Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day in the Life - Winter 2014

The first DITL posts I remember reading were by my blog friend Julia.  She's been doing them seasonally for ages and I love how she changes them up from life having one child, to two, and now the third on the way.  She'll do a DITL sampling a weekend, or weekday, and days shes works and days she doesnt (she works part time).  The best part is she is THOROUGH, like feels like reality tv and I'm watching along with all the detail she provides... and pictures, doesn't hurt to look at all the pictures of her sweet kiddos.

Hoping to mirror her example here...

therefore prepare... this is super (like, super) long.  Feel free to breeze through the pics instead...

Today is Monday January 27, 2013.  I am 31, Pete is 33, Ashlynn 21 months, and Kenley 8 weeks.

3:30 - I think, I really don't remember.  Ashlynn is up and crying out for the 3rd time.  I already went in around 11:30 after putting Kenley down finally to recover her dropped bink.  At that time she needed changing too.  I think around 1:30 she woke up and dad went in to take care as we now have divided the duties to I take care of Kenley, he takes care of Ashlynn for night wakes.  His night wakes are inconsistent, mine are not. Regardless, I'm so happy to not do both!  Anyway, I think 3:30 and he's complaining about her being awake again, so I get up and go since Kenley is sleeping.  I take her out of the crib, check that she's dry and go sit in the chair.  I rock her and tell her I'll sing two songs and that after she has to go to sleep.  She says "K".  An amazing version of my tone deaf You Are My Sunshine and Twinkle Twinkle later, I put her back down, tuck her in and tell her sweet dreams.  I'm right back to sleep.

5:30 - Kenley starts fussing,  I pick her up before she gets too loud and start to nurse.  I leave the TV on during the night on mute for light.  I see that it's the news and grab my glasses to see the time.  It's a few minutes after 5:30 and pick up my phone.  Delete trash email, check instagram for overnight posts, and she's back to snoozing.  I put her down in the PNP and roll back to sleep.

6:00 - She's making noise. I pick her up and start to nurse again.  This is our deal.  She's sleeps 5 hours or so through the night and then is up every half hour catching up on milk and falling asleep before she gets herself a full meal.  Whatever.  I'm just glad I usually get that solid chunk.

The alarm goes off and the Husband gets up.  I tell him not to put my car in the garage (since he forgot last night) because the weather report says it's going to be 42! (Break out the bathing suits and sundresses!)  I need to hit Target this week, so today looks like the day as it's going to be 16 tomorrow. He starts mumbling about Ashlynn having her worst night of sleep and I just go back to bed after putting Kenley back down.

6:58 - K is whining again.  I go to get her again as I don't want Ashlynn waking just yet.

Today show is starting so I turn up the TV volume.  I go to pick up Kenley and feels she's totally wet on the bottom.  Ugh, a leak.  I take off her swaddle.  Worse.  A blow out.

I take off her pants and put her on the changing pad.  Great, a mess. it's now on the pnp sheet I just washed yesterday. Her pants. Her onesie.  Her legs.  My hand.  I grab a sleeper from the laundry basket I hadn't folded yet and get her cleaned up.  I take all the offending clothes and blankets, plus the rest of the stuff in her hamper and bring it down stairs.  I yell at Penny for laying on the top of the couch, she isn't allowed on it at all, let alone on the top.  And start the wash.  I grab a cup of coffee - thank you dear husband for making it for me - and had back upstairs.  I hit the bathroom and brush my teeth and sit down with the baby in bed.

7:12  A few sips of coffee later and K cries out one loud screech.  Ashlynn pops up.  Maybe coincidence, but unlikely.   I check her out in the monitor to see if she's going to find her paci and hang out in the crib like she usually does.  She's whimpering, "bink, bink"... there should be two in there.  Now she's crying out "bink!".  A last swig of coffee while it's hot and I go put my contacts in (and snap a self incriminating selfie).

I head in to get her and she's dry.  I find a bink of the floor and give it too her, it's orange.  "Pink bink. Pink"  She's searching for the other.  Somehow the pink bink has now reached the status of her Bunny and blank, I find it and she holds while sucking on the other.

She's dry and Sis is crying out so we go to see her.  I decide let's hang in bed and she's content sitting next to me with her paci while I nurse K and steal a few more sips of coffee.

About five minutes in, she realizes we are watching the Today show (I'm enjoying all the Pharrel Williams Grammy hat jokes Willie is reporting from Twitter) and she requests Mickey.  Time to head downstairs for breakfast and milk to distract her.

