Wednesday, November 6, 2013

[Girl Moms] On Wednesdays We Wear Pink... lots and lots of pink!

Hi! I'm Francis from It's a Pink Life and owner of FHJ Baby. Erinn graciously invited me to be a part of her girl mom series and I'm excited to be talking to you all about what it's like raising a girl times 3! I grew up with two brothers, me being the middle child and often I wished for a sister. How I kept waiting for my mother to become pregnant again even though I knew she had her tubes tied after my little brother. The sister never came, but I got something else. A baby girl in 2002, and then another in 2011, and another in 2012!

My poor husband you must be thinking haha! He loves his girls though and it melts my heart seeing him interact with them. For a long time--8 years in fact, it was just us and our oldest Serena. We were quite young and had no idea what we were doing, so I like to think that God gave us the perfect child for us because she was easy and fit right into our lives. Serena like me as a child also wished for a sister, and I'm pretty sure she feels she got more than she bargained for especially after Layla and Mariam got into her littlest pet shop stash again the other day! 

It's so neat and amazing seeing how each one of my girls are different and unique in their own way. With Serena being 10 now, Layla 2 and Mariam 1 I know now that Serena was my easiest baby but she is such a talker now. Good Lord this child can talk about anything and everything! She's also outgoing and I love that about her, but we can butt heads sometimes because we are opposites in that sense. I love peace and quiet and for things to be neat and tidy. She loves noise, talking, and can be pretty messy. She is very sweet though, loves to help others and may have inherited my creative gene. 

My Layla is a lot like her daddy and looks a lot like his mother. When I had her it felt like I birthed my mother in law--she looked just like her! I feel that a few months ago when she turned 2 that her personality really started to come out. She's such a character. She's so funny but a little terror right now. She will breeze through a room like a tornado that you won't know what happened! She's also really stubborn and it's her way or no way. Layla makes us laugh a lot though and brings such joy to us. On the days that I'm feeling at my wits end I like to remember that for this child we had prayed and I'm thankful everyday that she's with us. My husband and I had trouble conceiving her and I went through a miscarriage before Layla so we don't take her for granted for a second.

With that being said, imagine our surprise when I found out I was pregnant again when Layla was 9 and a half months. It was completely unexpected but a blessing nonetheless. I was definitely worried about having 2 under 2 and it didn't help that Mariam was colicky and a high needs baby and it only just got better a little over a month ago, but Mariam is the sweetest baby. She loves to rest her head on your chest and shoulder and she will cuddle anything that feels like warm skin. Sometimes I'll be cooking and she'll crawl over and she'll rest her head on my foot because it's the closest skin she has access too. She completely melts my heart. I only wish she could be a baby just a little bit longer. She recently turned one and of course that first year just went by entirely too fast! It's fun to see them grow though and I'm blessed to be a mom to these three little girls.

Thank you Erinn for having me!


  1. What sweet beautiful girls you have! I love how you can describe in detail how different their personalities are!

  2. Thanks for sharing your sweet little girls Francis! I love that they are all so unique and don't fit a mold.

    1. Of course! Thanks for letting me talk about them. ;)

  3. I love these Wednesday "girl mom" posts...for seven years, I was a "boy mom" (and truly thought I was also a one & done mom), but that changed when our daughter was born 10 months ago. It's been quite an exciting journey. Having a little girl has been such an eye-opener in so many way and I'm enjoying it so much.
    Here's to On Wednesdays We Wear Pink :)


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