Friday, January 31, 2014

[Baby #2] Kenley Drew - 2 Month Update

Yesterday, Kenley turned 2 months old!  Here's her monthly update...

Had our 2 Month appointment yesterday, stats include...

Weight:  11lb 10oz (just under 75%)
Height:  22 3/4" (75%)
Head:  15" (50%)

She's in 3-6m clothing and size 1 diapers,  I'm going to buy size 2 as soon as I finish up the case we are using.

For 8 weeks old, I can't complain.  Could it be better? Sure.  But that's probably also a little unrealistic.  She generally falls asleep anywhere between 10:30-12pm and is down until 4-5:30.  Once 5:30 hits though, she's up nearly every 30 minutes.  She sometimes falls back asleep just as Ashlynn is waking up around 7am, but by the time we are done breakfast she's ready to be up for a bit.

She'll take another nap from 11-2, eat, and take another 3 hour nap until dinner.  Yes, always waking hungry when I'm feeding Ashlynn lunch or dinner, and nursing one and helping feed the other is not the easiest task, but we manage it.

After that dinner time feeding she's usually up for a bit.  And usually fussy, fussy, fussy. We were able to borrow a swing from a friend and it's been a godsend.  Not fool proof, but I am getting a small break to hop online or actually eat something thanks to it.

Once again, still laying pretty low amongst two Polar Vortices, sub zero temps, and flu season and all.  Really looking forward to spring.  She did get to meet the UDel Crew and kiddos and hung out (more like slept through) Fiona's 3rd Birthday Party last weekend.  

(I seriously love baby expressions, the best!)

Still on the sauce.  Mama's milk.  She's not really into the bottle, but we haven't offered it that frequently.  Usually I just freeze what I pump, which I usually only do a few times a week in the morning depending on how she ate over night.  She's had two bottles and the only way she'll take them is if I nurse her enough to quell her hunger first.  Even then, it's hit or miss.

Post Partum
At my 6 week appointment I was five pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight.  I think I might be even closer now, but I am in MAJOR need of toning up.  I essentially haven't worked out since getting pregnant with Ashlynn.  For this former athlete, this is insane.  We finally purchased a BOB (dualie) and I can't wait for the snow to melt, temps to rise, and Kenley to sit with more stability so I can take it for a spin with the girls around the neighborhood (which includes lots of graduated inclines).  My blood pressure is back to being really low (86/50) even though it barely hit triple digits during pregnancy.  This explains the dizzy spells I'm still having even the I'm not longer with child. 

I'm starving all the time, thanks breastfeeding.  I also had another clogged duct last week, at least it wasn't mastitis.  The husband and I are about to finish the last disc in Breaking Bad, but I guess that doesn't pertain to Kenley unless she wakes up and we have to pause.  Just thought it was epic and worth noting.

Not sure what else...

Holds her head really well and will rest on her elbows at tummy time.

She 'social smiles' all the time and coos a lot too, way more than I remember Ashlynn doing at 2 months.

She's trying roll, but thankfully hasn't yet.  I'm enjoying swaddling and know it's why I actually get sleep at night.  We will transition her to her crib soon, I know she's ready, I just don't think I am.

Once again, feels like time is flying.  I feel like she looks and acts older than she is, but I'm sure it's just that I forgot.  Ashlynn is so sweet with her, it does make me want to fast forward a year to see them playing together, but then I remember this is my last baby... and I could have her this small forever.  With less spit up of course.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

[Featured On...] My Life in Transition

Today I'm over at Julia's blog, My life in Transition, sharing in her Moms Make it Work Series talking a bit about my career background, how we came to the decision for me to become a Stay at Home Mom, and what I plan for the future.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Little Things Link Up vol. 1

Today I'm joining up with Jess of Sadie Sky Boutique and Ashley of Words About Waverly, to share with a moment that reminds it's the little things in life that matter.

Read the link up intro post here and share your moments too!

tea party and everyone is invited!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Two Under Two'sday - Week 8

Today (Yesterday) has been one for the books, and good thing because I finally tracked a Day in the Life post!  Actually it wasn't that insane, but definitely some good for reading highlights.

In light of the fun we had this evening, I'm keeping this short and sweet things week.   Just some sisterly love.

Hopefully I'll get the DITL post up this week along with Kenley's 2nd Month update.  Don't forget to enter last week's giveaway!

