Friday, January 31, 2014

[Baby #2] Kenley Drew - 2 Month Update

Yesterday, Kenley turned 2 months old!  Here's her monthly update...

Had our 2 Month appointment yesterday, stats include...

Weight:  11lb 10oz (just under 75%)
Height:  22 3/4" (75%)
Head:  15" (50%)

She's in 3-6m clothing and size 1 diapers,  I'm going to buy size 2 as soon as I finish up the case we are using.

For 8 weeks old, I can't complain.  Could it be better? Sure.  But that's probably also a little unrealistic.  She generally falls asleep anywhere between 10:30-12pm and is down until 4-5:30.  Once 5:30 hits though, she's up nearly every 30 minutes.  She sometimes falls back asleep just as Ashlynn is waking up around 7am, but by the time we are done breakfast she's ready to be up for a bit.

She'll take another nap from 11-2, eat, and take another 3 hour nap until dinner.  Yes, always waking hungry when I'm feeding Ashlynn lunch or dinner, and nursing one and helping feed the other is not the easiest task, but we manage it.

After that dinner time feeding she's usually up for a bit.  And usually fussy, fussy, fussy. We were able to borrow a swing from a friend and it's been a godsend.  Not fool proof, but I am getting a small break to hop online or actually eat something thanks to it.

Once again, still laying pretty low amongst two Polar Vortices, sub zero temps, and flu season and all.  Really looking forward to spring.  She did get to meet the UDel Crew and kiddos and hung out (more like slept through) Fiona's 3rd Birthday Party last weekend.  

(I seriously love baby expressions, the best!)

Still on the sauce.  Mama's milk.  She's not really into the bottle, but we haven't offered it that frequently.  Usually I just freeze what I pump, which I usually only do a few times a week in the morning depending on how she ate over night.  She's had two bottles and the only way she'll take them is if I nurse her enough to quell her hunger first.  Even then, it's hit or miss.

Post Partum
At my 6 week appointment I was five pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight.  I think I might be even closer now, but I am in MAJOR need of toning up.  I essentially haven't worked out since getting pregnant with Ashlynn.  For this former athlete, this is insane.  We finally purchased a BOB (dualie) and I can't wait for the snow to melt, temps to rise, and Kenley to sit with more stability so I can take it for a spin with the girls around the neighborhood (which includes lots of graduated inclines).  My blood pressure is back to being really low (86/50) even though it barely hit triple digits during pregnancy.  This explains the dizzy spells I'm still having even the I'm not longer with child. 

I'm starving all the time, thanks breastfeeding.  I also had another clogged duct last week, at least it wasn't mastitis.  The husband and I are about to finish the last disc in Breaking Bad, but I guess that doesn't pertain to Kenley unless she wakes up and we have to pause.  Just thought it was epic and worth noting.

Not sure what else...

Holds her head really well and will rest on her elbows at tummy time.

She 'social smiles' all the time and coos a lot too, way more than I remember Ashlynn doing at 2 months.

She's trying roll, but thankfully hasn't yet.  I'm enjoying swaddling and know it's why I actually get sleep at night.  We will transition her to her crib soon, I know she's ready, I just don't think I am.

Once again, feels like time is flying.  I feel like she looks and acts older than she is, but I'm sure it's just that I forgot.  Ashlynn is so sweet with her, it does make me want to fast forward a year to see them playing together, but then I remember this is my last baby... and I could have her this small forever.  With less spit up of course.


  1. Oh my. she is seriously SO cute! I am currently 32 weeks and awaiting the arrive of our second. (which could come anyday hopefully not for several more weeks) I look forward to seeing my daughter interact with her sibling. This gives me hope it wont be all tantrums and meltdowns :)

  2. Love that big girl---such expressions, so adorable.

  3. Love her updates & pics!! Too cute!

  4. I love it! She is seriously so cute! Its hard to believe how fast time flies! But I dont blame you at all for not going out too much. We didn't with sydney when she was a baby and she was born at the end of September. But when spring came we were in love! Lol

  5. she is SO CUTE! i can't believe she's already TWO MONTHS. seriously- when did that happen? those blue eyes totally make early, early, early, EARLY wake up just a little bit better (but just a little).

  6. So sweet! She is just adorable and you get the BEST lighting in her room! wow! I can't believe how fast she is growing and the difference between her and Ashlynn with bottles/breastfeeding!!

  7. She really is so precious. I can't handle the cuteness of her little headband and my blondie (and I'm sure #2 will be the same) backside but once they refuse hair decor, it's a sad day! I am in awe of you and how well you're keeping up with everything...a few more weeks and I'll be right tree with you (hopefully half as successfully ;)). Have a great weekend!

  8. So cute! I love her little hairbow. I feel your pain on the nursing and trying to feed a toddler. It is SO hard!

  9. She is such a doll! I love your updates...makes me miss Sadie being little! Oh, and I'm getting ready to try out your pom pom trim curtain tutorial, too! I'm giving our bedroom a little update and they will be part of it:-) P.S. I totally need to send your little ladies some hair goodies from my shop...they would look precious sporting matching leather bows! xoxo

  10. Oh my! She is too cute! How I miss the tiny munchkin days! What a beautiful nursery too! Happy 2 months sweet girl!
    xx Viv


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