I go to the kitchen, but she pit stops in the playroom to say hi to the dogs and start playing with some toys.  I see the Ergo on the floor and decide to stick Kenley in there since she is awake and I don't think she's going to be happy hanging in the bouncer while we eat breakfast.

7:50 - I get Ashlynn in her chair and give her cereal, her request after offering cereal or oats.   I swap the laundry and pour another cup of coffee.

8:05 - I go to make some toast and when its done I notice there is mold on it, WTF.  I throw it out and notice the Husband didn't take out the trash like I asked, so I do it. Then I message him on gchat from my phone and tell him what a terrible husband he is.  Kidding.  But I give him grief for not doing the few things I asked, that was only one.  I also inform him he probably ate mold since he had toast before bed.

Ashlynn is playing with her milk and avoiding the cereal, but when I ask her if she's done she says no and doesn't want me to take the bowl yet.  Since she isn't making a mess I leave it and start writing a to-do list.  She starts counting, so I have her count my fingers.  We do it a few times, so I decide to tape it.

8:35 - Longest breakfast ever.  She finally started eating the cereal and now is trying to spoon up all the sugar milk.  I'm chatting with husband about her birthday party.  We went to a friends yesterday and now I realize I should probably start thinking about what we are doing, less about the theme, but more about location and size.  Definitely plan on it being significantly smaller than her party last year.

8:42 - Playtime.  Quick stop to see sissy in the swing and we go to the playroom.  She just wants me to hold her, but I ask if she wants to play "Hook" (what she calls Jake and the Neverland Pirates).  We pull out the Little People pirate ship and play a bit.  She runs off and plays hide and seek.  Or like her friend Fiona calls it, "Hide and Speak" because she does the same thing.  She hides and when I'm done counting to ten, she calls out "ASH!!"

I love that kid.

I grab the laundry basket from this morning's mishap and bring it upstairs.  Ashlynn comes with and runs around as I fold and put everything away in Kenley's room.  I stare at her closet and think about taking out all the 0-3 as it's starting to all get snug and contemplate setting up an Instagram shop name to sell some of the that still have tags or were worn once.

9:08 - I hear Kenley fussing so we had back downstairs.  I get her from the swing and Ashlynn asks for Mickey, I agree since K wants to eat.

9:36 - Mickey is over.  I figure if we are doing Target this morning we should get ready now.  We head upstairs and I change Kenley first.  Still amazed she's fitting fine in Ashlynn's old 3-6 months clothes.  Biggest baby ever.

I get Ashlynn some clothes, but she runs away when I ask her to get dressed.  So I get dressed instead.  I actually put on jeans, but only because all my leggings are in the hamper.  I sort the pile of wash into two loads and set the one basket by the steps so I remember to take it down.

I finally get Ashlynn dressed.

9:59 - Downstairs and start the process of getting out the door.  Kenley is fed and dry so I get her in her bunting and strapped into the carseat.  I grab Ashlynn's coat and Uggs ("fuzzy feet") and start the car.  Kisses to the inventor of the remote start.

Finally have Ashlynn's coat and shoes on and grab myself a scarf and my sneakers.  I take Kenley to the car first and then get Ashlynn who is watching from the storm door of the mudroom.

10:08 - I buckle myself in and check the time to take this note - Boom!  Did it in under 10 minutes.  I'm getting good!  Looking forward to spring when I don't need to get everyone in coats.

Off to Target.

10:17 - I grab a cart, stick Ashlynn in the front and buckle herg, then stick Kenley's carrier in the basket and head inside.  I swing over to the starbucks and get myself a latte and some chocolate cinnamon bread. I ask the barrista for an empty espresso cup with a lid.  I give this to Ashlynn so she doesn't try t grab my cup the whole trip.  (And it works!)  I give her a bite of the bread and tell her its cake, which it might as well be.  So good. I inhale the rest of the slice while she still works on the small piece I broke off for her as we go through the aisles.

Sister is sleeping so I figure I'll take my time and enjoy being out of the house.

We spend about an hour in the store.  Thankfully Ashlynn is on her best behavior being fun and cute.  I her Sis starting to stir and we head to the checkout.

11:16 - Back in the car and ready to head home.

11:24 - Home.

