Friday, May 23, 2014

[Five] I am a Tommee Mommee!

I am so excited to announce that I have recently partnered with Tommee Tippee as a Tommee Mommee!  If you've been following us for awhile, you already know we are big fans of the Tommee Tippee brand having used a variety of their products with Ashlynn and now with Kenley, too.
As a Tommee Mommee I'll be able to share our love with all of you with exclusive brand updates, newly released products, and giveaway opportunities!

For my Friday Five,  I'm sharing my five favorite products we love from Tommee Tippee.

1 - Truly Spill Proof Drink Cups.  I think this may have been one of the first Tommee Tippee products I purchased last year when trying to get Ashlynn to learn to drink from a regular sippy instead of a straw cup.  I was replacing damaged straw cups way too often and this was the first sippy cup she had no problem drinking from AND didn't leak!  We use them now for milk because they are our only cups that won't randomly leak. You can read more about why we love them here.

2 - Pacifiers.  I tried so many different pacifiers with Kenley when she was a few weeks old and entering her fussy stage.  I tried Tommee Tippee's new every day line, but she rejected them too.  Finally, about two months ago I tried again for laughs and she took it!  Like her sister, she's addicted to it and needs it to sleep.  Luckily, unlike her sister, she figured out how to put it back in herself!

3 - Bottles. Like the Tommee Tippee pacifiers, Tommee Tippee bottles were the only bottle we've been able to get Kenley to take. The wide mouth design of the bottle is more closely designed to mimic nursing. They also recently debuted a color line, Colour My World, which can be found exclusively at Babies R Us.

4 - Milk Feeding Bib. Another product I already, shared my love for when writing about my excitement  about the Tommee Tippee bottles (see #3).  These bibs are so great that milk (and spit up) doesn't get stuck in little newborn or small infant chin and neck rolls.  They are must for bottle feeding time around here.

5 - Chewther. Kenley might have more chew toys than our dogs, but this one is perfect for her current stage.  She's just about six months and loves grasping toys and objects and putting everything in her mouth.  This is teether is easy for her to hold and gives her plenty to chew on, they even tote that it helps develop muscle coordination and jaw development.  Beats the crinkle book she's always trying to eat.

Do you have a favorite brand you find you love product after product?  Are you a brand loyalist, or just buy whatever gets your attention first?


This post was written on behalf of Tommee Tippee, however all opinions expressed and love for specific products mentioned are solely my own!

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  1. I have a hard time sticking with just one brand across the board. We usually try out recommendations from friends and items I've read about first, and then we see what works best for us. It is all trial and error! I'll keep these Tommee products in mind next time we need them though!

  2. We are big tommee fans, too. It was the first and only bottle we ever used with Rae and she took it so well so we stuck!

  3. Yay! How exciting about your new partnership! :) We LOVE our Tommee Tippee plates & suction mat! xo

  4. I have been going back and forth between choosing Tommee Tippee or Dr. Browns. I originally had Dr. Browns on my registry but then had a really weird dream that I needed TT. So I changed it all the next morning. haha I am going to go back to my registry and add some more of these items on there. Thanks for the recommendations!

  5. I totally agree about the rec's, I mean what else do I read blogs for other than learn about what works for everyone else?! :) I only have a few brands that constantly live up to expectations, Aden + Anais, Tommee Tippee, Boon, Gap (obv), and probably a few others where I just am always a fan or impressed with the products!... Hi I'm Erinn and I'm a baby brand snob

  6. We used a Dr. Browns/Medela with Ashlynn and they worked fine, but they didn't with Kenley. Looking at the Tommee Tippee bottle it looks like a boob! I'm surprised other bottles haven't tried that

  7. We love our plates too, we don't have the mat, but it would definitely be necessary for early eaters. I love that you can even use it on your own plates which is awesome for the cookie plate when entertaining - those little hands move fast!

  8. Haha that's so funny. We used Dr. Browns with Ashlynn and didn't have any complaints, Kenley just wouldnt take them. Only TT. I also like that TT has less parts and bottles are easier to clean with the wide mouth.

  9. Does Tommee Tippee have good toddler utensils? Like forks/spoons and plates? I'm looking for some good ones for Mason since we just got him a little table to eat at and would love recommendations!

  10. I actually haven't tried their utensils. We received Beaba ones as a shower gift and used and loved them for a really long time. I'm using some Boon ones now along with random Minnie Mouse Target ones and like them. I LOVE our Boon Spill Catcher bowl, but we've been using the Tommee Tippee section plates for a long time and like those a lot too. You can purchase a Easi Mat to suction it to the table, I also like Boon's non skid plates.

  11. That is so exciting! Congratulations!

  12. So cool! I think I'll have to check out the spill proof cup as I know we are going to have to switch from a straw at some point. Oh and those bibs are on my must buy list for baby #2 when the time comes!


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