Monday, December 30, 2013

Teepee Takeover

While I gave birth to the most precious baby this year, I also welcomed another new creation... the start of Mallow & Graeme.  When I created Ashlynn's DIY Teepee and posted the tutorial, I never expected any of the amazing feedback I've received.  Aside from the all of repins on pinterest, I've been lucky enough to have the tutorial featured, twice, on Hawthorne Threads newsletter!  Such an honor.  

On top of that, the community support through Instagram has been overwhelming.  I never imaged completing 46 teepees ever, let alone in 2 months time before breaking for the arrival of baby K.

I enjoyed making them so much, but I also enjoy seeing the ones readers created themselves using the tutorial.  Here are some of the beauties readers were so kind enough to send along!

Jennifer F

Amy F.


  1. Those teepees are awesome! We just got one for Christmas this year for my son's room and we read in it every night now.

  2. We love your teepee's!!! Awesome work, Erinn! :)

  3. Laura @ happilyeverparkerDecember 30, 2013 at 1:11 PM

    I adore your teepee's! Congrats on the success lady!

  4. They are wonderful. No rush (I wouldn't be looking to buy one until my basement is finished), but do you have a guess as when they'll be up in your shop again?

  5. Right now I'm not sure... I hoping to make a few leisurely, as in non-custom orders that I can make at my own speed since I always feel compelled to move quickly with orders so I can get them out and I just dont have the that kind of time right now. Hoping life settles into a routine in a few weeks/months.

  6. He's going to love it, they are such a wonderful space for children to play!

  7. how neat to see so many people use your teepee plans! i love the ones with the buttons!


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