Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Two Under Two'sday - Week 2

We postponed Kenley's checkup last Tuesday since we got hit with more snow and the Husband conveniently forgot he a big meeting scheduled at work the same time and there was no way I was taking two kids in the snow by myself.  By Wednesday (11 days old), she clocked in at 7lbs 14oz.  She's back up past her birth weight and basically just owning newbornhood.

She's also wearing size 0-3.

For the most part, Ashlynn sleeps through the night.  However, she fights bedtime like a 3 year old.  Kenley sleeps alright, depends.  Some nights she'll wind up clusterfeeding, others she'll get in a few solid stretches.  It's pretty standard for a newborn, could be worse.

Meltdowns are starting to subside, at least the epic ones.  She still wants to be picked up a lot and will randomly throw a tantrum, but I'm starting to think that might be more age related than baby sister.  She's still really interested in Kenley, asking to see her after she wakes up and after naps (Baby??) and wanting to hold her too.

Ashlynn and I are getting a bit of cabin fever, yet I still feel no need to leave the house during these snow storms or below freezing temps with a newborn and toddler (the high was 28 yesterday, gross).  So I've been trying to keep her occupied and happy with new activities like making homemade playdoh (it was a bit of a fail, but was still a fun mess), baking cookies, and playing with finger paints.  So far, it's working!

Overall she's been a really easy baby.  And having two has been easier than I anticipated.  Actually, I should say nursing has been easier than I anticipated since I assumed it'd be a tricky start and I would have to focus more time getting a latch and keeping her eating actively (issues I had the first time) and therefore, less time with Ashlynn.  However, it's really been such a breeze I've spent multiple sessions sitting on the floor nursing Kenley while coloring with Ashlynn.  I feel so lucky that it's been this manageable, even if it's only been two weeks.  Makes me a little nervous for when Kenley walks and I'm chasing two, but we'll worry about that next year.

We had Kenley's newborn and some family photos taken this weekend once again by Amanda Sharp Photography.  We did a combination of holiday pictures and some casual nursery shots too.  Ashlynn was a little shy so I'm not sure how the 'sister shots' will turn out, but I can't wait to see them.  Naturally, our Christmas cards will be a little late this year, but I think we get a pass.

(nursery tour coming soon!)

The rest of the week is sort of a blur.


  1. It's really so sweet that Ashlynn asks for Kenley when she wakes up :) I'm glad you're finding ways to make it all work! You make it sound easy Erinn!! But I think that's because you seem to keep a positive out look!

  2. I'm loving these updates. You are always real but also so encouraging! I'm still nervous but seeing you guys do such a great job is so refreshing!

  3. You're doing such an amazing job! I can't even imagine 2 under 2...you're my hero! And I can't wait to see the nursery!!! xo

  4. I love these posts! I'm glad to hear it's not as bad as you expected. I'm sure there are moments, but I'm happy to hear that breastfeeding is going well and you guys are adjusting nicely. I've been thinking about you all a lot with all this weather and wondering how you're doing. Keep up the great work, mama! (I'm majorly impressed you're blogging and taking any photos at all!)

  5. Loving these posts! I'm always curious how moms do it with two littles! You are making it look easy :)

  6. So cute! glad that nursing is going better than last time! You look great and adjusting to two well!!!

  7. Love the sleepy newborn stage when things begin to settle in a bit. Hope that keeps up for awhile longer! And boo to crappy weather. The worst.

  8. Aw, love this post!! Both your little ones are just adorable. I can't wait for the nursery tour. I can tell that I will love it.
    My husband and I hope to be blessed with a 2nd (our only is 10 months right now). I am sure it is difficult…but you make it look easy. I love these posts :)
    xo - Marion

  9. Sounds like you've got it under control mama, way to go!


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