Friday, January 3, 2014

[Baby #2] Kenley Drew - 1 Month Update

A little late due to the holidays, but Kenley turned one month old on Monday.

One month appointment is this afternoon, I will update when we find out how much she's grown.  She moved into 0-3 month clothes at 10 days old.  She's also on her last bag of newborn diapers and I'm rushing her to get through them as her blowouts are increasing.  So she'll be on to size 1 by the weekend. 

Update Weight - 9lb 11oz, Height - 22", Head - 14.25"

Started out the month pretty standard for newborn, but right now I'd say we are in a strong, week long, pattern of major witching hour(s) fussiness from 7pm-11pm and then she usually snoozes for a solid 5 hours.  I feed her anytime between 4:30-5:30am and she's back to bed for 2 hours, eats again, and back down for another 2 hours before another feed and then some alert time.  

She's usually awake, with some light dozing and multiple feeds until about 2pm when she finally takes another solid nap until dinner before kicking off the evening routine of bouncing, burping, rocking, and becoming a human pacifier so she doesn't wake her sister.

She's sleeping in the pack n' play bassinet feature next to our bed.  Because she's starting to sleep such a good chunk at night, I'm tempted to move her to the crib, but her room is freezing!  So looks like she may be staying in our room a bit longer.  Doesn't bother us, but I hope it doesn't make transitioning her later an issue.

Honestly, girlfriend hasn't been out and about too much.  She's been to her doctor appointments, family trips to Target, Starbucks, and Ikea.   Between the snowstorms and freezing temps shortly after her birth and the husband returning to work, I had no motivation to leave the house with two small children.  Now that he's been home, we've just been enjoying the lazy days and getting mad work done around the house on all the odd jobs we've been putting off forever.

We've had Bopo and Yaya visit twice, Mimi come for an overnight trip, Nanny and Pop for belated holiday brunch, and Auntie Abby come to hang.  I think once the husband heads back to work next week, I'll start heading back to some Mommy Group activities as long as the weather isn't too ridiculous.  The only thing worse than trying to finagle two kids into (and out of) the car, is spending 20minutes bundling them both up beforehand.

100% breast milk   Since she was full term, she didn't need the formula supplement at birth like Ashlynn.   My milk came in about 2-3 days after birth and we've had no issues nursing.  She nurses on demand, usually one side at a time, and occasionally uses me as a pacifier - terrible habit, I know.  However, she's really not fond of a real pacifier and it's my best choice to battle the crying that could potential wake a sleeping toddler.  I'm hoping she finds her hands soon and self soothes with them.

I've only pumped four times so far, with 3 bags in the freezer and one was a bottle Daddy gave to her on Christmas day.  So different from our 1st month experience with Ashlynn where our freezer was already basically full.

Post Partum
I have my post partum appointment today.  Not really looking forward to stepping on the scale as I'm pretty sure I've replaced my "baby weight" with "Christmas cookie" weight.   I'm still ravenous all the time, just like before.  I also have terrible back pain, likely from nursing hunched over while coloring on the floor or playing with Little People.   Sleep is pretty decent and the night sweats seem to finally be disappearing, but my hormones definitely seem out of whack.  I should buy stock in Lansinoh nursing pads. And I've recovered from my Mastitis and I am off my antibiotic. 

The highlights have to be the Christmas Eve Trifecta of Ps (pee, poop, and puke) and of course the usual First Bath, First Bottle, First Outing, First Christmas etc.   Also excited to get our family photos (and newborn pics) back.  She was two weeks old when we took them and I feel like she's already changed so much!

She doesn't get as much tummy time as Ashlynn did, but she's so strong at holding her head up.  Maybe I don't remember how Ashlynn was with it, but it seems like since Kenley is significantly bigger than Ashlynn was at this point (Kenley was born bigger than where Ashlynn was at 1 month), it seems like she's just moving faster at so many things - head control, chunks of sleep, etc.

Time is flying.  I'm trying so hard to soak up all this time and remember the details since it's so hard to remember little things about Ashlynn -and hasn't even been two years!


  1. She's adorable! Glad things seem to be going well for you! No one talks about the night sweats, but I definitely went through that too- ugh!

  2. Love that gold headband and all that hair! My little girl is already 6 months and I can't believe it! It does go too fast!

  3. She is precious! My son was 3 weeks early and a friend of mine had her son almost a week late and she said she's amazed at how much that extra week did for his development. He was holding his head up early, rolling, crawling, and walking early too. I can't wait to see your family pictures! Good luck going out with the two littles next week. I hope the weather improves for you!

  4. She's such a doll!

  5. You continue to amaze me mama!! You're doing such a wonderful job and she is SO cute!! xo

  6. I hear ya, I can't believe A is almost 2 and everyone says it goes even faster with the second... trying so hard to soak it in!

  7. Ugh, they are awful! I think with Ashlynn it lasted almost 3 wks and this time it was even longer. gross.

  8. Aw, you're sweet Natasha... but seriously, you'd do amazing job too, just surviving :)

  9. Thanks Meghan! I'm definitely interested in seeing how K hits her milestones in comparison to A. Sometimes I feel like she'll be behind since she's often second fiddle in attention when the demanding toddler is around.

  10. Not possible. How is she one month already?!?!?!

  11. I love reading your posts because we relate on so many levels. My first daughter is 18 months and my newest daughter is 9 weeks. I am amazed at how much faster I feel like my second daughter is growing, passing milestones, sleeping, etc. Like your first, mine was tiny and in newborn clothing until 4 months and my second graduated to 3 month clothes at about 6 weeks! Your girls are beautiful congratulations!! I don't know about you but having two girls has been the most amazing experience!

  12. Definitely so similar! And yes, the best experience ever, love it so much :)

  13. I've been away a looong, long time. Congratulations on your newest addition!!!

  14. Hi Gigi!! What a pleasant surprise to see your comment email in my inbox this morning! Thank you and I hope you and your family are doing well!!!


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