Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide - For Guys!

The husband and I aren't making a big deal this Christmas, not that we really ever do.  My birthday is a week later and we've never gone all out with the Christmas gifts to each other.  We also recently purchased a new range and dishwasher, so that was sort of a gift to ourselves.

And let's not forget Kenley.  She's the best gift we could have received this holiday season (and of course her hospital bill). 

Either way, there are still a few items that needed to be picked up or others I've had my eye on for him.

1 - Recycled cotton lunch bag.  The husband recycles things to the point it can be disgusting.  I find randomly saved tin foil and ziploc bags in our drawers folded neatly to be reused.  True story.   He also has a bad habit of taking the whole jar of peanut butter, jelly, and loaf of bread to work, instead of packing himself a sandwich before he goes.  All this goes in his daily Target plastic "lunch" bag.   Which ends up laying on the counter every night when he gets home, and pisses me off.  

Not only is this lunch bag made from recycled materials (har har), it's made right here in Philly and has this adorable Philly soft pretzel print, a local staple.  We actually ended our wedding with a platter of them!  Fingers crossed he learns to pack a proper lunch!

2 - Gap Pullover Sweatshirt.  Full disclosure here, we headed to the Gap the weekend before Thanksgiving to make a return I needed to get done before the end of the month.  When in the store, the cashier reminded me with my Gap Card, we could save 50% on our entire purchase - sale included.  Um.  Okay.  So we shopped.  The Husband cleaned up.  I pretty much shop for him and since having Ashlynn and staying home (ie losing our second income) I really haven't done it much.  He picked up this sweatshirt, another, some long sleeves, button down shirts, khakis, pants for work, and socks.  I grabbed myself a pair of flannel pajamas and a few things for the girls.  Our eyes bulged when the register rang up well over $500.  Luckily with the promotion it was literally half that.  A wardrobe update for the Husband and some extras, we won the Gap lottery.  I only wish I wasn't 10 months pregnant at the time and actually felt like shopping more for myself!

3 - Aside from telling him in advance I was buying him a lunch bag, I also told him I was getting him a new drill.  We misplaced our battery pack for ours during our move and have been borrowing a friend's anytime we need it since - which is pretty annoying for new homeowners who constantly need a drill!  

We picked up this Craftsman drill on Black Friday for 50% off along with piece of manhood he's been missing since asking to borrow a friend's drill.  

4 - Jambox.   This techie toy has a bunch of features, but it's main use is as a wireless speaker.  Any device with a play button can connect via bluetooth - phones, ipads and other tablets, and computers too.  Family dance parties, yes please.

5 - Wood grain phone case.  The husband just got his phone upgraded at work to a Samsung Galaxy S4, naturally they didn't supply any protective case.  So hopefully Santa leaves one in his stocking.

6 - Otterbox.  My mom was kind enough to gift our family a Kindle Fire HDX.  We had mentioned we were looking to get one, of course for ourselves, but also for Ashlynn to use too.  However, she won't be touching it until it's safely protected, hence the Otterbox. 

7 - Ugg 'Ascot' Slippers.  Every year we talk about getting the Husband a pair of slippers, but he always opts for something more practical.  I've had Ugg slippers for years, they last forever.  These will keep his feet nice and warm and the hard soles are perfect for taking the dogs out in the morning.


  1. So the thing about the target bag made me laugh out loud! We have the exact same problem in our house and it drives me crazy! Love this list!

  2. So glad my husband isn't the only one to use (and reuse) a plastic bag for lunches!

  3. Even with the lunch bag I got him, my husband still steals the pb&j and puts it in a Target bag! Men...

  4. Ryan and I are the same way! We usually get gifts for each other as they come up, so it seems almost silly to force a buy AND my bday is the next day, so they're always that! We just got a new fridge as well, so that really does seem to be appropriate as a gift, right? :)

  5. LOL so glad I'm not alone... what is with men?

  6. It never fails too that he'll leave the one random item I want at work... honey, salad dressing, jam, etc. Drives me insane!


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