Friday, February 7, 2014

[Sew Fun] Felt Heart Garland

So I wasn't quite able to complete last year's sewing challenge.  I did manage 11 projects instead of 12, but between having a baby which wasn't planned when I started the challenge and sewing close to 50 teepees, I think I did alright.

Once Kenley was born, I really hadn't stepped foot in the sewing room.  Not only because I haven't had time, but it's also freezing in there.  It's over the garage and poorly insulated.  However, I really wanted to make a garland for Valentine's Day (and St. Patty's too!).  I decided to order some pre-cut felt hearts from etsy.  They were so reasonable and probably cost me less than driving to the store and buying the felt myself, not to mention the time spent cutting.

I laid out the hearts in the pattern I wanted, layering some and leaving others solo.  And then just fed them through the machine.  I tried to sew them as closely as I could to each other without leaving much thread in between.  I thought they might be prone to spinning if I did.  Turns out they still flipped a little and having a quarter inch might have helped more for bundling it up for storage.  Live and learn.

Alright, get me my shamrocks!

Happy Weekend!  I hope any one local here in the Philly Suburbs is safe and warm!  We've taken in my in laws as they are still without power and we got our cable back just in time for the Olympics :)


  1. I don't even have another newborn yet and I can't get my act together to make cute garlands! Yey for extra help for the weekend!

  2. This is such a cute idea!! I really need to clean up our spare room so it can be more useful. Right now its our "junk drawer" and I need it to multipurpose as a craft/sewing room and a playroom for Ellie. As well as be a place for storing a few things. Not sure how that's going to work out but a girl can dream until she moves I guess!!

    So cute awesome job!!

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    or on IG @lifeonthefarm

  3. what paint color is your wall?

  4. Great job Erinn! I think buying the pre-cut hearts was a really great idea. No one has time to hand cut them, especially not the mom for 2 under 2!!

  5. The garland is great. Can't wait to see the St. Pat's garland!

  6. Oh my gosh, I LOVE it! Please tell me you are my secret pal and are sending me one in the mail. And OMG you need a shamrock one!!!

  7. I cannot confirm or deny my pal, but I will say the garland is no longer in my possession ;)


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