I grab the bags and unlock the door.  I go get Sis and put her in the house and then go back for Ashlynn.  I get her shoes and coat and ask her to come wash hands before she insists on touching Kenley.  I wash Ashlynn's hands, and my own, and then realize she need to be changed.  Do her diaper and get her in the high chair with a cheese stick.  Then I go get the fussy baby from the car seat and change her diaper.  The dog who previously looked as content as could be, decides no, it's 11:30 and if the kid is getting a snack, well then he should be too.  He starts whining loudly like a d-bag. I try to get Ashlynn to finish so I can take her up to the crib.

She finishes half her cheese and take her up to nap.  Close her drapes, hit the sound machine and drop her in the crib with Bunny, Blank, and Bink.  Tell her to have a good nap and close the door.  I grab the monitor and the laundry basket I left by the steps and head down to get the crying baby. The dog is really whining too, so I  let them both out (one by one from the mudroom door, hopefully we'll get a fence this Spring) and then I feed them.

11:45 - I sit down to nurse Kenley. Praying the dogs don't whine for attention.  They know naptime is their playtime opportunity and I just want to make myself something to eat.  Also realize I need to throw in the wash, unpack the Target goodies, wash the sippies, empty the coffee maker, and maybe relax a minute and open the laptop.

11:58 - Yup.  Dogs driving me nuts already.  K isn't asleep, but she's just hanging in the Boppy next to me on the couch. Smiling and cooing away.  She smiles and coos sooo much more than Ashlynn did at this age.  I remember working so hard to get a smile from Ashlynn, I only have like 20 iphone videos to prove it too.

12:11 Start drafting this post and Kenley is crying on my chest.  Need to stop and play, burp, feed not sure.  Yup, just a little spit up.  i decide to stick her in the swing ... happy baby!

12:24 UPS must be here to pick up our PBK return, dogs are freaking out.  After getting them to follow me back to the kitchen, I decide to heat up lunch.  Leftover from last night, pasta with ground turkey meat sauce with spinach and olives (Ashlynn ate it, just avoided most of the meat)  I top it with shredded mozz and give the dogs ashlynn's left over cheese stick while it's cooking.

Now they are sitting at my feet as I eat my lunch and continue to type the morning of this up.

12:37  Boom.  Baby sleeping in the swing.  Dogs both still staring at me.  Give it rest animals. I'm still eating my massive bowl of leftovers.  I rationalize my likely three serving sizes by the fact I'm breastfeeding (my excuse for everything) and that I didn't have breakfast (even though I had two slices of toast and slice of starbucks bread... they don't count as a meals, so adding even more carbs now).  I'm pretty sure I sustain solely on carbs and coffee.

12:39 I lied.  She's awake.  And starting to whimper pathetic little cries.  I want to go hold her.  But she starts to settle back.

1:23 I've now written up the majority of this morning and caught up on BlogLovin' posts.  I'm tired myself, despite two cups of coffee and latte, and debate napping since everyone else is or going up to the freezing sunroom to sew a craft project I've been meaning to make.  I really don't want to leave the baby down in the swing by herself, but I'm afraid if I bring her up she might wake and not sleep in the PNP.

1:37  Decided to stay on my butt and keep reading and commenting on some blogs.  Enjoying not having a crying baby, toddler or dog.  Usually one of them is interrupting this time, so today feels like a treat.  Speaking of treats I realize I didn't get any Target.  We are out of Oreos and cookies.  The Hershey syrup is almost empty and we are out of chocolate chips.  I cry on the inside.

2:04 - Girlfriend wakes up.  I'm addressing envelopes for our Valentines we have been working on.  As usual, she's just chilling in the crib.  I usually leave her until she stands up at the end and starts makes noise.  I try to finish the envelopes.

2:27 - She's standing now.  I go swap the laundry to the dryer and head up to get her.  Littles is squirming a bit in the swing, so she'll probably be waking soon too.

2:36 - Hello, baby!  I get Ashlynn from the crib and change her diaper.  We stop over in the sunroom (which is FREEZING- it's over the garage), and I layout some felt hearts I'm planning on making a garland with. Of course, Ashlynn tries to "help" by picking them all up after I lay them down.  I realize I can easily get it to the length I want and we leave since it's so cold in there.  Time for lunch.

2:45 - Once downstairs first stop is to see Sis.  Ashlynn always has to see her upon waking.  I try to get her away before she wakes her and offer her yogurt for lunch.

