Friday, June 27, 2014

Favorites and Updates

- Getting our Nails Did

I saw FJ rave about Ella + Mila nail polish a month or so ago on her blog and quickly followed the company on instagram.  It's a great little nail polish product for minis and mamas, too!  It's a vegan formula, no testing on animals, and free of all five toxins that unfortunately our beloved adult polishes contain (except for the overpriced ones).

I ordered a Mommy and Me custom package with the colors Tea Rose (a nice classic light pink) in the mommy size and Mila's Favorite (purple) in the mini.  Ashlynn is LOVING having her toes and fingers painted, it dries super quick, and I have little guilt about using it on her.  Not to mention, will be a great distraction for getting her to sit on the potty!

I painted my own fingers and toes, without any base or top coats, because really who has time for that anymore, it was a miracle the baby slept the 5 minutes for me to do and for them to dry before having to pick her up.  Anyway, they were chip free for a solid week.  I was floored because I am super tough on my nails, doing dishes three times a day, constantly washing hands, cleaning, etc.  I will definitely be buying more since it's a product I can feel good about Ashlynn (and eventually Kenley) using too!

- Babiators and Books

I mentioned before I love coming up with coordinating gifts, or items that are bit outside of the box.  Of course, I will still grab an adorable outfit from Baby Gap or child favorite Fisher Price toy from time to time, but a lot of times I'm afraid the family may already own what I picking out.   I've also mentioned I love giving books with my gifts.  It can be quite expensive to build a child's library and at the rate they grow and mature, a parent is always in need of new age appropriate books.  Plus, if you are like me you get tired of reading the same rotation every.single.night.

I recently gifted my favorite tot summer accessory, Babiators, and created some themed gifts. Pink Babiators, an Ella + Mila polish, and of course a pair of lace trim socks to go along with a Fancy Nancy book.  For a little boy, blue Babiators and a copy of Do Super Heroes Have Teddy Bears?.

- Tommee Mommee Announcement

I previously mentioned my partnership with Tommee Tippee as a Tommee Mommee, and I finally have a great new line to share!  Tommee Tippee just released an adorable Best of British line including pacifiers, bottles, and first sips cups.

Tommee Tippee is a UK based brand so it is only natural they would introduce this limited edition collection of essential baby products decorated with iconic British imagery.  Everything from London Red Buses, black taxis, Big Ben, and the Queens Guard.  Not to mention Prince George was recently photographed with his Tommee Tippee cup, so it truly is the choice of Royals!


- Independent Women

This house is full of them.

Of course, they are less women and more the tiniest little ladies, but we now have a child who uses the potty and another who crawls around and doesn't sit still!  I'll post more about Kenley in her monthly update next week when she turns 7 months (what?!) and, again, I'll post a progress report about Ashlynn after some more time passes and we truly adjust to this new routine.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. We plan on using the Tommee Tippee line once mini arrives. This new line is cute but I wish it was available at Buy Buy Baby - not a huge Babies R Us fan!

  2. "All the women who are independent
    Throw your hands up at me
    All the honeys who makin' money
    Throw your hands up at me"

    I feel you.


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