Monday, May 19, 2014

Pajama Party

It's no secret, we love pajamas.  And while I don't allow those who can walk to leave the house in them, we keep them on until we do.  Some days that's until after breakfast, others until after nap, and the rest until we take a bath and put on a fresh clean pair for bed.

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We've grown quite the collection in our jammie drawer and our stash ranges from high to low, we don't discriminate.  Some are incredibly warm for winter, others light for hot summer nights, and our favorites incredibly soft.  Which if you want to snuggle or lounge around cooking up some fake pancakes and watching Frozen for the 800th time then soft is definitely the way to go.

We are absolutely loving our Skylar Luna pajamas, they are made from 100% yarn dyed organic cotton (no stiff and scratchy screen printing) and come in a variety of cute, but thankfully non-cheesy, designs... which works for me when I can only manage talking her into get half dressed.

Did you really think I could manage dressing my toddler in clothing other than pajamas every single day?  You must not have a toddler yourself!  Or I suppose this means our days are numbered until the Target runs escorted by my very own Princess Anna begin.

Each pair comes in their own drawstring pouch, like some of my favorite moccasins and good karma canvas kicks, which we use around the playroom storing puzzle pieces and little mini minnies.  

We previously owned another organic cotton pj and I never ended up purchasing more since they were expensive but the quality seemed to rival the lower end sets we owned.   There is a significant difference with these organic cotton pajamas and even after two months of use, they still feel brand new.  Price per wear is something I always factor in my purchases.  I have no problem spending more for something that will be worn often and last a long time like shoes, pajamas, and outerwear.  I'm sure these will be the few sets that actually make their way to Kenley's closet one day! 

Do you buy jammies by the bulk?  Your little one refuse to wear real clothes too??


Skylar Luna was kind enough to provide two sets of pajamas for our review, but all opinions expressed are solely my own (and Ashlynn too).  All other products mentioned were purchased with my own money and their brands are unaware of this review.  

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  1. Those Pj's are SO cute! Even just from the picture I can tell they're soft soft soft!

  2. I love that they are not overly girly! Ca-ute!

  3. So cute! Odette lives in her pj's and I only dress her if we leave the house lol!
    XO Kelly

  4. These are really cute! I will have to check them out!

  5. We love jammies over here!

  6. These are the cutest! We live in jammies at home too - how could you not? Comfort is key when you're running around like a crazy person lol.

  7. I will definitely have to check them out! They are adorable!

  8. I cannot get over Ashlynn's hair!! It's getting so long! We are getting close to the time for Ellie to get two piece jams sets. Thanks for the tip on these ones - I can't handle cheesy prints either!

    Tell me more about your play kitchen. We are on the lookout for one.

    Ps. I am hosting a giveaway for a $20 shop credit to Sweet T Baby Boutique (the cutest hair accessories for mama and mini!).

  9. CUTE! I especially love the lacey ones!

  10. I love the striped ones on Ashlynn- super cute! And her hair! Love the little curls she has; it'll be so fun to do all sorts of hairstyles when she's older :)

  11. Love the pink lace pjs! I have to admit I've gone nuts buying 2pc pjs since Kaitlyn started to walk. They are just too too cute! And I'll be the bad mom who actually does take her out in them sometimes to do a quick Target or Trader Joe's run. I mean, sometimes, they're too cute just to be worn at home, don't you think?

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  12. Michelle ZapalskiMay 20, 2014 at 11:06 PM

    I love baby pajamas!

  13. We use the fleece zip ups for winter since they are so warm, but otherwise it's all two piece. Cute and so much easier. And no way, nothing wrong with a kiddo wearing Pjs to target... just as long as mom isn't wearing a matching set! ;p

  14. Her hair gets so curly on humid days.. just like both her mom and dad. She's probably going to ask for her own straightener by the times she's 8 lol


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