Saturday, March 8, 2014

Good Read

I came across a blog post through a Bloglovin' suggested read email.  It immediately stood out to me as I recently had a few readers email me asking for tips on blogging... which seems crazy in itself since I definitely don't think I have any authority on the topic of blogging, even if I've been at it almost five years now, I still feel pretty 'small time' since I consider it a hobby and my creative outlet of sorts.

I responded the same each time emphasizing that blogging should first be the for the blogger and not the audience. In my opinion, authenticity is key.  I really enjoyed this post by Scathingly Brillant.  It really hit every point I wish I could have articulated, and hope I got close.  I feel I subscribe to the same outlook and really think it shows when other bloggers do too.

Just be a happy blogger


  1. Thanks for sharing. It is too easy to get caught up in Blogging and forget to enjoy doing it. Indeed a good read.

  2. Yes to all of it! Great post, glad you shared.

  3. Thanks for sharing, happy weekend girl!!

  4. That really was a good read. Make me not feel so bad about just not having anything worth while to say sometimes, or not wanting to blog much certain weeks. Blogging is a hobby I really enjoy, but I try not to care toooo much about it all.

  5. Short and Sweet BlogMarch 10, 2014 at 2:03 AM

    I can definitely relate to this article. I feel like I go in and out of waves with blogging. I will say I love having a blogging partner. It feels more like a mini business and we have more flexibility knowing someone is taking up the reins when the other can't.

  6. Such a great read! Thank you for sharing!


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