Monday, June 30, 2014

[Baby #2] Kenley Drew - 7 Month Update

Kenley turned 7 months today, it was a big big month with lots of milestones and even more memories.  She's becoming so much fun and is really participating in our daily routine whether it's chompin' on tea cups during daily tea parties, stealing books and toys, or squealing with delight at the dogs and her sister's silliness, she's becoming such a joy. 

Kenley had her 6 month check up at the beginning of the month and clocked in at 16lbs 1oz and 26" long.  She's scheduled to go back in two weeks for a weight check because I'm not sure if I'm still producing enough milk.  She hasn't fallen off her curve and is hovering the 50% so it's more of a sanity check to make things are okay and that the combination of milk and baby food is going strong. 

About to move her into size 3 diapers after we run out of 2s and she's in 6-12m clothes.  

New stat - 2 teeth!  She cut her first two bottom teeth earlier this month within days of each other.

Woof.  It actually had gotten pretty good earlier in the month.  The pediatrician gave me the ol' sleep training speech, which like Ashlynn, I just won't do. Weaning however, I will.  I had been feeding her about twice a night and had gotten her down to one.  She reduced her usual 3 wake ups down to 2 and was actually sleeping in the crib past 6am, when before I had been bringing her into bed around 4:30 (the 4th wake up).  

Although this last week has been back to 3 or more wakes.  I'm hoping another tooth is the blame or just the excitement of meeting some other milestones, and goes back soon so I can get her used to sleeping in at least two long stretches.  I mean, a full night would be awesome, but I'll aim low. 

Still a mommy's girl.  Prefers to be held by me and doesn't like when people get up in her face (neither do I), especially right after she wakes up.  

Had a pretty social month, Father's Day celebration with her cousins... where she was pretty miserable from cutting a tooth.  And we started back at gymnastics for Ashlynn so she's been back at Child Watch.  She's also been to the pool and actually gets to hang out at Story Time instead of snoozing through in her carseat. 

Mama's milk and baby foods!

She's pretty much had all the staple foods and seems like she's always hungry.  She easily eats 3-4oz in the morning and another 4oz at night.  I try to feed her at lunch too, sometimes half of a smashed banana or after leftovers from a pouch or jar if we have one.  I use a combination of homemade baby food and store bought. I find buying sugar free organic applesauce to be cheaper than buying the organic apples to make the same quantity.  And while I used to buy organic pears and make that myself I'm going to start buying that in the Earth's Best jars as well.  I can usually make about 8oz of pear puree with two pears, $2.99 vs. two 4oz jars for .89cents a piece.  I also love having pouches on hand for when we are out and about or I need something to quickly (or am feeling lazy).

Somewhat related, biting has also commenced.  And because Ashlynn didn't get teeth until she was just shy of a year, I never dealt with this.    Um, ouch. 


Seriously, biggest month yet!

Two teeth
Sits up alone without support
.. and trying to pull up (read: lowered the crib!)

As soon as she started sitting without needing a pillow/boppy behind her for the random falls at the start of the month, she was rocking on all fours.  She would scoot, roll, and worm to wherever she needed to be.  Last week, that small phase of happily sitting content with a toy, but still mostly immobile went out the window because she started full out crawling on her hands and knees.  I posted a video on IG one day when she was getting close and by the next day she was off.  Her favorite points of interest are my computer, the Fisher Price Princess Castle and the Frozen dress up trunk.  I guess I have two princess lovers on my hands!


  1. She is sooo beautiful!! This is definitely my FAVORITE stage!! I can't believe she is crawling (and soon to be chasing after Ashlynn!)

  2. Happy 7 months to your cutie!

  3. 7 months already? How is this possible?!? She's such a doll! Oh and the biting...I hope it's a quick phase! Ouch...

  4. Man time is just flying right bye?!?! 7 months, how?!?! She is the most adorable little baby girl. The squeals with delight part, I cannot wait for that with my two. At 2 years and 3 months she lights up at her sister but no belly laughs out loud or giggles yet! Hopefully after a reprimand or two she will cut that out. My first daughter got teeth around 8 months and attempted biting me ONCE, at two years she is still nursing (I know I must wean her) and has never done it again. The little sister though might be a bit more problemactic since at 3 months she already clamps down (to slow the flow I think). Not looking forward to her getting teeth LOL

  5. Can't believe she's already 7 months!! Such a sweet girl!!

  6. I remember the biting - who knew babies had such sharp little teeth? My daughter had 4 or 5 teeth at 6 months old, but it only took once or twice of telling her 'no biting' for her to understand. Hopefully it won't continue long! She's so adorable.

  7. I remember the biting stage. Thankfully it was never hard enough to break the skin but nursing got progressively more uncomfortable the longer we nursed and the more teeth she got.

  8. That's how I knew she had a tooth, something felt off with her latch and I look in her mouth and found the tooth cutting through!

  9. I usually say "no biting" and turn her away. Ashlynn is so used to my yelps now she say "no biting!!" haha

  10. Me too! I can deal with it for now, not sure I can deal with top teeth too

  11. I cannot believe she is 7 months old. Gah! And I think my kids both only bit me once or twice while nursing, and I screamed so loudly that they cried. And didn't try again;)

  12. Haha, yeah I scared her a few times already. Hopefully, she learns before anymore come in!

  13. she is seriously adorable!!!


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