Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend... without pictures

What a crazy long weekend, and I barely took a single picture.  I don't know if this is an accomplishment in "living in the moment" or a failure in "mother.must.document.everything."

(okay, one picture for the post)


We started our morning with Daddy hanging around extra late.  He's usually out of the house by 6:45am, but since it was boys weekend he stayed until a little after 8am.  We got ready, then headed to our mommy group playdate at 9:30.  It was just us and two other mommies and littles, we had a great time!  Both the other toddlers were 16 months and it was cute to watch them all play side by side and once in a blue moon together.  Of course, A occasionally would come and sit in my lap (or try, isn't much room there these days) and play, but then I'd encourage to try a new toy and she'd be off.  Definitely looking forward to more age group playdates like these, was definitely right up our alley.

We ended up staying until almost 11:45.  Luckily, the host lives about 3 minutes away, so we came home and went right to nap around noon.  A ended up sleeping for a solid 3 hours!  By the time she was up and ready to get out of the crib it was nearly 3:30!  I got a lot done on my teepee to-do list, but about 2 hours in realized I needed to rest.  Once I got her, we had some lunch and then played for a bit.  When I realized we never made it to the store for more milk I thought it'd be fun to have a mommy/daughter date night.  Not that every day is a mommy/daughter date being a stay at home mom, but we rarely eat out just the two of us.  We hit a local organic burger joint (Elevation Burger, if you have one near you, you have to go!!), and we both got veggie burgers with cheese.  As usual, A finished hers and then helped me finish off my milkshake.

We hit the store for bananas and milk and came home for bed.  Once again, a little rough getting down.  The heatwave forced me to turn the air back on since it was so hot in her room and I, of course, stored away the fan earlier in the week.  I think once she cooled, she was out for the night.  We both woke at 7 the next day.


We started with walking the dogs (dad's usual chore, blah), and then had some breakfast.  We headed to the post office (I swear I'm there every other day) and then to the fabric store.  Once home we played a little and then tried to nap around 11.  She played in the crib for a while before going down so I got to work on the teepees.  Around 1 she started to wake to I called it quits and then realized how tired I was, so I laid waiting for her to start calling.  Instead she laid back down and we both napped another hour!  Once up, I rushed her some lunch at then met my In Laws at a local Fall Festival.  Food vendors, lots of inflatables for big kids, pony rides, petting zoo, face painting etc.  It had it all.  A had fun running around and of course gravitated towards any balloon and animal.  She loved the kitties that were up for adoption and had more fun than mommy liked in the petting zoo.  I'm glad she loves dogs, but girlfriend is fearless.  I swear she wanted to give each sheep, goat, and even a donkey a hug. She had a blast on the playground there and I think I might start visiting that once because it was perfect for her size.

Afterwards we came home, walked the dogs again, ate some dinner, took a nice long good-bye petting zoo bath, and did our bedtime routine.  Things were good until about 9:30 when she woke up totally inconsolable.  Finally got her to settle and again, slept until 7am.


Started the same with doggie walk and breakfast.  I noticed I started having some Braxton Hicks, which is odd since they usually start in the afternoon and evening for me.  I do have them close to daily, but first thing in the morning is rare since that's usually when I feel my best.  After trying to get her to play in the playroom, I gave up the fight and let her watch some Mickey while I chugged glass of water after glass and used the restroom just as much.   They still weren't letting up and by the time I started timing them they were about 10 minutes apart for at least an hour (this was a good 90minutes after I noticed they started).  Thankfully shortly after letting her tear the house apart, she was rubbing eyes and seemed ready to nap around 1030, so we both went up and an hour later Daddy was back.  We spent the rest of the day taking turns with her and me trying to stay off my feet.  Luckily, they stopped being so consistent, but did continue here and there throughout the day, amongst some other odd aches and pains.  I'm going to call the doctor in the morning and hope they'll give me a quick check.  I have my 32 week appt on Friday, so hopefully they don't make me wait until then and also, hoping I wake up feeling great.  I didn't get any work done yesterday so I need to play catch up a bit.

I have, for the time, removed my custom listings and I know a few people noticed and wondered why. Hopefully, you are understanding and if you have a current open order, please know I'm working as quickly as I physically can!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and stayed cool!!  So glad the weather is supposed to break and head back to Fall temps!


  1. Your health is the most important... Try to take it easy!

  2. We all have weekends with no epicures, but tons of memories! It's ok to take a break sometimes!

  3. Tell that babe to stay put! She's got more growing to do!! And I love A's belly in that picture. It's so cute!! Yay for play dates... It's crazy to see them start playing together (and then crazy to see them not want to share and get mad over toys... Oy toddlers).

  4. I only took 1 picture this weekend too! I am debating about whether or not to even do a weekend recap...haha.

  5. Bless you for being pregnant and chasing around a toddler, I don't know how you do it! Get some rest when you can :)

  6. I love her little tummy in that photo! So precious! And fingers crossed and prayers up that you get some rest and start feeling better! Scary stuff!

  7. What a busy weekend!! So glad A allowed you some time to rest. And good for you taking the custom option off the tepees. Smart choice. You are growing a baby!!


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