Monday, December 23, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

I was going to post a Five Things Friday post on Friday, but Thursday night I came down with what ended up as mastitis. So, well start there -

#1 - Mastitis.


I had clogged ducts twice while breastfeeding Ashlynn.  Both times they started out seemingly in the mastitis category of symptoms - chills, aches, the obvious breast soreness but no fever.  And both times with about a half day's rest, the flu like symptoms faded and I was just left with a very apparent clog.  This time, it just got worse.  Chills for hours, yet still having my post partum night sweats, headache, fever, and muscle aches so bad I could barely move out of bed.  So now I'm 4 days into my antibotics, feeling fine and just waiting for the final bit of breast pain to work itself out.

However, now I'm a bit terrified of Kenley (and/or myself) developing thrush.  Just can't win.

#2 - Santa!

Growing up, Santa always came around on the firetruck to wave to all the good girls and boys before setting off on his voyage to deliver all the toys.  I remember always decorate giant gingerbread cookies while we waiting to hear the sirens before running outside in our jammies to wave to him.  My mom gave me the giant cookie cutters (a gingerbread man, woman, snowman, and house) a few years back and I was so excited to finally have an excuse to use them - children!

Although, our local fire department sent Santa out during the day.  I'm glad we were home when he came, around 11am, but I wasn't prepared with the cookies.  I'm hoping to make them with Ashlynn either today or as an activity tomorrow.  But at least we still got to see Santa ride by in the fire truck.  We also got candy cane which I think Ashlynn was even more excited for, repeating "cane!" over and over for until it broke into too many pieces inside the wrapper and I took it away. (#meanmommy)

#3 - Christmas Cookies

We may not have decorated gingerbread cookies, but we sure did get our bake on this past Thursday.  We made my family's chocolate ribbon cookies (a holiday staple), peanut butter blossoms, and Natasha's hot cocoa cookies.  I'm pretty sure I've actually gained back baby weight in the last 3 days.  I'm not looking forward to my post partum follow up appointment.

True Life: I am a cookie monster.

...And apparently Ashlynn is taking after me.  She's also quite the baker!

#4 - Family Outing

On Saturday after I finally started feeling myself we wanted to get out of the house.  We toyed with the idea of heading to the mall and maybe getting Ashlynn face to face with the big in the red suit if the line wasn't too insane.  We hit the gas station on the way out and realized, we only had our one and only stroller.  There was no way we were going to be able to carry Ashlynn through the mall or hold her while waiting in line.  We also didn't want to be carry Kenley in the carrier and I didn't have the moby with me to wear her.

Then it really hit us.  It was Saturday before Christmas and our local mall is the largest shopping mall east of the Mississippi.  It's the most insane place to be during the holidays, I'm not sure why we were crazy enough  to think we'd take a toddler and newborn there.

So kiddos all dressed up and no where to go.  We hit up Starbucks for their Buy 1 Get 1 holiday drink special and treated Ashlynn to some chocolate milk.  Nice little family date, even if Kenley decided to snooze through it (no complaints here).  After dinner we drove around and saw all the (big houses) Christmas lights.

#5 - Mommy

Ashlynn is officially calling me "Mommy" and it is the cutest thing I've ever heard.  My heart melts every time she says it.

Hope everyone enjoys their Christmas Eve's Eve and if you are on your way 'to grandma's house' you have safe travels!


  1. Oh I am so sorry. Mastitis is awful. I had it with Owen and it was just terrible. So glad Ashlynn likes baking with you! It's so much fun to do it together :) Your back splash is gorgeous!! Merry Christmas Erinn!

  2. Oh mastitis is horrible. For some reason when I was on the antibiotics the milk I pumped made Noah vomit. It was one of the reasons I stopped pumping at that time. I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Merry Christmas!!

  4. Mastitis is awful. I had it twice with Mac and it's just the worst. Hope you are better soon. Love the cookie pictures. You girls are so cute!

  5. Bummer on the Mastitis! I had it with Owen too and it is just plain awful. Glad it is getting better though. Loving all the baking pictures. And hello... "Mommy" that is the sweetest thing ever. Merry Christmas!

  6. Oh no! Mastitis is the worst! Glad you are on antibiotics now.

  7. Mastitis sounds terrible! Hope you are 100% soon and for no thrush! Love your little baking helper, so cute!! Xo!

  8. Doesn't your heart just melt when they call you mommy?! I love it! I hope you're feeling better xo

  9. So sorry about the big M---it's the WORST and I hope you don't get it anymore this time around. Pure misery.

  10. Mastitis, oh no, so sorry! Feel better soon :)

  11. I am SO sorry about mastitis! Ugh! I had to stop breast-feeding after getting it 5 times with my son. It's the absolute WORST! So glad you are feeling better lady! Way to hang in:).


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