3:26 - I read Ashlynn the Little Mermaid book I gave her last week, it's the new favorite. Baby wakes, I get her changed and head to the chair in the playroom to feed her and encourage Ashlynn to play by herself.  She spends the time climbing on me and getting in the chair.  When I'm done, I stick K in the bouncer and run out and get the mail.  Ashlynn watches from the storm door and laughs every time I turn around and make a face.   I change her when I get back in and turn on the Bose and we dance around as I try to soothe K since she was fussing sitting by herself.

4:13 - K settled a bit so I try giving her some tummy time.  Ashlynn is playing with her trucks and finger puppets.  I call the pediatrician to find out when Kenley's 2 month appointment is since I need to find out if Pete can watch Ashlynn or if I need to call my SMIL.  Ashlynn is now playing with stickers.

We head upstairs to K's room.  She's crying again, so I sit in her chair and nurse a bit.  I task Ashlynn asking her to find things in the baskets in K's bookshelf.  She brings us Sophie the Giraffe and a few soft books.  Then she's playing with the clothes I set aside for an IG sale.  We are both over this and head back downstairs.

4:50 - Ashlynn runs to the family room and requests Mickey.  I agree and relatch Kenley who is just using me as a pacifier.

5:26 - I get Ashlynn's dinner ready, (frozen) tortellini with sauted spinach.  I give her a cup of peaches while she waits and she's not having it. She's clearly starving and being bratty because of it.  Dinner is done.  I pull everything out to make Pad Thai for us while she eats. I clean the pot and pan I used for A's dinner and Kenley is crying from the family room.  I quit the dishes and get her.  I'm pacing and bouncing while talking to Ashlynn about her dinner to keep her focused from playing or feeding the dogs while my back is turned.

5:45 -  She's done.  I get her cleaned up and ask if she wants to color or play with her play doh - things that keep her in the high chair, since I'm still holding the baby and am hoping I can keep her in there until Dad gets home.  She's down for play-doh.

6:13 - I call the Husband.  Going to be late, but will be home around 6:30 to do her bath.  We also realize neither of us want dinner, so I put everything back.  I'm shocked that Ashlynn is totally content playing without any interference from me.  I'm usually asked to make a ball or pancake within two minutes of play-doh time.  I load up the dishwasher and turn it on.

Oh, and I picked up the baby again at some point.

6:30 - Dad walks in.  I clean up the play-doh and he shows me the Girl Scout cookies he brought home from work.  PB Sandwiches and Thanks-a-Lots, it's no camarel delites or tag-a-longs, but they were free so I'll eat them!  He takes Ashlynn up for her bath and I get Kenley back out of the Rock N Play because you guessed it, she's crying out.

Gas.  Gas is the culprit this time.  I bounce her against my shoulder while trying to pick up the playroom.  I sit down on the couch and turn on the news.  She's calm resting in my lap, but still seems bothered.  I try to call my mom since I want to talk before bedtime routine is finished for the two upstairs and the baby starts up again.  She doesn't answer.

7:26 - Finally get the baby asleep.  I stick her in the RNP and finally go to the bathroom.  I go to get some food, and she cries out.  Loudly.  I go grab her, change her diaper, try burping her, and once again, she using me as a soother.  I let her since I want her to fall asleep so I can get enough time to eat something.

I remember I DVR'd the Grammy's so I turn it on to see this Beyonce performance everyone is talking about.  I agree with the outraged parents, way inappropriate for 8pm on network television.  I always watched awards shows with my mom growing up.  I would have been furious if I was watching her "grinding up on that wood" with a 9 year old.  Terrible song choice too.  You're better than that Queen Bey.

7:40 - P is done with Ashlynn.  I'm now bouncing K who's laying against my knees.  I'm catching up on blogs and scrolling through FB.  He leaves to walk the dogs and trying to think what I can eat quickly that isnt cereal.

8:00 - We turn on How I Met Your Mother and I get up at a commercial to make some Cream of Wheat.  Pete is holding Kenley and she starts crying, loudly.  I go over and take her back.  She's really going and nothing is getting her to calm down.  I lay her in my arms and get ready to pacify her the best way I know how and instead she projectiles. All. Over.

I'm covered.  She's covered.  The couch was hit.  Pete jumps up and gets some towels. I bring her to the changing pad on the table and get her undressed and send Pete for another sleeper.  I get her cleaned up and then strip down myself and ask him to throw the clothes and towels in the wash.

She's finally feeling better, but of course is rooting.  Um no kid.  I tell her she needs to wait an hour.

8:44 - Thank god for DVR, we rewind the show and start over and I grab my cold food from the microwave.

