Thursday, May 22, 2014

Picnic for my Pixies

Our routine is pretty routine.  Breakfast, playroom time, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while I shower, errands or activities, snack, nap, lunch, playground, independent play that usually turns into a toddler torturing a dog and then sitting in front of the TV while I try to prep dinner, dinner, bath, books, and bed.

The other day, instead of playground time, I promised Ashlynn we could have an outside picnic for lunch and dress up like fairies.  Unfortunately, when she woke from her nap it was drizzling and cool outside, so we did it inside instead.

As you might have noticed on my instagram feed, Ashlynn is fully embracing the dress up phase.  Usually after breakfast each morning she puts on her Princess Anna's dress and insists I put on Princess Elsa's, despite how many times I try to explain it won't fit. She got a pair of fairy wings in her Easter Basket, so I'm usually asked to wear those instead and to be Tink.  So naturally she flipped when I showed her new dress up outfit.

A purple butterfly fairy.

Instantly, I was Ashlynn's Oprah-fairy godmother.  I mean could we have smooshed anymore of Ashlynn's favorite things into one adorable outfit? She's pretty obsessed with every piece from Just Pretend Kids.

The tutu is vibrant and quality made (no fraying tulle).  I also love that the satin bow isn't actually hand tied because I would never be able to redo it so perfectly.  The elastic waist band is sewn for reinforcement, the headband doesn't dig in,  and the wand is lightweight and hollow so I'm not too concerned about it turning into a weapon to taunt our dogs or her little sister.  She has a size 2 bodysuit and I while it fits her perfectly and I know it will stretch, I would say it probably runs on the smaller side and to size up if your child is in the higher percentiles, so you can get more mileage.  The wings are probably her favorite part, purple glitter will cause a bias around here.  And there is some slack in the straps so she won't outgrow them.

We are very thankful for the opportunity to try out one of Just Pretend Kids costumes and I am set to place an order for a friend turning two this summer.  A tutu plus accessories will run you in the same ballpark as just a Disney Princess dress before the add-ons, and the quality definitely doesn't make your wallet bleed tears of taffeta.  Nothing worse then buying overpriced poorly stitched polyester dresses that get their share of wear and tear. They even have a great selection of animal costumes, so don't think it's just for girls!

Children's Place tutu (old hand me down) | Headband

As soon as I laid out the picnic blanket for our indoor party, Ashlynn grabbed her tea set so we skipped the real food and played pretend.  My favorite way to play, inspiring that imagination to grow, grow, grow.

Tea, coffee, and cocoa and cakes.  We had quite the little party.  Ashlynn even added in some "Elsa magic" trying to cast off fairy dust from her wand. I love watching what she remembers and the things she comes up with, little minds are amazing.  Not mention watching her play alongside her sister offering her a tea cup to teeth on, so thoughtful that toddler of mine.

... now, pass me that wooden scone!


Just Pretend Kids was kind enough to provide the costume shown for our review, but as always, all opinions expressed are solely my own (and Ashlynn too)!  

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  1. How fun! That is a beautiful costume! She looks like she is having the best time :)

  2. lex got this set as a birthday present and she LOVES it too! i love love love the dress up stage. it makes life just a little more "royal".

  3. I was this close to getting Rae a princess Elsa costume yesterday! Love this pixie costume, THE cutest!!

  4. Aw!! Your littles are so adorable and I can't WAIT to have picnic parties with my own sweetheart <3

  5. Thank you! It's so sweet seeing the things she gets excited about and she's been loving tea parties for months now, just doesn't get old!

  6. I love that the costume is pieces so she can just put the wings on over her jammies or the tutu if she was to be a ballerina. So many different ways to play!

  7. I thought it was cute when she puts on my jewelry or shoes, but getting in costume is a blast. I'm not sure what else can get you to put the phone down and play with your child, you know?

  8. Thanks Colleen! She was having a blast!

  9. Howfun!I can't wait for Zoey to figure out how fun dress up can be!

  10. Oh my gosh how fun. I remember playing dress up in old petticoats at my Grandmas with all my girl cousins and of course fighting over the fullest one. I'm sure Ashlynn feels like a million bucks in this fun outfit!! :)

  11. she's just the cutest. love how excited she was for it. i was just thinking about how much i loved dress up as a kid and should start a collection for aria.

  12. Adorable!! I love that tea set how cute!


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