Monday, January 20, 2014

[Shortcakes] 21 Months

Really starting to feel like Ashlynn is too old to be telling strangers her age in months.  Like if someone told me pre-kids their kid was 21 months, I'd think to myself "so your kid is almost 2?"... I'd probably also add in "...dumbass" at the end, but part of my New Year's Resolution is to be kinder.

Anyway, Ashlynn turned 21 months on Saturday.

I don't think her speech or phrases are wildly different from last month.  Obviously learning a ton and says new words every day, but still really only saying one word at a time and not stringing together simple sentences.  I try to encourage it, but I figure it's something that'll happen on her own time.

New words she loves saying are "mess", "Sis Sis", and "ready goooo".

Something that sort of blew my mind, whenever she grabs her phones (her kitchen, play table, or mine), and I ask who she is calling she says Bopo.  One day, after "calling" Bopo, she then called Daddy, Mimi, Nanny, Yaya, Mommy, Penn Penn, and even BB (the dogs).  I was somewhat shocked she could go through almost all the family members (grandparents) on her own with any prompting or seeing them in pictures.  She actually remembers their names and who they are for not seeing them all that often.

She also counted to 10 on her own while stacking blocks.  Only once so far, but she's doing a good job counting the stairs and counting to five on her own.  

I think she had a growth spurt.  All her jeans are way too short (yet still big in the waist), and her leggings are getting smallerish too.  I picked up some 2T leggings and couldn't believe they fit fine.  All her 18-24 tops are showing her belly, so I'm only buying 2T from now on... can't believe it!  I swear I do think with every size, when I finally move her up I realize I could have weeks earlier.  Trying to be more aware that with Kenley who is growing like a weed.


Her Sis Sis!  When getting up in the morning or waking after a nap, the first person she requests to see is Sis.  If she cries she'll alert us and show concern.  I hope this never changes, because right now I believe she's going to the best big sister in the world.  I almost can't wait to see them play together in a few years 

Piggy back rides.
Dumping out faux acorns I stuck in a mason jar for Fall decor (and still have out).  She'll dump them and put them back, rinse/repeat for a solid 30 minutes.
Hiding behind (our new!) BOB that's been sitting in the dining room.  She runs and calls "Ash!" and then hides while peeking at me from behind the wheels.  
Dumping out all the dog toys from their basket and forcing them to whichever she deems they should have at that moment.
Of course, still loves Mickey (Mick or Mick Mow), Minnie, Daisy (Dais), Goofy, and Donald... and calls each of them out by name during the theme song. 
Trying to get her into something other than Mickey.  Watched parts of Cinderella ("Lella") and Little Mermaid no interest really.  


Meh, not really true but she's been requesting milk every time she wants a drink.  I really can't think of anything else that's been a "no" lately.

Doing better with night time routine than she was last month.  Dad does bedtime and after reading a variety of books, her favorites change weekly - right now she's loving Good Night Beach and Good Night Farm, he rocks her and sings a song or two and she no longer fights it.  She's tried stalling a few times, asking to brush her teeth twice and for additional stories.  Thankfully she finally seems to be a good grove.  Generally sleeping through the night and waking around 6:30-7.  Pretty amazing if you ask me. 


Covered her eating habits pretty extensively last week.  I forgot how much she loves egg salad.  When I give it to her fresh and warm, I swear she'd eat the whole carton.  Her plate is so clean she might as well lick it.

I also started giving her a side of frozen veggie blend more often with dinner since I feel like we've been lacking in making sure she's getting enough.  She loves eating them by first picking out all the corn, then carrots, then peas, then green beans.  She also calls them "ebbies" (eh-bees), adorable. 

Identifies circles (correctly) for fun.
Requested her first pedicure.
Celebrated her 1st real Christmas in our house (we were living at my in laws for her first).

That's all I can think of. Basically this month was a huge improvement compared to the adjustment she had dealt with when we first brought Kenley home.  She back to being herself, pushing limits a bit more, and just loving her little sister more than I ever imagined.  So close to Two, guess I should start planning her party!


  1. She is adorable! I love that she's saying so many words and how she says certain things sounds so cute. Do other people understand her yet? I always needed my sister in law to translate when my niece and nephew first learned to talk ;)

  2. Happy 21 months! I stopped referring to lex in months when she turned "one and a half"- since then we've been rounding up or down to strangers. It's kinder than making anyone do math in their heads without a calculator (OH THE HORROR!). I love that she's sleeping through the night! And seems like the best big sis ever. I swoon over all the pictures of them together. Sweetest girl around for sure!

  3. Do you have Netflix? We just discovered a show on there called Signing Time (teaches sign language) and my daughter now requests it regularly. She also loves Sesame Street. Just a few suggestions that work for us when Mama needs a break!

  4. OMG! She is SO CUTE! Such a little ham!! :) :) :)

  5. You seriously get the best pictures of her! Whenever I take out my camera to get a picture of Mason, he walks away lol. And he, too, is in love with Mickey. I try to throw in some Jake or Doc to keep my sanity but nothing holds his attention quite like Mickey!

  6. What a sweet big sister she is! Owen is a bigger milk drinker too. He pretty much wants to drink it for every beverage unless I offer him sparkling water. How did you manage to paint her toes? It seems like it would be so difficult to do with a busy toddler!!

  7. I painted while in the high chair. It's where I have to cut them now ( and fingers too) because she always fights me and runs away. I did her toes the day before and her her nails that day and she actually let me. After I did her nails, she requested her toes but since I did them the day before I said I could paint them and asked her if she wanted pink or red. I just did one quick swipe and thats it. Clearly no base, two coats, and top coats lol! I tried keeping her from touching them after with food and feared that Fritos commercial where the paint would be covered in crumbs!!

  8. Is A in a crib? Was wondering if you transitioned her to a big bed before the baby? (I'm in a similar situation with soon to be 2 under 2). Also, double stroller - are you getting one or do you have one/think you will need one? Recommendations?! Thank you so much!!!

  9. Hi Melissa! Ashlynn is still in her crib. She hasn't really shown any toddler bed readiness (like climbing out) and seems perfectly content in the crib. She's not the greatest sleeper, I was afraid of her having free reign of her room especially if being woke from the baby. So far she sleeps through the cries, and like I said still seems fine in her crib. We'll convert it to a toddler bed maybe this summer?? We have a dualie BOB, but no other double - yet. So far we haven't needed it. Either we go places where we use a shopping cart or A rides and Kenley is worn. Or K is in the stroller and Dad carries A.


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