Thursday, November 14, 2013

[Child Style] Making my list and checking it... thrice.

This is somewhat sacrilege, to be skipping over Thanksgiving like this.  Especially since it's my favorite holiday.  However, with a baby who may make her arrival anytime in the next 3 weeks or so and then turn our lives upside down in a sleep deprived newborn and toddler adjustment, I feel it's best to come prepared.  

Come to Christmas that is.  

I've already completed about half my Christmas shopping and have the other half figured out - for the most part.  I'm planning to break out the decor this weekend and have some new items to add already flagged.  And lastly, I've planned our outfits.  I previously mentioned, how I was hoping to use Kenley's newborn session as a dual family/holiday session.  Basically, lots of adorable newborn pics, but even more sister shots, because what's one cute baby when you can have two!

I have some other outfits for the season in mind, but here are my Holiday Photo (for our Christmas Card), Christmas Morning, and Seeing Santa outfits.

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I have a few things planned for Kenley for her newborn pictures, but for some of the "holiday" pictures with her big sister I was hoping to stick with an ivory, gold, and red look.   I figure these outfits are neutral enough too that they could be easily framed in the house and not necessarily scream Christmas (especially we keep the tree out of the background or printed in black in white). 

Best of all, the pieces can all be worn again through the winter.  Can't say the same about matching tartan plaid dresses or reindeer fair isle jumpers. 

Though, that'd be so flipping cute right?

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Nothing like cozy plaid and red pajamas.  Flannel and fleece to keep us warm along with lots of coffee (caffeine, again we'll have a newborn... she might actually meet Santa depending on her sleep schedule!), maybe some Bailey's to spike it with (it is a holiday after all), and some warm ewwiegooey cinnamon buns.  I'd love to do a big breakfast of eggs, turkey bacon, pancakes and the works, but we'd probably never eat it all nor do I want focus time over the stove instead of spending time with my two girls.    I'm sure we'll add in a healthy dose of leftover Christmas cookies too, why not?
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I'm not sure what our plans for Seeing Santa will really be.  If I just take Ashlynn before Kenley arrives or if I attempt to take them both.  I think I'd rather keep a newborn out of a germ infested mall, wake her from a slumber to sit in a stranger's lap, and deal with all my post partum fun while waiting in a long line of antsy children (including my own).  Yeah, I'm being really positive about the experience.  This post just went from holiday cheer to holiday jeer, right?  Either way, Ashlynn will be getting her picture with the Big Man in the Red Suit, and I'm hoping to use the Jason Wu for Target dress I picked up last year on double clearance in hopes it'd fit this year.  Red tights, red cardigan, moccs, and a George and Jane holly headband complete her look.  Cute right?

So there's that.  Check. Check. Check. 

Take that Santa!


  1. love the Santa outfit. The polka dot dress is adorable! :) and who doesn't love new christmas PJ's

  2. So cute!!! Times two!!!!


  3. Love that polka dot dress!!! And love the idea of your two girls in these cute outfits. :)

  4. This is making me giddy about the holidays! And feel very behind in the outfit planning department... But I love everything so much I just might steal it and Ashlynn and lex can be twinzies.

  5. Oh my gosh, please come and style my entire family. LOVE all of these!

  6. Good grief, You are so on top of things girl! I am loving all of the outfits and ideas! CANT WAIT FOR BABY KENLEY! ( I think I write that every day.. sorry!)

  7. Cute outfits! My Noah was born November 2nd last year and we opted against the mall Santa as well. This will be his first year sitting on his lap.

  8. That polka dot dress is to die for!

    I love how you're styling those moccs. Abigail's very first pair is en route to our house and I'm not sure how to have her wear them. These are some good ideas!

  9. Oh my goodness- that polka dot dress is gorgeous! I love your idea of creams and red as an accent, I think we're going to stick to a similar theme. I'm hoping I have time to make her headband too. I love that holly headband!


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