Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

This is an extended version, but it's necessary.  I have to recap Halloween night a bit more than just the photo dump I shared on Friday.

Thursday started with Ashlynn seemingly feeling better than she had been, but still not 100%.  She didn't take a good nap, so around 2:30, I laid her in the crib hoping she'd get some rest to pull through the evening.  On top of Trick or Treat, my dad was coming to see her and spend the night at our house. I can't remember if she slept, but she did get a bit of needed quiet time.

When I went in, we took out her costume and she got so excited to get dressed up.  We had a snack and headed over to our old 'hood around 4:30 to say hi to our old neighbors before they took their older kids out for the night.  They were so excited to see Ashlynn all dressed up as they haven't seen her in months!  And Ashlynn, well I've never seen her ham it up so much.  She's usually a little shy around strangers and won't do her usual "bag of tricks" on command or repeat what I ask her to.  However, she would say "trick or treat", "thank you", and roar like a lion on command.  She even welcomed herself into every one's houses, which was pretty hysterical.

When Daddy met us there, she ran right into his arms and showed him all her loot (a milkyway, m&ms, and some smarties).   The Husband later admitted it was one his greatest days seeing her so excited (and of course, so cute).  I explained why that's exactly why I was so excited for the holidays.  To see her joy and wonder, it doesn't matter if she doesn't remember the first time she Trick or Treated, unwrapped Christmas presents, or put out some milk and cookies for Santa Claus and carrots for his reindeer, it's the excitement and enjoyment she feels during moment and the memories we make as a family.

I think the Husband's inner grinch died a little that night.  He even said he was excited for Christmas.  Words I've never heard from him.

Afterwards we came home, saw some of our new neighbors and handed out candy while visiting with Bopo and Yaya.  Yaya left while Ashlynn headed to bed and Ashlynn spent Friday morning playing with Bopo.  She loved reading books and playing with her toys, tea party included, with her Bopo.

We spent the rest of the day playing around the house... and painting in the bathtub.

Saturday, I headed out to the city with my friend and mommieswithstyle.com contributor, Erin (who's also pregnant) to the Philadelphia Mom Mixer event, presented by Vaseline.  It was a great event with lots of sponsors including, Vaseline, CVS, Children's Advil, Tommee Tippee, Hasbro, and Just Play Toys.   We had a lot of fun checking out all the new products and chatting with bloggers, like hosts, Colleen (@classymommy) and Whitney.

.. and looking like fools in the "shower" putting on spray and go lotion

It was actually my first ever "blogger" event.  I'm always jealous of all the fun conferences around the country I see my 'blog friends' attending or workshops and events that are seemingly all the time in Utah (or what I refer to the "creative blogger capital", am I right?).    Anyway, it was great time and I look forward to attending more events... just less pregnant.

Sunday, we had trouble adjusting to daylight savings - like anyone else with a toddler.  We were up at 4am, and up for the day by 5:30am.  After a fairly decent, yet early, 2 hour nap we headed out to meet Auntie A for lunch.  After that we just hung with daddy and got some more things done around the house.   Perfect little Sunday.

I also celebrated hitting the "Most Pregnant I've Ever Been" milestone Sunday afternoon.  At this point, I feel like she's going to hang out in there forever, but hoping we get to meet her by the end of the month!


  1. Omg utah really is blogger capital! Looks like such a fun event though!! Excited for you guys for babe #2!

    Amy www.happilyhello.blogspot.com

  2. The blogger event sounds like so much fun! I'm trying to see if I'll be going to BlogHer next Summer since it's only like 30minutes from where we live. I've always wanted to attend something like that.

  3. She makes the most precious little lion I've ever seen! Hopefully your house is adjusting to daylight savings...it's always so brutal!!!

  4. I can't get over the cuteness of that little lion outfit - sooo adorable!

  5. P.S. Where did you get that lion costume?

  6. LOVE her lion costume! And I'm LOVING your Vaseline video, so jealous of your blogger event! I refuse to go to any events solo, need to have a butt buddy! ;)

    Hello Newlywed Life Blog

  7. that blogger event sounded like a lot of fun. and that lion costume - she must have been the happiest lion that night! So sweet!

  8. What a cute little lion!
    I noticed the teething guard on the crib in the background. Did you make it yourself or buy it? I walked in to find my 9 month old chewing on the railing yesterday with white paint all over her mouth. I tried to make a quick guard during her nap but that was cut short (thanks again, teething!) so I tied some sheets to her rails for the meantime.

  9. i can't wait to see your "night before xmas" post! ;) curious to see what tricks you pull out of your bag for clicks. i'll click yours if you click mine! ;) haha. blair also invited herself into everyone's home while trick or treating. the kid cracks me up!

  10. Oh now I want to go to a blogger event!! Looks like you ha a great time ad so glad your hubby is getting on the Christmas/Holiday train! What a wonderful thing!


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