Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Two Under Two'sday - Week 6

Six Weeks.

When Ashlynn was around six months old and I felt like a seasoned mom - HA. HA.  I remember telling my friends who were just in the beginnings of newbornhood that everything seemed to click around six weeks.  Nursing was easier, sleep was better, and I had confidence to leave the house with the baby and all her 'stuff' and the trip not end with both of us in tears.

I still think it's pretty true and I think a lot of moms feel similar.  It's right around this age you start to feel a bit of the newborn survival mode fog lift up and start finding time to take regularly scheduled showers again. amiright?

Anyway, since we hit this milestone of sorts, I thought for this week I'd cover what things are like on the daily for the two under two.  I'd love to do a thorough Day In The Life Post, so hopefully I'll get one of those soon enough, but for right now, here's our loosely timed schedule.

Typically if Ashlynn is awake, we'll get her from the crib around now if she hasn't started crying for us earlier.  If it's before 7, we'll let her chill in our bed and watch some Mickey while Daddy showers for work and I either feed Kenley or try to squeeze out a few extra minutes of 'my bed is too comfy snoozing' before getting our day started.  By 7 we are usually downstairs, except for Kenley who (keyword, usually) is back asleep in the pack n play bassinet.  A lot of times she hasn't nursed completely, so I'll use this as my time to pump, the only time during the day I do so.   I'll get a pot of coffee going and make Ashlynn some breakfast.

By now it's time to play.  Tea parties, flash cards, little people, but more often than not its books.  I usually sit in the big chair in the playroom and attempt to finish my cold coffee (or nurse the baby if she's up) and Ashlynn will bring over book after book and climb up to sit in my lap.

Like clockwork, girlfriend is getting bored with her toys and heads to the family room to find the remote and request some Mickey.  I usually tell her no and try to distract her by having her help with some chores like switching the laundry or bringing it upstairs to fold.  A lot of times, I'll find some odd chore to do and I'll do this stuff upstairs until Kenley wakes up for the next feeding.

She's usually up before this, but just using as a baseline.  When Kenley wakes, I change her and clear her nose - she's always really congested in the morning.  I'll bring her downstairs and put on a Mickey for Ashlynn and nurse Kenley while scrolling through instagram or bloglovin'.

When we are done, we typically play some more or I'll start some crazy task (like mentioned on Monday) and let Ashlynn play with things that aren't toys, but entertain her more or "help" me.  Other days this is when I give Kenley a bath and let Ashlynn play with tub toys in the bathroom.

Snack time.

Let the dogs out and feed them, then head back to the toy room to clean up a bit.

Upstairs for nap.  Ashlynn rarely ever protests her nap.  I'll ask if she wants a nap and wants to get Bunny and Blank.  We'll go find them and head up.

I'll shower (if I haven't) and make something to eat.  Baxter (our shih tzu) is usually driving me up the wall whining and barking because he knows this is his opportunity for attention.  Unfortunately, its the only time of day that I get a break and it's really not long before Sis is up and wanting more milk.   I'll catch up on blogs and try to write whatever I can of a post and snuggle with Kenley.

A is usually up by now.  I usually leave her in the crib until she calls out, she'll hang out for a while being totally content sometimes up to an hour.  I've found if I go in before she's ready, she actually fights getting out of the crib.  I think it's because she knows her paci has to be left behind and she's enjoying the quiet time.

When I finally get her, I get her changed and bring her down for lunch.

Play doh, coloring, "helping" me prep something for dinner or bake, or our time to run errands.  We used to do errands in the morning pre-sister, but too difficult timing them so far to get out in the morning.   And granted, we've only headed out for errands a few times so far, but this is our time to do so.

Occasional second snack.  Depending on how she's eaten, I'll give her some animal crackers or fruit.

Usually let her watch another Mickey around this time.  I'll prep dinner and usually feed the baby too.

Dinner.  Sometimes I can push her until closer to 6 when Dad gets home, but usually not.

Daddy's home! Dad takes over and I usually can focus on Kenley who is usually fussing by this point.  Ashlynn will go upstairs and play with dad's shoes while he changes then it's time for her bath.  Dad does bath, unless its a hair washing night, then I come in to shampoo and condition (key to avoiding tangles) and I'll blow dry her after.

Jammies, puzzles, and books.  Dad plays with Ashlynn in her room winding her down.  I'm usually nursing Kenley on the couch downstairs starting my routine of becoming a human pacifier for the next four hours.

Ashlynn is finally down in the crib.

From here on out its just a lot of "keep the infant as content and quiet possible so she doesn't wake the toddler" game.  I usually have her sleepy enough by 10-11 to bring her up to swaddle.  The swaddling usually stirs her and I have to pace and rock before she's ready to be put down for the night.

And there you have it, a typical days routine without the dirty details of attention splitting.


  1. Oh man, you have a much better outlook about the 6 week mark than I remember! All I can recall is that fussiness peaks at 6 weeks. The rest is a blur;)

    She is so precious and is looking a LOT like A. to me!!

  2. Those Shih Tzu's sure know how to get your attention, huh!? Vinny does the same thing! :) This is such a great post, it makes me super jealous I can't be a SAHM, you are so lucky...I would give anything to be with Sofia all day! :)



    Hello Newlywed Life

  3. Oh god, pls don't let it get worse lol! Hopefully we are on the other side of that peak, last few nights have been a tad better.

  4. Man it literally makes me loose my mind! Being home is wonderful, but it's not all peaches either, a DITL post would do a better job covering what it's like when they both or crying or both need to be fed! Ashlynn starts pt preschool in spring so I'm just trying to soak up all the extra time now even if the days are long!

  5. Gosh, those two are just adorable. What shampoo and conditioner do you use for Ashlynn's hair? My daughters hair is getting LONG, and it is becoming harder and harder to comb. I am still using the head to toe wash at 16 months. Eek.

  6. I think I started around 16m, I had been using a yes to carrots de tangling spray but the conditioner works better. I chg the shampoo to whatever we have (still going through items received at her shower!) do right now using a California baby shampoo and I bought a Jason conditioner. It's a more organic brand carried in my grocery store (wegmans) it was one of the few options, but no complaints. I use so little just on the ends really and we only wash her hair about twice a week unless she gets food in it so the bottle will prob last forever!

  7. You make it sound so manageable! Two babies scare me! I think my worst fear is both freaking out at once and not being able to fix it! Obviously something I will have to face eventually ;)

  8. it definitely happens! Hopefully if i can manage getting a Day In The Life post together you'll see how that comes up! I usually tend to baby, but also depends on her cry. So far bedtime is the only thing I can't do on my own because Kenley is always fussy that time of night and I cant get her content long enough to go through Ashlynn's routine. I wear her a lot when she's fussy, but I still cant get Ashlynn's jammies on or sit with her to read books and rock a bit while wearing the baby.

  9. You are so lucky Ashlynn likes to go to sleep! If I suggest a nap to Owen he says "No, not tired, Mommy". Nap time is sacred! Our dog does the same thing when we get Owen down at night or for his nap. He thinks it's his time for all the attention and begs for treats, to go out or come back in, to sit on the couch. The dog is totally spoiled. I really love him, but he drives me NUTS.

  10. naps are easy, bedtime is a totally different story lol! And for the love of cheese, the dogs!!! Drives me bat shit crazy I tell you!

  11. I love this!! Thank you so much for sharing your life with two!! I am so incredibly happy for you *four!!! Its just going to keep on getting better and better!!!

  12. Wow, you make it seem like it totally manageable!!! Good job momma!!!!! Xo


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