Friday, October 18, 2013

[Recipe Share] Recent Eats

No real recipe shares, just some of our recent meals with linked up recipes!  Pinterest and blogs have been winning big time, when I actually have the motivation to cook.  Typically, I'd say I cook 4x a week with the other nights being leftovers or some easy freezer stuff (frozen tortellini or eggplant parms).

Back in September (after we got a ton of homegrown zucchini sent our way) we made these Zucchini Enchiladas, which were amazing.  The second time around I altered the recipe and added some black beans which made them even better.

I decided to try another enchilada when I saw the popular Ranch Chicken Enchiladas recipe on Pinterest.   We only made 4 enchiladas so we had leftover chicken which we each used for different lunches and it was great by itself.

This past week I made Natasha's Butternut Squash Alfredo (via Food Network), but like she mentions, it's definitely a great (healthier) substitute for Mac and Cheese!  We used almond milk and while it was still very rich, it had a bit of sweetness to it too.  Ashlynn LOVED it.  She ate the whole bowl the night I made it and another bowl for lunch the following day.  I definitely think we'll be adding this in the rotation since it was easy peasy to make and aside from some parmesan cheese, is pretty healthy!

So tell me, what's your new favorite recipe?  Link it below in the comments as we are dying to add to our rotating cycle of meals!

(bonus for freezer meals we can make now and eat later when baby comes!)

((Happy Friday Friends!))


  1. I'm dying to try the butternut squash Alfredo - I need to make it soon. This past week I made Pioneer Woman's tomato cream sauce pasta. It was SO good and SO easy to make here's the link:

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I'm fully trying all of these. Especially the butternut squash. Genius!

  3. I love the orange and black ones, perfect for our little one for Halloween!

  4. Zucchini enchiladas sound so good!

  5. SO glad A loved the pasta! And those enchiladas look delish!!

  6. Mm, mm, I love a good enchilada - thanks for sharing!

  7. I have a bunch of soup recipes on my blog. But I just wanted to say that A is so adorable in these photos!!!

  8. YUM!! I wish I'd known about the zucchini enchiladas when I had a ton of zucchini! I'll definitely be saving that recipe for next year!

  9., it is yummy yummy and I'm sure it would turn out just as well minus the chicken. Plus, it would freeze! I am making it today actually, so I thought I would share.
    Now I want enchiladas though...


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