I could find online.

  8. Julie Perilman ConleyJune 21, 2014 at 7:49 AM

    Maybe you answered this... but did you decide to potty train because of timing in your schedule, or was she showing signs of readiness? I'm a teacher on summer break (yay!) and my just-turned-two year old isn't showing signs of readiness... but schedule wise it would be SO nice to get potty training done while I'm on break. I'm bookmarking this post, regardless, because you have some great ideas (and I love the visuals to help). Thanks!! :)

  9. A little bit of both. I really hope to have it accomplished by the end of summer, even if it takes a few tries. I'm going to stick with it the next few days, but I dont want to make it a traumatic experience either. She definitely started showing the usual interest in the potty at 18m and I got one for her sit and learn. I never attempted training then (or closer to 2) because of the baby. Now that life is settled in that area, and I know she definitely knows when she is going we are giving it a shot although she is a bit of tough case because she doesn't go often and still wakes up wet. According to the 3-Day Method all kids are ready by 22m (in terms of physical ability), but I think if she just learns what she needs to do and gets over the scary aspect (she definitely doesn't think its all that fun) she'll be a pro.

  10. Thanks! Sorry I missed the link. I see it now. :)

  11. I have just started the potty training process with my two year old daughter. Thanks for the advice!!

  12. I just wanted to say- at the risk of sounding negative- which I promise I'm not trying to be- that it might be too early for her. It's good if she's showing interest and wants to try, but for a lot of kids they are just not developmentally ready to put all the things together that are needed for potty training. It can lead to problems down the road if parents push too hard. Potty training is really one of those things that are best to really wait until kids are really ready. I'm hoping she is! But if it is really hard or you are getting a lot of push back from her, or accidents, I'd back way off and try again in a few months. I know potty training can be a hot button topic and I'm really not trying to be critical, I've just worked with a lot of kids with major potty/constipation issues due to pressure to train before they are ready.

  13. I totally appreciate the comment/feedback. It's something I have been really nervous about and was actually planning on waiting longer because of it. (We have family members that experienced those issues you described) However, we had a few episodes recently that made me think it'd be worth a shot to see what happens. I'm trying to be as positive and encouraging as possible over the process. She 100% knows her body cues and she is showing signs of readiness, just some fear over the control. But if it wasn't hard it wouldn't be called training. I'm giving her a week, if it's still not clicking or seems like we are really making this traumatic and causing physical issues, we'll put it away and try again another time. She's not getting any punishment or negativite reinforcement if she does have an accident.

    It sounds like you work in a field with potty training (pre-school?) or medical field... if you have any advice/tips, experience stories, I'd love to hear them... feel free to email me!! (ehayes1183 @gmail)

  14. I'm saving this post for when that time comes in our house - great list!


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