Tuesday, November 19, 2013

[Shortcakes] 19 Months

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Time is flying... another month down.  These girls are officially 19(ish) months apart.  We are so ready to start this two under two adventure and we know Ashlynn is going to be a GREAT big sister!

Nothing overly new here, her vocabulary is still growing all the time, but nothing particularly advanced or shocking.  She's working on colors, numbers, and letters, some she's got down others she confuses.  

Only the addition of one more tooth this past month.  11 total.

TV.  I usually am pretty strict with only 30 minutes a day.  Sometimes a Mickey in the morning another  15 or so when I'm prepping dinner just to keep her occupied and away from the stove or pulling on me while I'm using knives.  However, with the pregnancy kicking my butt, I've grown a little lax.  She frequently runs into the family room and grabs the remote for me.  I usually can distract her back into the playroom to color or play with something else, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I didn't welcome the breaks to get my feet up.  Of course, she's pretty stuck with Mickey Mouse and will continue to hand me the remote if we are watching something else.  

Blubs Blubs.  aka fish.  She loves all her "blub blubs" - goldfish crackers, pictures of fish, fishy teether we dug out for Kenley.  I'm thinking someone needs to be exposed to some Finding Nemo.

Climbing.  Getting close to getting out of the crib too, thankfully still too short.

Fancy Nancy.  It's the only must read every night. 

Same old stuff... she is getting better with the car, even though I know she'd be much happier if we didn't have her rear facing.  She even doesn't mind diaper changes, laying down for me when I ask if she wants to "get clean" after she tells me "poop" (which is for either apparently).   She does wake up and expect to be changed in the middle of the night when wet.  
Still pretty inconsistent.  Some nights she sleeps through, others she will be up twice.  I'm hoping she starts getting in a better routine once baby arrives, but not sure why that would happen now.

Pretty much the same as last month, not crazy about animal protein (chicken or turkey) but does like fish.  Eats almost everything else.  Loving peanut butter and jelly sandwiches lately.   Also cheese quesadillas with beans. 

Random, hysterically too, spins in circles and then collapses (or trips) dizzy to the floor.   

Colors.  She's getting into coloring big time, which is great because it's a new activity that holds her attention longer than 2 minutes.  She also loved when I let her paint in the bathtub, but I'm a little too... what's the word... not fun? To let her paint elsewhere in the house.  

Little shadow.  She's definitely entering the mimicking stage, yelling at the dogs after I do, needing to eat whatever I am, and of course doing what I'm doing. 

Sort of the opposite of goes, but she had her first all day babysitter experience last week when we had the wedding.  She's been watched for maybe an hour or two while I had doctor appointments or whatever, but never a whole day with someone other than daddy and mommy.  I was here until about 9am, but Nanny (my stepmother in law) came over and watched her all day, all meals, bath, and bed.  While she woke at 5am the next morning, she did sleep through night!  It was a great success and definitely let my nerves about being in the hospital for delivery ease up a bit. 

Hopefully next month we have lots of new things to track, like being a big sister!


  1. What a big girl being without mom & dad all day! That's so great! She just such a little cutie! :)

  2. She is just the sweetest little thing! I can't wait to (virtually) meet Miss Kenley! :)

  3. We tried to watch Finding Nemo, but it actually has a lot of scary parts so it was a no go here. Maybe a pet fish for Christmas?

  4. The Fancy Nancy Christmas book is on our advent list to buy!

  5. Thanks Rachel... we can't wait to meet her too!!

  6. Two dogs and almost two kids, mama laid down a NO MORE PETS rule lol! And we can just fast fwd... she's only 19months, I dont expect her to watch more than 15-20min consecutively anyway ;)

  7. She definitely was a big girl and was so good for her Nanny. Definitely makes me feel at ease for when I'm laid up in a hospital bed!

  8. We have some crayons for coloring on windows. It's a big hit to let him color while I cook dinner since we have a huge sliding glass door in the kitchen. Just a thought. It comes off with good 'ol Windex or baby wipes followed up by Windex. Also washes off clothes and face and such really easily. Crayola makes them.

  9. She's the cutest! Looking like she's ready to be a big sister!

  10. What a cool idea! I'll look for those!

  11. Kids are crazy.. and hysterical.

  12. I love that scarf too! Want one my size!

  13. I hope so, her days are numbered!!


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