Monday, November 4, 2013

What's in my bag..... Hospital Bag!

Well, considering I'm more pregnant than ever (literally, I never made it this far with Ashlynn), it's time to start packing the hospital bag!  For having just thrown a few things in a bag and setting items aside the weekend before Ashlynn was born, I was pretty happy with what I had for our stay when she was born.  However, I of course learned what I preferred vs. what others suggested.

That said, this is what I'm packing and I'm not suggesting it for everyone.  

For Mama

For Ashlynn's birth, I had packed comfy yoga pants, shirts for nursing, zippered hoodies, slippers - the works.  However, since she was born pre-term, we had to keep the room at 90 degrees (no exaggerating) to make sure she stayed warm and that she wasn't expending calories - losing weight - trying to keep herself warm.  Anyone who came in, was sweating in minutes.  I lived in the hospital gown because, well, it was easy... and not mine.  Birth, and time recovering after, isn't the most pleasant experience.  Hoping that Kenley will be born full term and our room won't be a makeshift sauna, I decided to pack my Ugg Dakotas for getting around, socks to keep me warm in the bed, leggings to go home in, some bra top tanks to wear for a bit more modesty than the gowns, and a pair a pajamas.

I never found a nursing bra I liked in my size during the entire 13 months I nursed Ashlynn.  The only ones that came in my size were super expensive and really really pretty.  Totally not what I wanted to leak milk and have a baby spit up on. I ended up hoarding Target Mossimo tanks and they were fine... for the entire year.  I wore them under everything, every day. (What can I say, I'm a long time IBTC member).  

I also picked up a nightshirt from Target, similar to the pjs shown, even though I really wanted them instead.  I figured pants really aren't necessary when in the bed for 48 hours and all the "stuff" they provide you with for recovery.  The button up of the shirt will be easy for nursing and skin to skin time, it's long enough to cover me for trips to the bathroom, and bonus, I'll look a lot more put together in photos than being in an icky too big hospital gown. 


For Baby

Turns out, with Ashlynn being born at 5lbs 1oz and leaving the hospital at 4lbs 12oz.... nothing fit her.  Like not even close.  We actually brought her home in hospital baby clothes, even though we weren't supposed to.    This time, I packed one of Ashlynn's preemie outfits (JUST IN CASE!), and two newborn one pieces (this one and this one).  I'm hoping after she gets cleaned up and her bath, we can dress her in freshly washed clothes from home instead of stiff hospital issued clothes.  They will be so much softer, and it'll be nice having a snuggly fresh baby in snuggly fresh clothes with hats that aren't paper thin.  I'm also packing my own swaddles and some scratch mittens.  


Naturally I'm packing my make up bag, with my minimal every day supplies to feel human (concealer, mascara, blush... just the bare basics I need to feel "me"), my toothbrush, toothpaste, contact accessories, deodorant and so on.  I also grabbed sample sized face towelettesshampoo and conditioner (no need lugging around giant bottles), and moisturizer.  The bathroom sink areas are small, so as little as possible to minimize clutter or clumsy fall into the toilet incidents.  Finally, SHOWER SHOES!  I'm fairly germaphobic and while I know hospitals are sterile environments, I don't like public showers.  Especially ones where other new mothers are showering (yuck!).  This "must have" doesn't make it on enough lists, in my opinion.

For my "mama needs", the hospital typically has you covered, I will pack some nursing pads just incase they are needed early and my Earth Mama Angel Baby nipple butter.  I also have an almost entire left over bottle of EMAB Bottom Spray that will be coming along too.  

Oh and not shown, but so glad I packed chapstick last time and definitely won't skip that again!!


This list is definitely different for everyone, but of course I want my cameras... plural.  iPhone naturally for phone calls, texts... and instagrams!  My point and shoot for the husband because he has trouble with the DSLR settings, and the DSLR for me or for any one else taking family shots and the like. 

My computer.  I was so glad I had it last time, and I'm sure a lot of people would think I'm crazy for that.  We used it to play Pandora while laboring and I used it to online shop for preemie clothes, diapers, and other essentials we weren't prepared with while baby was sleeping the first night. Got to love and their 2-day shipping, everything arrived the day we arrived home!  I even wrote a lot of notes for my birth story.   

(NOTE: don't forget the charger - for all electronics!)

Lastly, snacks.  While I won't be allowed to eat during labor, the husband will surely want to and I'd like him to limit his trips across the hospital to the cafe if possible.  It's also nice to have some in room snacks, granola bars, etc. for after baby arrives.  Our hospital does provide pretty decent meals, surprisingly, but it's nice to have the option to snack between the two meals or so you are given a day. 

Any items on your "must-have" list??


  1. I'm dying that it's hospital bag time! Heck yes!! But fingers crossed you won't need that puppy for another few weeks ;)

  2. Oh I love this list! And am so happy that you are SO pregnant!!!! Bookmarking this list in hopes I get to use it!!

  3. This list is great! I'll definintely keep this in mind for the future. With my first baby I had zero time to pack anything as he came before his time as well. I'll be better prepared next time! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Recently, I was hospitalized for an unexpected extended husband picked up some Pacifica coconut water facial wipes and Dove dry shampoo for me. When our baby was born, I also found shower shoes to be a must-have (hospitals are gross, let's face it). I can't believe you are already almost there!

  5. Such a great list. I think I'll for sure bring a nightshirt next time {I too lived in the hospital gown during my stay} and the A+A swaddles are great...along with the no scratch mittens. Great ideas here!

  6. I packed way too much the first time around, but to be fair, I had no idea what to expect. I'd say you covered the top priorities, and next time, I'll be packing much less than before ;)

  7. Everyone laughed at me when I brought my make up to the hospital, but they laughed even harder when I sent Chad home to get my straightener! I ended up being induced for 3 days and NEEDED to feel human again, so I took a long shower and did my hair before the final induction....shew! Childbirth is no joke! Praying for a safe delivery for you and baby!

  8. Smart idea to bring your own nightshirt to wear. Those hospital gowns are so uncomfortable and unflattering. With all the post labor hormones I was sweating so much I went through a couple each night though, so it did come in handy to have an endless supply. I liked having the computer there too for when we wanted to order things (like the swing we thought would help us get some sleep). I also brought my Kindle since reading before bed always makes me extra sleepy. I think next time I might bring one of those night masks since it is so hard to sleep in hospital rooms.

    I can't believe it's almost time!!!!!

  9. Quick question in regards to the most pregnant you have ever been. Was there a reason for Ashlynn's early arrival? and are you on any medications now to stay pregnant. Currently I am 20 weeks pregnant with #2 and #1 came out at JUST barely 36 weeks. They are trying to talk me into progesterone shots starting like now. I went into labor when my water broke after being on bedrest for weeks due to shortening/dialating cervix and contractions!

  10. Refreshing face wash/wipes were key for me. So refreshing after the whole birth experience.

  11. Great, informative posts, I read all of these before I had Riley!

    Question for you... how do you make those the collages with all the items? I'm still learning some blogging tricks...would love any tips!

  12. I just CANNOT believe it's this time already. Didn't you just announce your pregnancy yesterday????? So freaking excited, I cannot stand it.

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