Thursday, February 20, 2014

[Review] Bumbo Booster Seat

Last week when I linked up for the Little Things, I promised that I would share more about Ashlynn's booster seat and how it's been having her at the table.

First things first,  we love our highchair.  We have a Keekaroo Height Right high chair in walnut, which matches our kitchen table perfect.  I love the ability of the modern wooden high chairs to not stick out so much like a sore thumb in a kitchen and also the smaller footprint most of them have compared to their large plastic counterparts.

The chair is super easy to wipe clean and there is no fabric to be stained or seams to catch crumbs for eternity.  However, I've raved about our chair before (check out the link for our all tried and true baby products!),  and this post is about our transition away from it.

Ashlynn still fits in it fine, but I thought now that she's approaching two, it'd be a good skill for her start sitting at the table and learning a few more table manners.  First one being, how to sit in a regular chair and not fall out.  She's been known to fall off chairs, like lean to the side and BOOM, there goes the toddler.  Luckily the 2 or 3 times this happened I've been right there to catch her, but it usually brings on some startled "Ks" from her (I say 'it's okay' and she replies back 'k' ::sniff sniff::)  So I thought the practice at a booster seat would help her if ever sitting on a chair somewhere else, like a grandparent's, school, or friend's house for a playdate.

I'm also hoping she'll learn more by modeling us at the dinner table.  Not picking up her plate, placing utensils and cups down gently without knocking other things over.  She's pretty good at her high chair, but this is all about developing her "big girl" skills.

When I decided to start looking for booster seats I knew I wanted one that would allow to eat at the actual table, not a Space Saver or something that is attached to the chair, but has it's own tray.

I tried pulling up her highchair without the tray to the table, but the seat is too high for her legs to slide under.  Keekaroo does make another cushion for the chair to be used as a booster, but even when she sat flat on the wood without a cushion the space between table and legs was too tight to be pushed under.  I then looked into their separate booster seat, yet was a bit turned off by its price.  I also took our current cushion and placed it on our chairs and it still raised her too high for her legs to slide under comfortably so I knew their booster version would be out of the running.

Apparently we have the strangest table ever, but I'm so glad I realized this before just purchasing something without thought.  I measured how high of a seat we'd need for leg clearance and casually started my search for options.

When Bumbo offered to send Ashlynn a booster seat, I was so excited!  It was the one seat I had found that met so many of our needs.
  • A seamless foam base that's easy to clean 
  • A three point lap harness to keep her strapped in and not falling out
  • Straps to attach the booster to the chair - again to keep her safe (it's amazing how many don't have this!)
  • Lightweight and mobile - total travel friendly for vacations or trips to relatives and friends
  • Affordable - at $39.99 it isn't going to break the bank and can be found at Target, Walmart, BuyBuyBaby, and of course, Amazon.

And best of all there is clearance for her legs to go under the table.  I also like that the booster gives her room to grow.

It's not sitting her so high up at the table, that'll we'll need to buy a lower option in a year.  Instead, right now we are just using both.  We still use the high chair for cereal or yogurt, foods that will drip and spill easier, and then keep her at the table for more finger foods or foods she can easily pick up on her fork like macaroni and cheese.  Hopefully as she gets a few more inches and finesse in her utensil work, we'll store the high chair for a few months before Kenley needs it.

Having her at the table is great.  Even though she was basically sitting with us in her highchair, she now really feels part of the family and of course she loves calling it the big gurl chair ;)

My big girl.


Bumbo was kind enough to provide the booster seat for my review, but all opinions expressed are solely my own.  All other products mentioned were purchased with my own money and their brands are unaware of this review.  

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  1. Lex has been at the table with us since day 1 (we have the Tripp trappe) and I love it! It just feels like she's more involved in meal time... And we can eat as a family at the table! Ashlynn probably LOVES being a part of the dinner table action! So cute!!

  2. I'm glad she was basically at the table with the highchair, but there is just something more official with her sitting in her own seat and actually using the table and not the tray. Plus, we need to work on transitioning since we won't be buying another highchair in 4 months (wtf?!) when Kenley needs it- OMG!

  3. That's a great seat! I can't believe so many of them don't have straps to connect them to the chair. We have a hand-me-down booster that my mother-in-law was keeping at her house for visiting grandkids. It's super old, and kind of ugly (shhhh, don't tell I said that), but it does the job. The bumbo is definitely cuter!

  4. Thanks for posting about the booster. We will need one sometime in the near future. :) That one looks nice.

  5. I think we might need this very soon! Can you tell your contact that I'm a blogger and would love to do a review?!?!?!

  6. cuuuuuute! Bumbo, contact me please so I can review your awesome booster! Maybe I'll add this to Blair's bday list? Pretty exciting stuff right there. ;)

  7. Oh that sounds like a great transitional seat!! How do you get sponsors? Do you seek them out or do they approach you?

  8. Thanks for the review! We have a piece that hangs down on our table and will run into the same problem. Love this seat (and that it matches our regular Bumbo...even though that's been in a closet, but who doesn't love a set??)


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