Wednesday, June 4, 2014

[Little Foodie] Boon Flair High Chair

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to team up with Boon for a great giveaway and when they asked me if I'd like to review their Flair Highchair incoordination with the release of their new color options, I said sign me up!

Actually, in all honesty I almost declined!  Kenley still wasn't eating solids at the time and while it might not seem it, I can be a bit of minimalist in terms of "baby gear".  I hate the idea of spending money on such large items that are only used for  a few months before getting stored in the basement.   We own one small bouncer, an exercauser, and jumperoo (we borrowed and returned a swing from friends for K).  Only two strollers - single and double, one car seat per child, and yes, a high chair.  A high chair that I actually really liked and had little to complain about.

On the other hand, I have read amazing reviews of the Flair high chair and it did have a few options I was interested in seeing in action (more on that below).  I let Boon know that I didn't feel right accepting a chair for review that my child wouldn't have been able to truly test out in time for the release of the Pick Your Flair campaign.  I promise all my blog reviews are always authentic, real, and only for products I already purchase or would purchase myself!

When the company said they'd be happy to wait until we were ready to introduce solids, I jumped on board.  The Flair comes with one major item that kept me from recommending our current chair with flying colors (and was actually the very first thing I mentioned here) - shoulder straps with their five point harness.  Our last chair only had a lap belt, and once Ashlynn was about seven or eight months and really sitting strongly, it wasn't so much an issue, but during those early days she would slump to the sides.  I was excited to start solids with Kenley at five and half months and not have to worry about her sliding to the side being properly supported.

We've been using the chair for two and half weeks now and I LOVE it.  I'm actually a little surprised that I like it as much as I do, since I felt like I was pretty satisfied with our last chair.  There are just a few differences that are so smart and innovative that make it clear why it is one the top chairs on the market.


I assembled the chair, by myself, with the audience of a "helpful" toddler and baby in ten minutes.  I timed it.  There are only a few pieces and all you need is a screw driver... and a toy screw driver for your assistant.

Easy-peasey, lemon-squeezy.


Counter vs Table Height - the pneumatic lift, little orange button on the base that allows you to raise and lower the chair like at a hair salon, allows the chair to be the perfect heigh for any table.  Right now I keep the chair in the corner near Ashlynn's end of the table so I can tag team meals and be at arm's reach for both kids.

Wheels with break lock - I can slide her closer to my chair and the table during meals and then easily slide the chair back out of the way when we are finished.  The wheels don't scratch our wood floor and the break lock is a nice feature to keep it in place, which has come in handy when our toddler decides to climb around it like a merry-go-round,  attempt to climb into it, and just move it herself.  

Our last chair was stationary, and we placed felt pads on the legs so it wouldn't scratch our floor.  Sliding it in and out from the table was okay, but moving it further was a pain especially since it had an awkward shape base and was very heavy (wood).  The Flair is lightweight and seriously moves around like a breeze.

Something I didn't appreciate until now.

One Hand Tray Release - Next to the shoulder straps (that were really only import these first few weeks of solid foods), this is the most useful design feature of the chair.  Not only are the trays (tray base and cover) actually sized to fit your dishwasher, I mean, what good is a dishwasher safe tray if the thing is gigantic and can't actually fit in the dishwasher? - but it's so easy to snap on and remove with one hand!  And when you have a baby on your hip and toddler on your leg, you only have one hand to get it done.  I can easily get Kenley in and out all while cleaning up Ashlynn or picking up fallen sippy cups for the 80th time.

Easy Cleaning Design - This was a feature that was important to me when purchasing my last high chair.  I didn't want a "classic" high chair with cushions and seams for crumbs to be stuck and imbedded forever.  We used a family members version like this on vacation and it confirmed the annoyance.  They chair is one solid piece, as is the removable comfort cushion.  It's a cinch to wipe down and at two weeks in, still looks brand spankin' new - as it should!

Of course there are other features, how the belts attach and swivel at the clip, the tray's two position options, and sleek modern design.  And of course, the newest feature... mixing and matching your perfect chair!

The chair previously came in a white base with orange pad and tray or gray base with green pad and tray.  Now you can mix and match the white and gray with orange, green, blue, and pink!

And the most important opinion is Kenley's,  so far she really seems to love it - and eating!  She'll sit there during all our meals even if not being fed herself and always seems comfortable and happy.  I will definitely check back in with how it's working for us in a few months when we start to add some more feeding accessories to our routine.

I'm so grateful to Boon for allowing us to give the Flair a test drive.  If any one is in the market, it's definitely one worth checking out!


Boon was kind enough to provide the Flair highchair for our review.  All other products mentioned were purchased independently and their brands are unaware of this review.  As always, all opinions expressed are solely my own!

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  1. We have a Flair as well (old school white with orange pad) and love it. I honestly think the best parts are the easy clean up and the fact that it rolls. We roll Luca into the kitchen when we are cooking to keep him entertained and then roll him back out when it is time to eat!

  2. i LOVE the look of the flair!! its seriously stylish but not obnoxious. total win!

  3. Ohh I was debating on registering for this chair. We currently have a wooden one that we plan on using once the babe is here. But you had me at "dishwasher tray". Decisions, decisions!

  4. I agree. I wasn't a huge fan of the white chair because I feel it looks even more modern. Especially with the hairstylist bottom, but the grey seems to fit pretty seamless into our (non-renovated) kitchen without being total "highchair from the future" - which is what our UPS man called it when dropping it off (the pic was on the box). Definitely love being able to "design" your own.

  5. Totally agree! I've rolled her over to the island to watch Ashlynn and I make her babyfood (ashlynn puts the chunks of food - sweet potatoes, pears, etc) into the steamer basket and get to turn the knob on. Group effort!

  6. Our last highchair was wooden, Keekaroo. I still don't have too many complaints and love that it matches our wooden kitchen table (same stain finish), but I really have been impressed with the Boon. It seems to wipe clean a bit easier, the keekaroo cushion wipes clean easy, but food would get stuck under it which was a pain. This seems easier to wipe down since nothing is attached by velcro.

  7. I can fully appreciate not having any fabric on the high chair! Ellie's is a vintage wood one and i love that its so easy to wipe clean!

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