8:57 - I give in on waiting an hour.  I nurse her a little at a time and she seems pretty happy, finally stopped crying.  Looks like no Two Under Two post for this week, I'll just post some pictures instead.

9:11 - I turn on the Grammy's Fashion Police episode and wait for the child to fall asleep so I can make some cocoa and eat more girl scout cookies.

9:40 - H goes up, I'm waiting for the kid in the swing to get a little sleepier.  I want to take her up, feed her one last time and have her been done for the night.

10:55 - I finally make it upstairs and she wakes as I swaddle her, I give her one quick nursing session to top her off and she passed out.  I follow suit, good night!


  1. Wow, love how detailed this is!!! So fun to read, thanks for sharing!

  2. You did the post well, lady! Love it.

    A few things…

    Good call on the 1:1 parenting in the middle of the night. Man, that is one thing I will miss when we are outnumbered with kids.

    How do you look so adorable sans makeup? I will try not to hate you.

    YES to the dogs driving you nuts--same here, man. Good job on a 10 minute get-out-the-door to Target. Amazing! Mmmm, Girl Scout Cookies and holy cow to the projectile vomiting. I forget about the spit ups and general messes of little babies. Thanks for the reminder! ;)

    Looking forward to more of these from you!

  3. Michelle RothmeierFebruary 4, 2014 at 9:22 AM

    Loved this post, read every word! I am definitely going to start calling my dog a d-bag, as that is exactly what he is half the time.

  4. Michelle RothmeierFebruary 4, 2014 at 9:24 AM

    G-dangit, my comment posted before I was done. Oops.

    Was also going to say that I wish we could meet at Target and roam the aisles together. I remember (and will quickly be back there again!) when that was a big trip out! Cannot imagine doing it with two... I will quickly find out how to, though. Ah! Move to Georgia so we can play date and you can teach me your mommy of two under two ways! And so you can loan me all of your little girl clothes, duh : )

  5. Wow. Just wow. You are super mom!

  6. I read every word...and loved it! My favorite was the part about your husband forgetting to take out the trash//you informing him he ingested moldy bread. Totally something that would happen over here! It's nice to know that other mama's go through the same toddler issues, like waking in the middle of the night (happened 4x here last week), or the dreaded "lost-binky-can't-find-it-need-help" business. I'm also guilty of eating carbs on carbs on coffee some days and not proud of it! (And I only have 1 kid and am not breastfeeding...at least you have a better excuse!)
    You always know that you're not the only one who goes through some of these things, but for some reason it helps to actually HEAR what a normal day is like for other mama's, plus how much fun will it be to look back and re-read this post in 5 or 10 years?
    Thanks for sharing!


  7. Oh honey, we are just surviving! No super mom status here! Just a human plate to catch baby vomit and poop, lol!

  8. Yes! Got your post approval ;)

    and WOOF! I hestitated the selfie pics, but figured I had to keep it real. And yeah, I was really dreading the return of spit and pukes, but its really not that terrible. I know I'll be ecstatic when it's over, but time is flying.

  9. Thanks for reading! I feel like I need to mail rewards to everyone who gets through it!

  10. I can't wait for you to join the 2U2 club and read about how easily you adjust!

  11. Haha, thank you! I enjoyed it!!!!! :)

  12. Wow. We are currently debating having another and this post makes me content with my one for awhile longer for sure! We do the divide on the night wake ups too, but I get Reed and Jeff gets the cats. You'd be surprised how many times the cats can wake you up (playing with the blinds, hairballs, just being obnoxious).

  13. Oh man!! Loved reading this...still in amazement over how you do it all!

  14. I love Julie's DITL posts, and yours is great too! Both of your girls are so adorable!! :)

  15. Loved this post! What an mommy inspiration you are!

  16. I feel like I need a nap!! Love that I get previews to life for me this summer, thanks for sharing! And thank you for the reminder about baby puke....oye!

  17. We tag team the kids at night too! It's the only way to go. And our dogs drive me crazy too - when both kids are napping and they start barking I kiiiind of just want to open the front door and see what happens...KIDDING! Kind of. I really am kidding but I just do it in my mind :) I did a day in the life post last week, but it was the abridged version. I would love to have a super detailed one to look back on later. Maybe next month :)

  18. LOL, if I had a nickel for every time I threatened my husband with that! Although, I'm almost positive the dog would just stand at the door from the outside whining and barking to be let back in!!

