Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts for Toddlers

Continuing from yesterday's post, here are some of my favorite handmade gifts for the toddler!

I have been following Rachel from pegbuddies on Instagram for a few months now and am constantly in awe of her talent of creating such accurate little characters on wooden pegs!  She hand paints them all with non-toxic paint on 3.5" solid wood pegs.  She even will do custom sets that resemble your family!

Olliblocks are huge hit!  You can find them at Caravan Shoppe and there are lots of different versions to download.  You print and create them on own your so it's actually a great craft to do with your toddler (depending on age and attention span of course) or maybe with mommy friends over some cheese, wine, and naptime.   Who's coming over?!

We love our Freshly Picked moccasins, as does anyone who's purchased a pair or two... or four.  They are surprisingly really durable even with their soft leather soles and the craftmanship is top notch.  Owner Susan is constantly releasing new amazing colors and different limited edition collections.  There will also be a 25% Off Black Friday Sale so be sure to keep your eyes peeled if you've been on the fence!!

We have a set of alphabet and numbered flash cards that we received as a birthday gift for Ashlynn and she loves playing with them, and I think she's starting to recognize some letters and number because of them.  I think a set like this instant download from Busy Little Bugs shop is a perfect stocking stuffer!

I seriously died when seeing the entire Tea Party Yummies section of Birdtoast's etsy shop.  I know tea parties can be somewhat girlie, but what child doesn't love donuts and cookies?!  I'm pretty sure little boys would love sharing these with their momma, too.  Either way, they are definitely on our wishlist as you know we are tea party enthusiasts over here.

Finally, I love all the finger puppet collections at Julie Pickles.  Princesses, superheroes, a circus act, and Star Wars? Yup.  She's got them all!  Right now you can get your fingers (har har) on any set for 10% off with Coupon Code SSOT10 through December 15th.

Once again, Happy Shopping!!


  1. Love those felt treats - how adorable! This is one of my favorites - will have to bookmark for when Riley is old enough :)

  2. I've been eyeing those OlliBlocks! I follow them on Instagram and saw the Halloween ones and clicked on their site and saw the Christmas ones.... Might just need to get them!

  3. I just ordered a ton of blocks, can't wait to get a huge collection going!

  4. Seriously, how flipping cute right? The donuts, the sugar cookies, the little wafer sticks, so creative and makes me so hungry (pregnant problems)

  5. We LOVE our tea parties, we definitely will be asking Santa for a set!

  6. Thanks! I love finding things that are unique and I've found so many cool shops thanks to Instagram

  7. Love this list!! I'll have to check out those flash cards and the tea party treats!!


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