Friday, January 24, 2014

[Giveaway] Sola Bowtique

If you noticed one thing I love to do, it's having giveaways on my blog.  If you noticed two things, it's having giveaways for adorable bows and headbands made by talented mamas!  

And for this, I apologize to the boy moms.  I promise I'll work on getting something lined up for you!!

But what can I say, I'm a mom of two girls and I love to accessorize.  Ashlynn looks at it like dress up (and being Minnie Mouse), and at this point Kenley hasn't learned to fight me.  We'll see how long it takes before Ashlynn teaches her the ways of the crocodile tears and ninja like take downs to avoid the hair clips. at. all. costs.

This week's giveaway is from Sola Bowtique.  Sweet owner Roxanne has offered to giveaway 2 headbands or a clip set of the winner's choice.

As always, enter below using the Rafflecopter widget below and good luck!

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

[Little Room #2] Gallery Wall

While I am still debating one more edit to the gallery wall in Kenley's nursery, it's still one of my favorite details... which is kind of a lie because I love her closet, and shadowboxes, and curtains, and garland and crib.  Yes, that would be the whole room.

Anyway, I thought I'd do a separate post sharing some more details and DIY instructions for her gallery  wall and dresser.

We started with the Ikea Hemnes 8 drawer dresser in gray-brown.  I replaced the knobs on the top drawers with peach crystal knobs from Anthropologie.  To save money (anthro knobs, while pretty, are  not cheap), we spray painted the other eight knobs that came with dresser.  They were a oil rubbed bronze or black iron color.  I used my favorite Krylon Metallic Gold spray paint and fancied them up a bit.

Getting a little more crazy with the spray paint, I picked up the large white K from Michaels for about $3 and gave it a few coats.  

Again, more lies.  The husband did all the spray painting since I was pregnant at the time.  

Finally, I picked up two Ribba frames from Ikea one in white (top left) and one in silver (middle).  We sprayed the silver one gold.  The reason I grabbed silver instead of a second white frame is that the white frames have a bit of a glossy finish and the silver has more of metal or brushed.  I was hoping it would give a better based for the paint to adhere.   Worked great.  

My next DIY project was the wooden 'hello' sign.  I purchased the custom sign from SimplySawdust on Etsy.  I requested the dimensions, font, and that be left unfinished instead of one of the paint or stain options.  I was inspired by O My Darlings guest bedroom signage and decided to paint the sign the same color as the room.  I did paint the sides gold using Martha Stewart acrylic craft paint just to give it some extra dimension fearing it may blend into the wall too much.  It's hardly noticeable, but I like the extra touch.

The less than artsy gold shamrock print on the right was another quick and easy DIY.  I had originally planned on purchasing this print from GildedMint on Etsy.  At $27, it really wasn't unreasonable.  Especially when my friend sent me this text asking if this was the one I bought. 

Seriously, retails for $225?! (assuming it's the frame, but still!) And since I was trying to keep the nursery on a budget and already bought the mother-daughter print and "happy girls are the prettiest", I figured I'd try my own and if it was awful I'd spring for the Etsy version.  

I used the same Martha Stewart metallic gold arcylic craft paint as the hello sign and painted it free hand.  It wasn't the most perfect thing, so I outlined it in pen to try to add something and cover a few of flaws where I felt it wasn't shaped right.  Quick, easy, and free.

My last DIY was the small the print in the 5x5 frame on the dresser.  I was again inspired by Jen Latimer and her abstract prints, which I actually included in my original nursery mood board.   Again, I grabbed some paint, cardstock, and brush and 2 minutes later I was done.  I plan to replace this with a photo (instagram since it's square) of Kenley, but since I wanted to have the room 'finished' for her newborn photos, this was my quick placeholder. 

Lastly the hanger was repurposed from Ashlynn's room.  I originally bought two for her, coral and teal. I kept the teal in her room and used the coral in Kenley's.  I love that they each have one. 

The rest of the item details can be found in the Nursery Reveal post. And because I mentioned that was trying to keep the room on a budget, here is the breakdown of the gallery wall.

Mother Daughter Print:  $26
Ribba Frame: $10
K Initial:  $3
Happy Girls are the Prettiest Print: $15
Ribba Frame: $10
'Hello' Sign:  $19
Shamrock Print:  Free!
Hanger:  Recycled (but originally $12)
Shamrock Frame:  $7
Bloom Where You Are Planted Print:  $12

and the remaining items...

