Friday, May 30, 2014

[Baby #2] Kenley Drew - 6 Month Update

I can't believe my baby is six months old.  It felt like it took forever for Ashlynn to hit the half year mark and for Kenley it flew by.  I remember saying before she was born that it would be May before we know it... she'd be eating solids, we'd have a routine, she'd acquire baby skills likes rolling or sitting and maybe even teething.  Of course, not all of that has happened, but we are getting close.  Life is definitely getting more and more manageable and seems 'easy' compared to those rough newborn days that don't really feel so far away, but are.  I'm trying to soak in so much of this baby and babyhood, because I know the second half goes even faster than the first!

No official stats until next week.  When she was in a few weeks ago she 15lbs 4oz.

I just moved her up to her 6-12m wardrobe last week.  I added a few items she never really got to wear to her resale page along with some other items.  She's still in size 2 diapers. 

More of the same I suppose.  We try to tag team bedtime now, I take Kenley at 7pm to her room to nurse and settle down for the night.  She's usually out by 7:30.  Sometimes she'll cry out, but just needs her paci popped back in.  She's been a side sleeper since we stopped swaddling around two months or so and finally about two weeks ago she's rolled to her belly.  And only now, two weeks later am I finally getting comfortable with it.  Ashlynn wasn't stomach sleeping until about 8 months, which of course worried me then too, but at she was able to sit up on her own.  Kenley rolls all directions and is seriously all over the crib.  She'll normally wake up between 12-2 for another feeding, goes back down and up again for another around 3-4am.  At that point, I'm still bringing her into bed with us (her favorite spot) and we wake around 6am.  She might be the absolute cutest in the morning.   I open my eyes and her big gummy smile and bright eyes in my face.

Naps kind of suck.  She'll usually take a short morning snooze after nursing at 9am when I shower, then maybe again while we are out and about between 9:30-11am.  She's pretty much always awake when Ashlynn is napping, only falling back asleep around 2pm when Ashlynn is waking up.  That's another short lived nap and then she'll usually take another around 3-4pm when we are back out at the playground or running other errands.  Oh and naps, they are either on me or in the carseat.  

She's been doing great at Child Watch at the gym.  She'll cry, but it's only because she's tired and ready for a nap.  In other random social skills, she's noticed our dogs.  She'll watch them play or squeal when they come close to her and always reaches out to pet.

Mama's milk and baby foods!

We started with sweet potatoes, and have since had green beans, bananas, carrots, and avocado.  So far didn't seem to hate any but I think the green beans and carrots might have been harder to digest, and she really wasn't interested in the avocado.  She really loved the bananas and sweet potatoes, just like her sister.  

I'm also wondering if we are in a growth spurt or if my supply is tanking.  It seems like she's nursing more often and while I'm hoping the addition of solids will help, so far it doesn't seem to be.  I'm going to ask the pediatrician about supplementing, although her growth and diaper count seems okay.  She may just be a distracted snacker, but I wouldn't mind cutting down the session count.


Rolls both directions with ease and sleeps on her belly.  Sitting up with support.  And even inch worming her body over to toys or objects she just has to have.

She had her first illnesses this month, double pink eye and an ear infection.  She handle it like a champ and never fought taking her medicine, although she really didn't like the eye drops.   She has since had a stuffy nose and light cough.   She also seems like her eczema is flairing up again.

The WonderWeeks app says we are middle of a 'stormy' period, she's in her 5th leap learning relationships like distance and that things can be on top, under, behind, etc.  Which probably explains her absolute love of Peek a Boo.   Also, loves Frozen songs which is guess means requests for "Fo-man" (Do You Want To Build A Snowman?) are at an all time high.  I was able to calm her in the car simply by singing that over any lullaby.

She's still a mommy's girl, but getting better about being with others, most likely thanks to the gym.  She's so happy and in the perfect squishy kicky baby stage and I LOVE it.  Belly kisses and footie raspberries are her jam. And she's mine.

Happy 6 Month Birthday, Kenley!


  1. Gosh, post pardum hormones. My babe is two months and just thinking her in the squishy six month phase makes me smile and cry at the same time. (We also know we are not done at two so I know I'll god willingly be able to enjoy babyhood again but not with THIS baby). Your girls are the cutest. What does Ashlynn do when you go to the gym? My eldest (just turned two) and refuses to be away from me, hence the reason no gym time yet.

  2. I started following you when you were pregnant with Kenley. I had my little girl 2 weeks after Kenley was born. I look forward to your Kenley update posts...I'm a new mom and your blog has been very helpful and inspiring! Thank you!

  3. How is it possible that she's already 6 months!? Does time seem to be flying as quickly for you?! She's beyond adorable!

  4. Wow time really does fly by! She's so cute! It's funny how we plan our days around the first child's naps when they are a baby but the second child naps on the go. Probably why second children are usually more easy going.

  5. She is too cute! I don't want to hear six months goes by in a flash. I am taking that long off from work and already so sad I will have to go back! :(

  6. She is so cute! I am still freaked out with Ellie sleeping on her tummy!! Where does A go when you're at the gym?

  7. this girl is just too cute! six more months and she'll be a year...what?!

  8. I know, it's going hella fast... and I just said hella

  9. Generally, K goes to child watch when I take A to her gymnastics class. I just recently started taking A to child watch, but it's a slow start. I'll post more about that when there is more to tell haha

  10. The first six definitely went by slower with Ashlynn, this time it's flying, but I think it's because of Ashlynn keeping me extra busy!

  11. Yes, it's going crazy fast this time around!

  12. Hi Carol! Thank you so much for the sweet words, so glad you enjoy the posts!

  13. haha! those hormones are insane! 6 months out, I'm still a mess on the daily lol


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