Friday, February 28, 2014

[Baby #2] Kenley Drew - 3 Month Update

No official stats, her 4 month appointment will be meshed with Ashlynn's 2 year check up in April.

She's in 3-6m clothing and size 2 diapers. Teeny feet are still size 1 or the smallest option. 

Meh.  While it's definitely not bad, it could be much better.  I think I handle it pretty well and may have a skewed perception of what's "good".  The biggest issue is that she's chronically congested.  So many nights I hear her having trouble breathing and basically choking on mucus as she tries to breathe deeply.  Usually I get her up, give her saline drops if necessary, and then let her sleep in the rock n play so she's reclined and not laying flat.  It does seem to really help, but I try really hard not to create a habit.  

She also seems to crave closeness.  After a feeding and put her back down, she'll kick and fuss until I pick her back up and snuggle.  Usually this leads to co-sleeping, but she settles as soon as my breath and touch are near by.  I have to say the feeling is mutual.  I love hearing her breathe during the night and it's probably one of the reasons I've been procrastinating her move to her room.  This also occurs during the day, where she just seems she wants to be held close.  I can't blame her, I enjoy the snuggles too.

We've also stopped swaddling.  It was fairly gradual as I would go one night without, and then regret that I was up every two hours or so.  However at this point, I don't think we'll be returning.  You seem to have gotten used to your sleep sack and it keeps you super warm and cozy.

Little Miss accompanied me to my girlfriend's baby shower and got to meet some of my friends.  She also tagged along to my hair cut, my first visit back since I got chopped last January when I turned 30.  That would be last January.  As in 2013.

Mama's milk.  Finally taking a bottle the few times I'm able to pump in advance to give to her.  Definitely not her preference, but doing much better with it.  

Her outtake, not to be confused with output, has lessened a bit too. I mean, she still spits up fairly frequently, but I can't really remember the last full out baby vom episode - thank goodness.


You found your fingers.  Since you never were into taking a paci, and I didn't push it too hard since I'm dreading the day we force Ashlynn to give hers up, I've been waiting for you to learn to self sooth with your thumb.  After all, I was thumbsucker for 10 years or so.  You always had trouble getting your thumb out and instead sucking on your knuckles. Until a few weeks ago, where you just found that your fingers felt right.  Sometimes its your first and middle, others your middle and ring. Either way, when you start fussing because you are tired, you find your hands and a few minutes of little cries later you're out like a light.

So close to rolling, but not quite yet.

Even closer to laughing when tickled.  Makes the funniest little grunt with the biggest smile.

We also started using the Bumbo.  Not for long periods, but her head control is definitely pretty good.  Seemingly, even stronger is her core. Our days are numbered with the bouncer and swing as she's starting to do mini-crunches when being placed in them.  Always trying to sit up.

The Superficial

Let's talk about.  Baby pattern baldness.

She's pretty much lost the majority of her hair on the sides and stripe around the back.  Her little mullet is going strong and still nice and thick up top.  That hair, however, is hiding cradle cap... which again, I still cannot say and say cradle crap, which it should be named.  Because it is.

Last month you had it a bit in your eyebrows, but that's long gone and her skin is looking pretty flawless. Her stork bite is even fading.

She sucks on her bottom lip, and not solely as a cue for a meal and her expressions are just adorable.


Found her hands
Blows bubbles/raspberries
Napped in crib, twice. (need to work on this)


  1. I cannot believe that she is 3 months already. It goes by so stinking fast and she isn't even my baby;) That is how my daughter is with the closeness. I put my face in hers when she is upset and she instantly calms down and places her hand on my cheek and goes to sleep even at 21 months old. I love it unless its two am and I have been up twelve times doing this to get her to sleep in her bed :)

  2. She is so pretty! You have the cutest girls!

  3. Btw baby oil worked wonders for Romans cradle "crap"

  4. Thank you, Amy! And yes, I remembering hearing that from when A had it. I have coconut oil in the nursery, but always forget to bring it to the bathroom. Will def try to remember today and give it go!!

  5. I know, going soo fast. I had to stop referring to her as a newborn, even though I feel like she is. SO cute your daughter just wants mommy's hand on her check, so sweet!

  6. Oh my gosh!! Look at her little bitty toes. She is so cute! I love that all of her pictures on on that chair with the love pillow.

  7. She is such a little doll! And is totally giving me baby fever.

  8. What a little squishy chunk! She seems like the sweetest baby!

  9. She is adorable! She looks like such a happy little gal!

  10. i can't believe she's already THREE MONTHS!! she totally just looks like she's out of the newborn phase though. and i LOVE her for being such a little snuggler. i want to come and get babe snuggles!!

  11. Oh my goodness, she is SO cute & she's getting so big!!! Love Miss Kenley! :) Hope sleep gets better for you!

    Happy Friday!!!



    Newlywed Life Blog

  12. Oh I just love this!! Good for you for unswaddling, I can't bring myself to do it at night because Ellie is sleeping like 9-10 hours!! We kept Ellie in our room for a while and she still co-sleeps every now and then. I love that you mentioned her halo! They are our little angels and it's just Gods way of showing us that!!

  13. Seriously one of the cutest little things ever. I hope baby #2 for me wont take a paci, because I am also dreading the day I have to take that away from Zoey.

  14. That sweet! And that it! Mason had cradle cap and I tried olive oil and it didn't help. At his first hair cut, the lady cutting his hair suggested this shampoo/body wash called "Original Sprout hair and body baby wash" and it worked AMAZING. We still use it occasionally or the Honest shampoo/body wash.

  15. Precious baby girl!! All of her hair is KILLING me!

  16. She is PRECIOUS!!! :) I love her hair! Weston had cradle cap too - I rubbed coconut oil in his hair before bath time and that seems to really help!!!

  17. Just caught up on your posts, she is such a doll!! She really is starting to look like her sister, I can see it in her sweet eyes!! XO

  18. Aww she is absolutely precious. I miss when my daughter was that age. I especially love the sucking her lip photo!

  19. Can we talk about how adorable she is?! Great update! (love the "superficial" heading!LOL) Her little grin is priceless.

  20. Have to give credit for the Superficial to Julia at My Life in Transition, I love all her updates and definitely the best way to classify it


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