Dresser:  $250 (got it on sale)
Peach Knobs: $32
Gold Knobs:  Free!
Changing Pad Cover:  $35
Lamp Base:  $29
Lamp Shade:  $25
Table Top Frames:  Recycled  
Vase:  Recycled 
Personalized Block: Gift

Grand Total: $485 including furniture and only $114 for the actual wall.

Obviously I wouldn't make jaws drop on Young House Love, but for splurging on Anthro knobs, a custom changing pad cover and a large lamp, not too shabby if I may say so myself!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Two Under Two'sday

Updates from last week...

Kenley has started wearing 3-6m clothes... at 7 weeks old.  Insanity.  I'm sure a lot of people had their babies grow quickly, but I don't think Ashlynn started wearing this size until she was pushing 4 months.  Just so different!  She still fits in the 0-3, but she's pretty much the full length and learning from mistakes with Ashlynn, I always seemed to wait longer than necessary before moving her up.

Which leads me to the theme of the week, comparisons.

So far the old adage of "your next baby will be completely different" is ringing true.  Sure the kids look a like (check the side by sides below), but almost all their habits vary.

Ashlynn was never a great sleeper.  Part of that was because she was born pre-term and we had to wake her to eat every three hours for a few weeks.  And then also my new mom neuroses of constantly checking on her, feeding her, etc.  She was also never tightly swaddled.  She seemed to sleep well enough being swaddled in a A+A blanket and once she started fighting it (3 months or so) we just switched her to a sleepsack.

Kenley was fighting her swaddle from day one, so I now either use the Miracle Blanket (aka, the baby straightjacket) or a SwaddleMe.  As long as she's swaddled tight, she sleeps amazing.

She also is a top-notch nurser.  She came out of the womb knowing how to eat, where with Ashlynn again a combination of my lack of experience, her jaundice, and pre-term status, set up for some major struggles early on.

Ashlynn received way more attention and rightly so, there wasn't a needy toddler around to distract us.  Kenley gets far less tummy time, but I try do what I can when I can and get my snuggles in during Ashlynn's nap.

Also, we never received/purchased a swing prior to Ashlynn's birth and once she was here we never felt we needed to get one.  With Kenley's nightly fuss fests, we asked a friend if we could borrow theirs and it has been our little baby whisperer.  I actually have two free hands and am not a human pacifier during the evening.  Amazing.  I will be sending our friends a very nice gift for giving my arms a rest!

Obviously not a ton to compare at the moment since Kenley is only 7 weeks.  Hopefully I can keep up with these posts, even as we pass the two under two threshold.  I realize it's probably terrible to compare your children, but not sure why recording sleep, eating, growth, favorite interests, would be bad.  It's not like I'm comparing school grades and accolades, right?  I love hearing the stories how my brother and I were different growing up.  Ok, enough internal reflection... picture time!

Ashlynn 3 wks | Kenley 2 wks

Look at the size difference in these babies!  (and yes, clearly my preferred hair style)  I post some side by sides on Instagram when I notice a picture I took of Kenley reminds me of one of Ashlynn, but it's hard to see how much bigger Kenley really is.  This comparison is insane!  

Ashlynn was born at 5lb 1oz, Kenley 7lb 9oz.
Ashlynn at 1 month was 7lb 10, and Kenley 9lb 11oz

Ashlynn 6 weeks | Kenley 2 weeks

Ashlynn 7 weeks | Kenley 3 weeks

Ashlynn and Kenley both 4 weeks
(Ashlynn was still a bit jaundiced, hence her coloring.  You can also tell their size difference in this one and how much fuller Kenley is in the face.)

Ashlynn and Kenley both 4 weeks

Ashlynn 11 weeks | Kenley 5 weeks

Ashlynn 7 weeks | Kenley 6 weeks

And there we are, scanning my photos for similar shots was not an easy task.   Especially when I have way too many pictures of Ashlynn and only iPhone pictures of Kenley (second child syndrome much?).  Nevertheless, still pretty fun seeing their similarities and differences. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

[Shortcakes] 21 Months

Really starting to feel like Ashlynn is too old to be telling strangers her age in months.  Like if someone told me pre-kids their kid was 21 months, I'd think to myself "so your kid is almost 2?"... I'd probably also add in "...dumbass" at the end, but part of my New Year's Resolution is to be kinder.

