Tuesday, April 29, 2014

[Crafty Lady] Party Favors

Whew, it's been a busy few weeks.  Of course, I already filled you in with the craziness of the birthday week and Easter holiday, but last week was barely a slow down.  I was prepping for Ashlynn's party we hosted this past Saturday and of course, trying to stay busy as we can during the week.

Mostly, that included making some last minute do-it-yourself party favors.  I made homemade glitter play dough for the kids and some hair ties for the moms.  The boys, and by boys I mean grown men of legal age, all got warm and happy with more amount of beer and whiskey, than a two year olds party probably should have, so consider that our gift to them.  Cheers!

As soon as I made our first successful batch of homemade play dough around Christmas, I knew I wanted to use it as a favor for Ashlynn's birthday party.  I love making favors and giving something with a bit of a personal stamp.  Even better, Ashlynn was able to help me with it!

I used the same recipe I shared a few month backs, except this time I made three batches.  Red (fruit punch Kool Aid), Purple (grape Kool Aid), and natural (color free).  I also added glitter.  This of course negates any "no fret" if you kid eats some, not that I would market it as truly edible with the amount of salt included. But now I would definitely watch your child or make sure they are the appropriate age if you are going to include glitter in your recipe, too.

Also, it looks pretty.  Even if the sparkle didn't photograph the best.

Each batch produced more than enough to make twelve palm size balls of each color to fit perfect in 8oz mason jars.  I finished off the packaging with some bakers twine around the lid and a thank you sticker label supplied by Tiny Prints.  Tiny Prints was gracious enough to send us coordinating invitations and gift tag stickers which couldn't have been more perfect for our under the sea theme.  I applied each sticker to some colored paper I had on had and punched a hole through the corner.

I mostly used supplies and ingredients I had on hand - flour, salt, cream of tartar, water, oil, twine and paper.  I only had to purchase two $0.29 packs of Kool Aid, two jars of fine craft glitter at $4.99 a pop before my 40% coupon Michael's coupon, and a case of mini mason jars for $7.99.  Cute and thrifty, it's how I roll.   And I even have a decent amount of dough leftover for us!

I had toyed with the idea of adding mermaid colored (you know, purple and teal, the universal colors of mermaids, am I right?) hair bows for the little girls.  But when I couldn't think of a similar idea for the boys, I decided I'd just do some hair ties for the moms.  Not only did this save me money from buying bow clips from an Etsy shop, it was a way to incorporate the mama's into the fun.

I bought some fold over elastic on etsy, 5/8ths elastic in seafoam and radiant orchid and 3/8th in silver glitter.  I used Colleen's tutorial and sealed the ends by placing near the flame of a candle to prevent any fraying. Again, I made some holders with colored paper mounted to cardstock and our Tiny Prints gift tag stickers.  I have a bunch of elastic left over, so I'll stock up my own hair tie and headband collection since I love the soft elastic hair ties for myself.  Maybe I'll even find a sewing project to use some on.

Overall, was super easy and a nice extra way to add some color to the spread and appreciation for our guests.

I'll recap the party later this week!


  1. These are so cute!! And now I really really can't wait to see the rest of the party details!

  2. Love these! They turned out super cute!

  3. I love these! Homemade, cheap, and practical. What a great idea! And I'm loving the week of party detail recaps!

  4. I love homemade favors, especially the hair ties - great idea!

  5. Awesome! All of it looks amazing! Way to go girl.

  6. Great ideas, plus they look adorable!! Aaand there was beer/whiskey, already sounds like a WONDERFUL party. :)

  7. Too cute!!! These are such great ideas for party favors!!

  8. This is an awesome idea! Very cute!!

  9. haha.. and wine and I think a bottle of rum too. And lots of boxes of organic milk!! Can't forget those, kids all hopped up on cupcakes and chocolate milk ;)


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