  19. yikes, sorry I know it was so long. I'm actually impressed any one read it at all!

  20. She goes down for naps like a champ. Bedtime is a whole other animal, especially the last few nights. Something started and its been a NIGHTMARE!

  21. You can do it! And you know I'd read every word :)

  22. Thank you, you are far too kind!

  23. LOL about the cats! I sympathize, just with obnoxious dogs. So sad how furbabies get the shaft

  24. Phew! You're super mom! It will get less exhausting as they get a little older. They're so adorable!!

  25. No, I love that it was so detailed! I think everyone will agree it's so interesting to know what other Mom's do all day. For myself, especially another SAHM!

  26. Dang, mama. The life of a stay at home mom. You're amazing. Your littles are lucky to have you.

  27. holy mother...i'm exhausted. maybe i shouldn't have another one? kidding. kind of. ;)

  28. You are amazing. I cannot imagine two under two - and I'm about ready to have that...but about 2 weeks in July when our second arrives. But staying at home with both all day - you are a rock star - i'm tired just reading this :)

  29. So true, I think thats why I love reading these types of posts. Keepin it real :)

  30. I love this post! I am also exhausted just from reading this. Lol

  31. Ahhh...this is super cute!!! I might have to do this sometime as well! Your day sounds pretty similar to mine most days....busy! lol!!!

  32. This will be great for you to look back on. I don't know how you do it! I think teaching 16 first graders sounds easier;) Haha.

  33. This is so funny and fabulous!! I loved it and seeing more of what life is like with two! Mad props mama!! Nice work.

  34. I loved this! You were so detailed! I am so impressed! I kept thinking...how did she remember all that!? It will be so fun to look back on this and see what a day was like for you. Such a good idea! Can't wait to read the next one :)

  35. You deserve a nap after that day! And I love your candidness. Especially when you tell your husband he forgot to take out the trash and that he probably ate mold -- I would have too. And when you call the dog a d-bag -- yep I probably call our worse things when he is bugging me in the split second I have to myself. I read every word!

  36. I'm pretty sure my note where I wrote this down contains much more colorful language relating to the dog. Thanks for getting through the post!

  37. I used the note app on my iPhone. I tried to take short hand notes during nursing sessions or free opps during meals.

  38. I just recently started following your blog, and this post definitely hit home! I am a Sahm to just one, my 23 month-old daughter, and we're contemplating a second; this certainly gives me an idea what it would be like!

  39. I recently found your blog and love reading your posts. I am a NICU nurse and also a mother to a young daughter. Kenley looks adorable in her bunting, however, she should not be wearing it in her car seat. It makes the straps too loose and she has a higher chance of coming out of the seat if you were in a wreck. I debated commenting, but because you have so many people reading your blog I felt I should. Part of the car seat education at the hospital where I work includes informing parents that coats should not be worn by a baby or a child in a car seat. Here is an article my pediatrician's office posted to educate parents: http://thecarseatlady.blogspot.com/2011/01/coats-n-car-seats-are-not-safe-combo.html?m=1

  40. Hi Megan! Thank tou for commenting and sharing the info. I'm actually pretty strict about car seat safety and I have already read that exact link when Ashlynn was little. The 'bunting' is safe b it is not padded or filled with down or anything that could be compressed during an accident, it's just a fleece layer similar to the fleece coat my daughter wear for the same reason. I do see far too many people with their children in snow gear buckled in and I wish they knew the danger as well

  41. Good to know! Sorry I jumped to conclusions when I saw the picture. I guess I couldn't tell how thin/thick it was.

  42. No problem at all! We also don't use a bundle me since they aren't recommended and could void the car seats warranty if there was injury in an accident. Luckily my kids become human space heaters when in the car seat, sweaty messes!

  43. Soooo....when do you shower? :) Haha JJ! I can tell you are one tired Mama (from the amount of sleep you didn't get...). You are doing great though! I'm impressed A will eat spinach! I guess I should just keep trying with my 3...Love your blog!

  44. lol! I was wondering if anyone was going to notice that!! I had showered the night before, but usually I either shower in the morning during a mickey or during naptime. If I'm up early enough I'll get it done before A wakes... basically when I see the opportunity I have to seize it!

  45. I hear YA! I have a 5 year old and twin 14 month olds - sometimes it's eat or shower...gotta do what ya gotta do ;) Love the "realness" of your post and I will remember it...makes me want to do one, but I don't have a blog!! :)


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