Wednesday, February 5, 2014

[Shortcakes] First Haircut

On Saturday, Ashlynn had her first haircut.  I had been thinking about taking her the last few weeks, but for so long I figured she'd go when she was around two.  Don't ask why, I just thought that's when she'd finally need to go.  The mess of the constant mop on her head convinced me otherwise.

I could only deal when it was in a pony, which she wasn't always crazy about and it did cause some occasional breakage so I tried to limit it from being an everyday thing.

The bottom layer when straight or wet was halfway down her back, and the hair from the top finally was to the length of her shoulders.  Since her hair has a nice wave to it (just like mom and dads) it flips and bounces in all different directions.  Usually that direction is in her plate.  I figured we could just trim up the bottom to meet the top layer all around shoulder length.

I guess I thought she'd look older with a more 'styled' cut, but because of the waves and curls, she still looks almost the same.  At least it's not quite so permanent bedhead.

No real surprise, but yes, the experience was traumatic.

And yes, I took pictures from the sideline while she sobbed and snotted all over dad.  Not even a pink butterfly lollipop could do the trick, though she did give it a death grip and sucked it through the tears.

Not so bad after it was over, we didn't even attempt the blow dryer knowing she's less than a fan at home.  Girlfriend was easily distracted by some hearts and mermaids.

And that folks, is a story for the (baby) books!


  1. Look at those sweet curls at the ends!! Seriously SO cute. I'm sure lex agrees- totally rapunzel worthy ;)

  2. Oh I love her curls! She's so lucky to have that extra body / wave to her hair!

  3. Oh those curls! Shes too cute. Poor baby. My son has hair to fight over! He has so much and it grows SO fast he's only 1.5 yrs old and has already had 2 hair cuts at a salon (both AWFUL experiences) and about 4-5 trims from mommy at home (to keep it out of his eyes ... Im not a hair stylist and I probably shouldn't cut his hair, he almost looked like one of The Beatles!) But we can relate with the experience ... the lady even told us it doesn't get better for a while. :\ great.

  4. Oh she is so cute and those curls are awesome!!

  5. this cracks me up! we have yet to take B in for a haircut. I am sure she will react the same way...


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