Anyway, Ashlynn turned 21 months on Saturday.

I don't think her speech or phrases are wildly different from last month.  Obviously learning a ton and says new words every day, but still really only saying one word at a time and not stringing together simple sentences.  I try to encourage it, but I figure it's something that'll happen on her own time.

New words she loves saying are "mess", "Sis Sis", and "ready goooo".

Something that sort of blew my mind, whenever she grabs her phones (her kitchen, play table, or mine), and I ask who she is calling she says Bopo.  One day, after "calling" Bopo, she then called Daddy, Mimi, Nanny, Yaya, Mommy, Penn Penn, and even BB (the dogs).  I was somewhat shocked she could go through almost all the family members (grandparents) on her own with any prompting or seeing them in pictures.  She actually remembers their names and who they are for not seeing them all that often.

She also counted to 10 on her own while stacking blocks.  Only once so far, but she's doing a good job counting the stairs and counting to five on her own.  

I think she had a growth spurt.  All her jeans are way too short (yet still big in the waist), and her leggings are getting smallerish too.  I picked up some 2T leggings and couldn't believe they fit fine.  All her 18-24 tops are showing her belly, so I'm only buying 2T from now on... can't believe it!  I swear I do think with every size, when I finally move her up I realize I could have weeks earlier.  Trying to be more aware that with Kenley who is growing like a weed.


Her Sis Sis!  When getting up in the morning or waking after a nap, the first person she requests to see is Sis.  If she cries she'll alert us and show concern.  I hope this never changes, because right now I believe she's going to the best big sister in the world.  I almost can't wait to see them play together in a few years 

Piggy back rides.
Dumping out faux acorns I stuck in a mason jar for Fall decor (and still have out).  She'll dump them and put them back, rinse/repeat for a solid 30 minutes.
Hiding behind (our new!) BOB that's been sitting in the dining room.  She runs and calls "Ash!" and then hides while peeking at me from behind the wheels.  
Dumping out all the dog toys from their basket and forcing them to whichever she deems they should have at that moment.
Of course, still loves Mickey (Mick or Mick Mow), Minnie, Daisy (Dais), Goofy, and Donald... and calls each of them out by name during the theme song. 
Trying to get her into something other than Mickey.  Watched parts of Cinderella ("Lella") and Little Mermaid no interest really.  


Meh, not really true but she's been requesting milk every time she wants a drink.  I really can't think of anything else that's been a "no" lately.

Doing better with night time routine than she was last month.  Dad does bedtime and after reading a variety of books, her favorites change weekly - right now she's loving Good Night Beach and Good Night Farm, he rocks her and sings a song or two and she no longer fights it.  She's tried stalling a few times, asking to brush her teeth twice and for additional stories.  Thankfully she finally seems to be a good grove.  Generally sleeping through the night and waking around 6:30-7.  Pretty amazing if you ask me. 


Covered her eating habits pretty extensively last week.  I forgot how much she loves egg salad.  When I give it to her fresh and warm, I swear she'd eat the whole carton.  Her plate is so clean she might as well lick it.

I also started giving her a side of frozen veggie blend more often with dinner since I feel like we've been lacking in making sure she's getting enough.  She loves eating them by first picking out all the corn, then carrots, then peas, then green beans.  She also calls them "ebbies" (eh-bees), adorable. 

Identifies circles (correctly) for fun.
Requested her first pedicure.
Celebrated her 1st real Christmas in our house (we were living at my in laws for her first).

That's all I can think of. Basically this month was a huge improvement compared to the adjustment she had dealt with when we first brought Kenley home.  She back to being herself, pushing limits a bit more, and just loving her little sister more than I ever imagined.  So close to Two, guess I should start planning her party!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Family Photos

I was rather wordy this week.  I'll give your brain a rest and just let you look at some pictures, consider it my Friday treat.  

This is the second round of photos from Kenley's newborn session, taken in her nursery.  You can check out the holiday themed photos we took here.  

Ashlynn: shirt - sold out | jeans | moccs | bow | bunny
Kenley: sleeperheadband

(first of many...)

Have a Great Weekend!