Wednesday, January 22, 2014

[Little Room #2] Gallery Wall

While I am still debating one more edit to the gallery wall in Kenley's nursery, it's still one of my favorite details... which is kind of a lie because I love her closet, and shadowboxes, and curtains, and garland and crib.  Yes, that would be the whole room.

Anyway, I thought I'd do a separate post sharing some more details and DIY instructions for her gallery  wall and dresser.

We started with the Ikea Hemnes 8 drawer dresser in gray-brown.  I replaced the knobs on the top drawers with peach crystal knobs from Anthropologie.  To save money (anthro knobs, while pretty, are  not cheap), we spray painted the other eight knobs that came with dresser.  They were a oil rubbed bronze or black iron color.  I used my favorite Krylon Metallic Gold spray paint and fancied them up a bit.

Getting a little more crazy with the spray paint, I picked up the large white K from Michaels for about $3 and gave it a few coats.  

Again, more lies.  The husband did all the spray painting since I was pregnant at the time.  

Finally, I picked up two Ribba frames from Ikea one in white (top left) and one in silver (middle).  We sprayed the silver one gold.  The reason I grabbed silver instead of a second white frame is that the white frames have a bit of a glossy finish and the silver has more of metal or brushed.  I was hoping it would give a better based for the paint to adhere.   Worked great.  

My next DIY project was the wooden 'hello' sign.  I purchased the custom sign from SimplySawdust on Etsy.  I requested the dimensions, font, and that be left unfinished instead of one of the paint or stain options.  I was inspired by O My Darlings guest bedroom signage and decided to paint the sign the same color as the room.  I did paint the sides gold using Martha Stewart acrylic craft paint just to give it some extra dimension fearing it may blend into the wall too much.  It's hardly noticeable, but I like the extra touch.

The less than artsy gold shamrock print on the right was another quick and easy DIY.  I had originally planned on purchasing this print from GildedMint on Etsy.  At $27, it really wasn't unreasonable.  Especially when my friend sent me this text asking if this was the one I bought. 

Seriously, retails for $225?! (assuming it's the frame, but still!) And since I was trying to keep the nursery on a budget and already bought the mother-daughter print and "happy girls are the prettiest", I figured I'd try my own and if it was awful I'd spring for the Etsy version.  

I used the same Martha Stewart metallic gold arcylic craft paint as the hello sign and painted it free hand.  It wasn't the most perfect thing, so I outlined it in pen to try to add something and cover a few of flaws where I felt it wasn't shaped right.  Quick, easy, and free.

My last DIY was the small the print in the 5x5 frame on the dresser.  I was again inspired by Jen Latimer and her abstract prints, which I actually included in my original nursery mood board.   Again, I grabbed some paint, cardstock, and brush and 2 minutes later I was done.  I plan to replace this with a photo (instagram since it's square) of Kenley, but since I wanted to have the room 'finished' for her newborn photos, this was my quick placeholder. 

Lastly the hanger was repurposed from Ashlynn's room.  I originally bought two for her, coral and teal. I kept the teal in her room and used the coral in Kenley's.  I love that they each have one. 

The rest of the item details can be found in the Nursery Reveal post. And because I mentioned that was trying to keep the room on a budget, here is the breakdown of the gallery wall.

Mother Daughter Print:  $26
Ribba Frame: $10
K Initial:  $3
Happy Girls are the Prettiest Print: $15
Ribba Frame: $10
'Hello' Sign:  $19
Shamrock Print:  Free!
Hanger:  Recycled (but originally $12)
Shamrock Frame:  $7
Bloom Where You Are Planted Print:  $12

and the remaining items...

Dresser:  $250 (got it on sale)
Peach Knobs: $32
Gold Knobs:  Free!
Changing Pad Cover:  $35
Lamp Base:  $29
Lamp Shade:  $25
Table Top Frames:  Recycled  
Vase:  Recycled 
Personalized Block: Gift

Grand Total: $485 including furniture and only $114 for the actual wall.

Obviously I wouldn't make jaws drop on Young House Love, but for splurging on Anthro knobs, a custom changing pad cover and a large lamp, not too shabby if I may say so myself!


  1. I love her room! I love hearing about how you DIY some of the frames and prints! Where did you find the white frames that are sitting on the dresser?

  2. Laura @ happilyeverparkerJanuary 22, 2014 at 3:00 PM

    I adore the "Happiest girls are prettiest" print.

  3. Adore it all! The hello sign in the wall color is gorgeous!

  4. I commented before but I love this gallery wall. I really like the hanger and hello sign:)

  5. I love this ! Thanks for sharing the details and where you it them. I have a dress in Ellie's room that I really want to frame in a shadow box, what size did you get?

  6. What a great job Erinn!! I love everything about her room, but I really adore that wall and all the special details! Great idea on spray painting the knobs on the hemnes dresser.

  7. I seriously LOVE your style! Kenley's room looks amazing. Can you come to CA and decorate Mason's room?? :)

  8. love all of it! good job crafty mama! i already told matt i am 100% into recycling, crafting and buying used for the next kiddo. No need to buy everything new..such a waste of money!

  9. Love love love love love!!! Such a beautiful room! Love all the details. Those crystal knobs, mixed with the gold are awesome.


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