Wednesday, February 19, 2014

[Shortcakes] 22 Months

This last month really flew by, like faster than ever it seems.  I hope that's an isolated incident! Either way, Ashlynn is 22 Months.

My favorite is that she reciprocates her I Love Yous, usually a "Wuv" but sometimes a "I wuv!"  

She's got counting down, though she seems to repeat numbers (usually 2 and 6) when counting with me.  When we drive in the car, she'll sometimes just count on her own and she'll do it right.  It's like her little brain is practicing, so cute. 

She's definitely adding new words to her vocabulary, like asking if daddy is "shovel?" every time he goes outside.  She also has a few words that strangers would gasp at.... shirt, fork, and beach. We'll just leave their phonetical sound out for now.

Still working on stringing words together, caught her once repeating her Baby Alive doll saying "more, please" yet when I ask her to say it she'll just give me "more" or "please".  

My favorite word is mailman "mawman" and dad's is some "shum".   If you are eating something, she's going to want "shum".

That one freaking tooth!  It finally started cutting through on Monday.  Hallelujah!  

bow | shirt | jeans - gap, no longer available | moccs


We have a new favorite show, not that Mickey has fallen in placement, but she LOVES Little Einsteins, or what we call "pat pat".  She gets so excited when it's time to power rocket up and jumps ahead from patting to raising her arms and shouting "LAST!"  (for blast off).  She always is constantly turning around making she we are pat-patting too. 

Last month, she was digging the whole dump the acorns and put them back in the glass game, now she's into dumping the Leprechaun gold coins and putting them back in the green solo cups.  Again, she'll do this over and over forever, I try to make into a counting game.  I think we need a piggy bank!

She still loving her tea parties, though we usually drink coffee and cocoa and she's totally digging her bathtub tea set too.  In fact, it usually comes out of the tub, bubbles still attached and back to her bedroom.  She also loves the Mr. Potato Head she got for Valentine's day.  Score one for the classic toys!

Her sister, seriously just loves Sissy to pieces!

Going to bed alone, obviously.

We'll I pretty recapped the majority of the month in last week's 2U2 post.

The update.... turns out she is in fact scared to be alone.  So now dad is back to doing the usual routine, bath, jammies, books, and when it's time for light's out he asks her what color she wants the stars to be and gets her in the crib.  He'll say good night and she'll ask where I am and I'm sitting in our bedroom with the door open either cuddling K, catching up on my laptop, or watching tv - usually multitasking all three.   I'll repeatedly assure her that "Mommy is here, it's time for bed".  She stand up occasionally, but that has started to taper off.  Now she'll just be laying down, settling for the night, and randomly shouting "mama?" just to make sure I'm still around.  Once she's asleep, I head downstairs.  Usually takes her 20minutes, which is pretty standard for prior to all this nonsense how long it might take her to fall asleep on her own.

Naps were great and not affected until a week ago when we started this.  So now I do almost the same thing.  Turn on her music, her stars, and say have a good nap.  I leave the door open and if she protests I just tell her I'm taking a shower or going to get Sissy.  She's usually cool with it and doesn't even mind seeing me walk around.

When she wakes in the middle of the night (which has becoming less and less) all I have to do is go in, ask what color she wants the stars, turn them back on, and ask her to lay down.  I'll get her bunny, blank, bink... cat and erin bear (yes the list is growing by the week), and tuck her back in.

In the morning, she's been waking a lot when dad heads out for work.  Little sis has been having rough nights so I'm usually looking to score a bit more time in bed.  I'll just shout out "not morning yet, mommy is sleeping, time for sleep" or something like that and she'll either lay down or chill until I decide to go her.  Amazing. 

So while not perfect, totally doable!

Cereal.  Bowls of cereal.  Granted, the second and third helpings I give her are usually pretty small so not much is wasted when she quits, but girlfriend loves the stuff.  Favorites are Kashi Cinnamon Harvest, Honey Sunshine, and Cinnamon Oat cereal.  Probably late to the game, but definitely not the cardboard twigs of yesteryear.  Of course, she loved when we gave her some Peanut Butter Cap't Crunch, but were trying to stick to the healthy stuff.

She was fairly picky this month at dinner.  She'd eat a good breakfast and decent lunch, but usually wasn't into dinner.  I think part of it was related to whatever was causing the sleep disturbance, maybe.  She's been better than last few nights, but she's also liked the dinner more.  I mean tuna casserole with gruyere vs pasta and ground turkey meat sauce, of course she's going with the cheesy noodles.  If you are what you eat, she'd be cheese. 

She also had some cocoa for the first time, loved it!


First Haircut and another tooth are the big 'milestone'/baby book markers for the month.

Two months out from turning two!  I'm finally starting to plan her birthday party, can't wait to share some of my ideas!  Although, might not be very surprising considering her favorite things ;)


  1. Oh my gosh she is so cute! I can not believe that she is so close to turning two!!! Have you already started planning a party? I know I am going to love seeing what you come up with! We typically go really simple, but this year I want to have a little more fun with it,

  2. How are these babes ALMOST TWO! It blows my mind!! And all the new words I think is my favorite part- when the just bust out with words or counting and your like "whhhhhhat?! You HAVE been paying attention!".

  3. Love this post! I'm going to post a first update for daughter who just turned 21 months. I hope I can get all the details down like you did. :)

  4. Hearing them count is so cute :) I love when Owen misses a number or starts over and then finishes with "3!!!!!". I'm so glad the sleeping is getting better too! We're on a sleep roller coaster here with him revolting against the bath and then the rocking chair since he knows it means bedtime.

  5. That first picture is adorable!! Also can't wait to see some of your St. Pats decor!!

  6. I love all these pictures! The first one should be an advertisement for a tea party! Let me guess for bday themes...Mickey Mouse having a tea party? ;)

  7. Oh I love this post! What a perfect way to document each month. I did the usual -- post each week of pregnancy, but had felt those first months of her life that there wasn't much to blog about. I'll have to give it a try now that she's 1!

  8. I love the pictures! She is so smart! When did she start counting? I cannot get Bella to sit and learn to count for the life of me. If I try and use fridge magnets, she chucks them across the room. If we use a book, she chucks it across the room. Glad you have found some resolution to the sleeping!!

  9. I'd have to go back in the toddler month posts, but I'd say she's been working on for a while now. We mainly started with fingers and toes. I would do a silly song/game while counting my fingers and have her repeat me and she'd love doing the toes instead of 'this little piggie'. One thing I know works for a lot of people is counting the stairs as you go up or down, of course helps if you don't live in a ranch ;P

  10. I already love going back to her baby weeks to compare to her sister and without these posts I'd probably forget when she started doing different things, like different words or skills. Her favorite foods, etc.

  11. bah... I hope it changes soon for you! Maybe introduce a new routine or item?? I know getting that ladybug light has really helped us. She loves getting to turn it on, pick the colors of the stars (obviously, but we make it a big deal) and it's the crib condition. Like she's not getting stars until she gets in bed. Definitely helped us here!

  12. Today she told me Kenley had "pok dats" on her socks. Guess I should work on "ging-ham" and "hounds-tooth", let's go fashionista!

  13. Just in the early stages of party planning... how big, date, and theme/activities


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